The Skull Man

The Skull Man

Genres: horror, mystery, science fiction, supernatural
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2007-04-28 to 2007-07-21

Plot Summary: Set in an alternate history of Japan, freelance journalist Hayato Mitogami returns to his hometown of Ootomo to investigate rumors of a man wearing a skull mask committing murders there. Once in the city, he discovers connections between the victims and a local pharmaceutical company, a new religious sect, and strange half human, half animal creatures. Along with a young photographer Kiriko Mamiya, he decides to find out who the Skull Man really is.

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It was very hard to find a decent image for this one. And every good one I found was very tiny, so this one will have to do…

Yeah I was searching images of this when it was licensed. You aint joking.

Yeah, it’s basically this image in 16 different sizes, one or two fan images, and a group shot of the detectives. Pretty slim pickings.

Well I did manages to find some screenshots of it finally though. Not sure if they’d be better then the giant skull guy though.

Yeah, i saw a few of those as well. But I think actual shot of Skullman works better for the thread. Thanks for sharing them though! The art style actually looks a bit better than I was expecting.

Yeah same here. When the title was licensed I had images of a guy with a skull mask, and flashbacks of Jyu-Oh-Sei in my mind. I must say I like this style better then I imagined. It reminds me of their Darker than Black style if that makes any sense.

Replaced the old image, which luckily we all won’t have to deal with since Sentai and Section23’s cover is amazing! Rai, PP, myself massively impressed by it. Definitely one of the best covers coming out.

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That cover truly is amazing. I really like it!!

Hey, I like the old image! sniffles But thanks for adding the art work. Hope this is the finalized one, as it’s pretty impressive. I wasn’t quite sold on this show, but this just pushed it to “Must Own”.

I can’t wait to buy this series.

This often tops my list of most under appreciated anime ever. I love ANYTHING that comes from Ishinomori, and granted this is a remake of this pivotal dark anti-hero work, it still grabs my attention just the same.

Honestly, if you’ve read the original manga, you may find yourself disappointed hoping for a faithful remake of that text, because it is not. Honestly, the original work changed how I looked at fiction, since it was the first the story I ever read with no actual hero, just two antagonists dueling and innocent people caught in the cross-fire. It’s beautiful for it’s realistic portrayal of motives like vengeance and greed.

For the SUPER NERDS out there, this is the work that originally was the genesis for Kamen Rider. You can see the kidnapped and made into a cyborg thing already taking shape, as well as the iconic motorcycle.

Skull man is sort of half ass on production, but the story can’t be beat for my taste. I’m very much reminded of the craziness of “Boogiepop” when I take in this work.

ALSO, WATCH EVERYTHING EVER MADE BY ISHINOMORI AND TEZUKA. They pretty much invented anime as we know it today together.

What did I say about Tommy?,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,4/func,view/id,28822/limit,10/limitstart,10/#29041
Yep, pretty much a Skull-nut =)That was a killer picture though Taco.

This will be playing online soon, so I can’t wait to see the first episode. The cover art pretty much sold me on the DVD set, but it will still be nice to have a sneak peak.

Me too. I’m gonna try to watch the first episode as soon as it premieres here this week. :slight_smile:

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Yes, me too! I really don’t get as much of my subscription as I should, so I really need to start using it more…lol

I just watched the episode, it looks like good one with a good story

You have a subscription account? Did not know that. Nice!

I’m going to watch the early premiere of episode 1 tomorrow. Looking forward. :slight_smile:

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I just watched the first episode of Skullman. Very interesting start. Looks like this could be yet another new series I must watch.

its got an hd option!