TheAnimeGallery is gone. :( Now what?


Well after a few months of technical issues TheAnimeGallery is gone. :frowning:
And I’m sure some of you’ve used TheAnimeGallery in the past, but no more and this saddens me because they had such a nice selection of wallpapers.

So how do you feel? Does this upset you at all?


Sorry. I didn’t use it. Was it a site dedicated to screenshots of anime programs?


Not really but you could occasionally find screenshots but they specialized in wallpapers and victors.
I mean there’s always Wallhaven and Konachan but there not quite the same as TheAnimeGallery.
Here’s a link to TheAnimGallery’s YouTube account and their Twitter page:
Apparently there closed temporarily but who knows when or if they’ll ever return. :frowning: