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This reminded me of you


LadyOfWicca wrote:

-Insert wicked laughter here-



LadyOfWicca wrote:

But having has its own merits. Nice one Wicca!


So on my way back from skiing I saw this…

I wonder who this reminded me of. :whistle:


Saw this picture and immediately someone came to mind.

BTW, how does one get a sig on here?


All you have to do is read the Rules in the grey tab at the top. It has some lovely tips and also the link to the area where you make the sigs. :slight_smile:


It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Even if I did have to PM Rai because I was confused, because the page looked different, and he didn’t respond back, so my girl Froggy helped me. Yes, as easy as numbers in a row.





Hah! I love that show Pretear!


Thanks for the help Slowhand and Pretear, I got it to work :slight_smile: .

this came to mind,



For the lovebirds - & you know who you are! :laugh:


Wonder if Wolfo still listens to them? He introduced me to The Delgados, miss you baby. :frowning:






Saw this at Old Navy.


For Slow:

For shak:




I swear, I’m not feeling well today and your last few posts have done more to cheer me up than a 1/2 LB of dark chocolate.

Thank you.

Mark Gosdin