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Just for some Clarification, the 3rd OVA in Darkness 2 isn’t even out yet, as it doesn’t release until December 2016, so it would be a separate license, if Sentai is able to get them at all.

Episodes 13 & 14 are only included in the Home Video release like they were in the Japanese release. This is done to encourage Home video sales. If you truly wish to watch them you can either buy the Home Video release or Darkside them and 2 of the OVAs (3rd isn’t out until December - See Above)


Yes i know it isnt until december, but the 2 OVAs are short episode that come AFTER the 14th episode, and the Dec release will be after those OVAs. TBS listed it AIRED episodes 13 and 14. Right, wrong or indifferent, that is what they claimed.

Is there any point in TAN then if this is the future of Anime production? get half a show then you have to buy some collector overpriced edition to get the last half of the final battle or what have you?

I mean the producer shows 14 episodes as listed here:

and 3 OVAs as listed here:

I dont care what happened in Japan, but in American that speaks English an OVA has always been ADDITIONAL content, not the end of the final battle, that is part of the series, and that is how the 7 DVDs are sold in Japan, and the “bonus” home video products have the OVAs.

I am calling shinannigans because it sems the license was drafted before the series was finished and someone jsut copy/pasted 12 episodes from part 1 of Darkness to put in the license, and nobody checked to see if that would be how it is.

To me, if i were paying to see Darkness 2nd on ANO and only got 12 episodes. I would be filing fraud charges to get a refund. or more like a Bait & Switch with ANO to “whet your whistle” then make you pay more for the home video. Not sure what the laws Japan has, but USA has laws against that. :tiphat:


Yep and there’s only 12 eps for Darkness 2nd on Crunchyroll as well. (I checked)

Edit: OVAs not concluding a series? Oreimo would like to have a word with you…


The big issue is that this is a TBS show, and they’ve become super protective of their properties. They’ve pushed for longer delays for blurays, higher priced premium collections, and even import style release like IS2.

As was pointed out, TAN isn’t the only streaming site that didn’t get the last two episodes. Unfortunately, since they don’t license the show directly from Japan, and instead sub license it from Sentai, they don’t have much say in the matter.


###Review: To Love Ru Darkness 2 Sub.Blu-Ray - Complete Collection
by Theron Martin, Nov 17th 2016


###To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness Manga Gets New OVA Project
posted on 2017-03-02 03:15 EST
New OVA commemorating 10th anniversary ships in August, adapts 2 upcoming bonus chapters


Q. Now that the To Love Ru and To Love Ru Darkness manga are finally heading to the US, don’t you think now’s the best time to consider a possible dubbed re-release of the series? Just adding my voice of support to that possibility!

A. Thanks for the voice of support! No promises, but it can be looked into.


“To Love-Ru” OVA Delayed

July 20, 2017 8:48pm CDT
OVA and 10th anniversary book were scheduled for August 4th


Q. Putting in request for To-Love Ru, and Oregairu Snafu dubs. If either got a dub blu-ray I would buy it in a heartbeat.

A. tanks for the requests!


Complete Series Cover/Disc Art




English Edition Weiß Schwarz To Loveru Darkness 2nd


It barely lasted a year…

Also, does anyone know if the quality was better on the Complete collection release, since it was spread out through more discs?


The interesting take on this, is wondering if it went out of print because they are going to go back and dub it, maybe?


I’m hoping it’s for dubbing . I did not realize how long ago Sentai picked up the license for the original series . 8 years ago give or take a month . So it might just be license expiring . Again hoping for dubbing as it and a few other series around that time I always felt should have ,but did not because at the time Sentai had to pick and choose what series got a dub more then they do now .


Oh, how I wish for a dub of TLR!

Make it a PBS with all of the OVAs while they’re at it!

I have my head in the clouds, don’t I? :joy:


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Hmmm, I see, maybe I should move it to the proper thread. :crazy_face:


Please, Please, Please.


Let it be a sign To Love Ru is getting a Dub rerelease :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

I immediately noticed TO LOVE RU, HARUNA and PLANET DEVILUKE in the word search…


That’s what I see.

I also see...

the word “dub”.


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