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That’s a helpful link to me as well, as there is some stuff that I know has come out (Those Who Hunt Elves, had the first season before it was stolen, Wild Arms: Twilight Venom, had it as well, and YuYu Hakusho come to mind) but I’m just not sure where to find to get it.

Of course, there’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t come out as well (Zoids Fuzors and Zoids Genesis come to mind) that are part of a series that I’ve rather enjoyed.


Looks like the cover art hasn’t changed from the mock up.
Here’s the official ones.


I wasn’t sure which To Love-Ru thread to add this to since it’s a spinoff, so I just stuck it here since this is the newest of Sentai’s releases.

To Love-Ru Darkness Manga Gets Anime

posted on 2012-03-31 07:38 EDT

Director Atsushi Ootsuki, designer Yuichi Ouka return from To Love-Ru TV anime

The May issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine is announcing on Wednesday that an anime adaptation of Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki’s To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness manga has been green-lit. Atsushi Ootsuki is returning from the To Love-Ru television anime to direct at Xebec, and To Love-Ru veteran Yuichi Ouka is also designing the characters.

Follow-up To Love-Ru Darkness Anime to Run on TV

posted on 2012-04-01 03:15 EDT

3rd TV anime for To Love-Ru franchise; key visual art revealed

The website reports that the anime adaptation of Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki’s To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness manga will run on television. The announcement of the anime was officially made at a “Secret Event” at Geneon Universal Entertainment’s Anime Contents Expo booth on Sunday. Details will be revealed in the May issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine on Wednesday.

The official website for the franchise revamped on Sunday with a piece of key visual art from the upcoming new anime. Atsushi Ootsuki is returning from the previous To Love-Ru television anime to direct at Xebec, and To Love-Ru veteran Yuichi Oka is also designing the characters.


[size=19]Coming to VOD 5/31!
Coming Online 6/1!


All right :smiley: Can’t wait :D.


Just caught the first episode. They matured the characters voices a little (my ears, maybe I’m wrong). Loved the voice acting, but the animation seemed a little different. Still great! Can’t wait until next the next episode :smiley:


Episode 3 confuses me a bit. They show this in the preview so it’s not really a spoiler, but in one of the acts Rito is transformed into a girl. What confuses me is when his sister sees him she says why is he a girl again?! In fact the entire plot of it revolves around him having been a girl somewhere once before. … when did that happen? Manga only?


I thought it happened in the OVAs set after the original series (that also introduced new characters like Lala’s sisters). But haven’t not seen them, I don’t know for sure.


[quote=Lord Shameless]

I thought it happened in the OVAs set after the original series (that also introduced new characters like Lala’s sisters). But haven’t not seen them, I don’t know for sure.[/quote]
You are correct.
It was the first episode of the manga-bundled OVA.


It is truly wonderful to see all these characters back again! And the comedy is still great too!

Episode 1 –

And Lala’s inventions still don’t work! Mister Hippety-hop Warp Revised was hysterical. Lala may have fixed all its problems, and while it does teleport them to school, they both end up naked and Rito appears in a “dark” place. And he gets slapped for his troubles! Loved the line from one of his classmates while he was standing there naked – “Is that a new form of astral projection?” The situations may be cliché, but they sure do make me laugh!


Episode 3 –

Why does Rito never learn not to touch Lala’s things? His curiosity just had to make him try on Mister See-Through Goggles! Granted, he didn’t know what they were and I’m glad he’s such a nice guy. I think most other boys his age would have loved to have x-ray vision and ogle the girls all day long!
And why does Lala even have a Mister Gender Bender? Too funny, but convenient to get Saruyama his dream date with “Riko”. They spend the entire date going to romance movies and of course they bump into Rito’s friends and his sister as well. And of course just as Saruyama tries to confess his love for “Riko”, she turns back into Rito. And of course Haruna runs into Rito dressed as a girl and gets the wrong idea. But funnier still, Saruyama has all the confidence in the world that he and Riko will meet again!! :laugh:


Ahh, okay, yeah I wondered about the sisters and stuff too. What was the deal on those OVAs, will those get imported as well? I vaguely remember some kind of problem, put out by a different company maybe -


They were bundled with the manga, which means they’ll probably never get licensed for release here.


Episode 4 –

Yami looks really cute in regular Earth clothes – even Rito thinks so. I think he sees Yami in a different light without her battle dress and perhaps he even temporarily forgets what she is capable of. He seems to treat her as a human girl when he steps in to protect her from some thugs. Yami looked a bit surprised at that, but she still took out the bad guys herself. But she rips her new skirt and decides that her regular clothes suit her better which is a shame. She does however keep the pretty pink panties as Rito soon discovers!!
Haruna and Lala swap bodies with the help of one of Lala’s inventions in order to catch a stalker. I think Rito liked this a little too much and surprisingly, it didn’t backfire this time. They do catch the stalker and she turns out to be an alien in love with Haruna’s dog – Marron!!
It’s nice that Zastin finally shows up and I see that he still prefers using windows to doors! And my favorite TV show – “Explosive Heat Magical Girl Kyouko” - is still around and being enjoyed by the characters. And now Rito has more problems in the form of twins. Nana and Momo are cute and look a lot like Lala, but I can see that they are going to be quite a handful! Poor Rito’s life just gets more and more complicated.


Episode 5 –

Lala’s box lunch was so disgusting – I don’t blame Rito for not wanting to eat it. It’s really sweet that Saki has such feelings for Zastin, but when she’s about to confess to him, Rito ruins it! Not his fault of course, but the others didn’t see it that way.
The skunk was adorable, but Run’s plan backfires and she gets turned into a little girl – she’s so cute! Lala tries to catch the skunk and gets turned into a cute little girl too. Needless to say this happens to pretty much everyone at school. That is one powerful little skunk!
The Valentine’s Day part was very funny. Yui makes chocolate for Rito, but has a hard time giving it to him. In the end, she finally does and Rito is happy to receive her gift, but what makes him even happier is that she called him her friend. And when he opens the chocolate at home, it‘s a cute cat face!


Episode 6 –

The day at the beach was hysterical with the watermelon monster. It was just so wrong on so many levels!
I’m glad Lala is so smart and can tutor Rito, but it’s funny that Rito got too distracted to remember anything for his make-up test!
Lala gets a “how to” book on love and tries to improve her relationship with Rito. Of course it all backfires and Rito just thinks Lala is nuttier than usual. He drives himself crazy trying to figure out what Lala is up to this time. It was funny when she finally did get her chance with him but forgot what to do next! She just had poor Rito thoroughly confused, but I think she’s just as confused herself for all her bravado. Peke saves the day when he shows Rito the book and Rito finally understands what’s going on. It was sweet of him to tell Lala that taking a detour on the way home was kind of fun after all. That made Lala so happy!


Episode 7 –

Yami gets sick and Rito carries her to the doctor. The doctor has Rito help undress Yami. Lala was right there and could have done it, but it wouldn’t have been as funny!
Run is a big fan of Magical Kyoko and ends up being on the show. When attacked by that pervert principal, Kyoko throws out real flames. She tries to tell Run that it was a trick, but it turns out that Kyoko is half alien! She tells Run that the show’s producer is also an alien. And it was really nice that Kyoko and Run become friends.
Haruna is definitely not herself! Rito got a nice show to start his school day with! Haruna even confesses her love to Rito and expects to be kissed, but it was Oshizu possessing her the whole time. The possession was an accident, but she ended up having too much fun with Haruna’s body to leave it. Rito is a little disappointed, but ends up getting another show, so that should console him!


My wife has banned me from watch this show. She say I will loose to many brain cells.
In her opinion, This is the dumbest Anime that I have ever watched.

She is wrong I have watch dumber.


She’s just upset by all the nudity. Which this season does seem to crank up as much as possible.


There’s nudity? Really?!?

turns off the sarcasm light

Personally, I haven’t laughed at a series like this in a while.


If you think this is bad, just wait until TLR: Darkness (if Xebec sticks to the source material).
Yabuki pushed all kind of limits with Darkness that goes waaaay beyond what was present in TLR.