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Top 5 shows that need a rerelease in North America

Post your top 5 shows you want a rerelease of in North America .
This can either be shows that have been out of print for a while or shows that were not handled properly in their original release . I know just 5 is hard .

Mine are:
1: Urusei Yatsura (TV,OVA’s , and Movies)
2: Galaxy Express 999 TV ( company that got this was horrible )
3:Maison Ikkoku
4:Kimagure Orange Road (TV,OVA’s , and Movies)
5: Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl! ( Was really disappointed we only got 40 episodes)


As my total anime count is probably lower than many of the members here, it may not be the best to go by, but:

  1. Mahoromatic BluRay (The feels :sob: )
  2. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  3. Evangelion!
  4. More episodes of Case Closed in physical format

Pretty much everything else I can think of is getting a rerelease or I already have…

  1. RahXephon on Blu-Ray
  2. Paranoia Agent
  3. Nogizaki Haruka no Himitsu (Never had a physical release we needs it)
  4. NGE TV BD
  5. Maison Ikkoku (heard so many good things about it, would like to watch it legally)
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Started watching it recently. It’s really good!

Also, you might be psychic Series5. Both seasons are scheduled for Blu-ray release next week! :joy: :hushed:

Discotek to the Rescue and it’s going to be on Blu-Ray in HD, only thing not included is the “Summer’s Beginning” Movie

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