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Umm, hi everyone!


Hi there, everyone, I am The Chronicler, and I enjoy Anime, obviously, and manga as well as novels and anything Vincent Price related. I’m new here, and I hope to get along well with everyone. :blush:





oh man, I got the munchies now… :blink:


Welcome to TAN, hope you have a fun time here. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Chronicler.

Please visit often. We love talking about anime ;]


Welcome to the site, I’m new here as well, and can safely say there are some interesting people here :dry: . My analysis thus far has surmised that they have some strange cult-like fixation to magical ponies; so be prepared ;). Vincent Price is awesome! I assume you are a fan of Bela Lagosi and Christopher Lee as well.


Not all of us get the whole Pony thing but we are a live and let live kind of group. Hello and welcome.

(and I have to admitt I haven’t seen the new My Little Pony show. I am told they aren’t the ponies of my youth)




Yeah, I’m not really into ponies either, but to each their own. Besides, my interests lie in more sophisticated things. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, welcome to the site! We hope you’ll stick around.




I am teh Outlander, the resident 4chan /a/non, protagonist, rabble-rouser, and agent provocateur. The scourge of the TAN-ettes, and the object of lust of the Mod, Slowhand. Do not approach me directly or try to hand-feed me.


Peace and Long Life. Welcome to this site. Yes, we are mostly insane here, but that just makes all more fascinating. :slight_smile:


So, we’re doing a pony thing these days? Shows how much I’ve been paying attention.

Welcome to TAN! Come back and post often. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :slight_smile: I hope you have a fun time posting here and meeting plenty of members who share the same interests in literature as you! :3


Welcome to you! Glad you found us! I’m a fan of Vincent Price as well. Hope to see you often!


Welcome to TAN! Come back as often as you can to post and kick back with the best anime. :slight_smile:


HI, and welcome to the boards. Have a great time pososting. :cheer: