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Unlimited Topics !?!?!

My Sorry Attempt of a fun way of Decluttering the Outlands in a kind of smart way per say for future members that might have something to post but it’s not quite fitting for a main topic to have like for example This TAN member’s Help Topic
And to organize things every Topic has to have a number and or letter label to it and the creator of the Topic gets to pick any numbers and or letters they want to label

So hopefully that will help
But just helping out in my own little way
So what do you think mods? :thinking: Did I do a good job
You’re welcome mods

I will make a topic now while I’m in the thread… if you guys and gals don’t minded

Topic # 1
Post Hacks for everyday life or special occasions it can be made up or something few people know about

My Cleaning PC keyboard Hack take your SIM card eject tool and run it in between the keys
That’s it cheap and easy

Who’s next to post?:thinking: