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###Iwaihime: Matsuri Game’s Character Videos Introduce Toe Kurokami, Tsubakiko Harumiya
posted on 2017-07-10 06:15 EDT
PS4, Vita port of 2016 PC horror game slated for September 7

###“Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy” Trailer Takes Us Back in Time
July 10, 2017 9:04am CDT
Collection launches in the west this August

###Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Switch Version Launches in Americas on September 22
posted on 2017-07-10 10:45 EDT

###“Antique Carnevale” Promo Summons Yuuki Kaji-Voiced Thomas
July 10, 2017 9:55am CDT
Latest character is the personification of the Fenrir summon

###Monster Hunter Invades Puzzles & Dragons With All-New Characters, Campaign, and Dungeons
Jul 10th 2017

###PC Impressions - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
by Dustin Bailey, Jul 10th 2017

###Pokken Tournament DX Switch Game’s Introduction Videos Streamed
posted on 2017-07-10 19:38 EDT
3-on-3 Team Battle mode, Daily Challenge mode previewed

###Veteran Seiyuu Jouji Nakata Voices Doomfist In Japanese "Overwatch"
July 10, 2017 10:25pm CDT
The Japanese release of Blizzard’s competitive shooter Overwatch, published locally by Square Enix, has featured a remarkably strong cast


###Russian Court Reduces Sentence In Pokémon Go Case
posted on 2017-07-11 00:00 EDT

###“Splatoon 2” Off The Hook Idols Featured In Splatfest Art
July 11, 2017 12:15am CDT
Many have compared the two to the leads of Pop Team Epic, and author Bukubu Ookawa has taken up the challenge

###“Nioh” Heads to Osaka Castle with July 25’s ‘Defiant Honor’ DLC
July 11, 2017 1:11am CDT
PlayStation Store download will be priced at $9.99

###Avex Pictures Acquires Muv-Luv Game Maker Ixtl
posted on 2017-07-11 03:35 EDT
Game company Age founded Ixtl in 2011 as rights management company

###“KONOSUBA” PS4/Vita Visual Novel’s Opening Movie Posted
July 11, 2017 8:11am EDT
Game to tell an original story about a cursed, panty-stealing ring

July 11, 2017

###Blue Reflection Game’s Western Release Trailer Streamed
posted on 2017-07-11 13:04 EDT
Game launches for PS4, PC in N. America on September 26; in Europe on September 29

###“Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth” Trailer Digs into Enhanced Combat
July 11, 2017 2:27pm CDT
The story that was set up in “Mask of Deception” approaches its conclusion

###Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!! Reaches Crowdfunding Goal for PC Game
posted on 2017-07-11 17:04 EDT
Game slated for release in December

###Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time Game’s English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed
posted on 2017-07-11 19:04 EDT
Release in Americas in early 2018, Japanese release on November 30


###Bushiroad Posts 1st Video for Granadia Saga Smartphone Game
posted on 2017-07-12 00:30 EDT
Cast for game’s fully-voiced story revealed

###Latest “Antique Carnevale” Character is Sylphid Personification May
July 12, 2017 8:36am CDT
Yui Ogura voices the focus of the new character video

###“Gintama” Action Game Revealed for PS4 and Vita
July 12, 2017 10:32am CDT
Get ready for a game with ‘super beautiful modeling’

###Pokémon GO Reveals More Details of 1st Anniversary Events
posted on 2017-07-12 12:25 EDT
Chicago event to unlock bonuses for players worldwide on July 22

###“Hakoniwa Company Works” Trailer Continues the Overview
July 12, 2017 11:28am CDT
Crafting sim launches in Japan on July 13

###Compile Heart Streams 1st Trailer for Death end re;Quest PS4 Game
posted on 2017-07-12 15:55 EDT
Game centers on man rescuing girl trapped in bug-ridden VRMMO

###New Senran Kagura Trademark Made Public
posted on 2017-07-12 18:55 EDT

###“Resident Evil: Revelations” Dated for PS4/Xbox One in North America
July 12, 2017 8:02pm CDT
Latest pair of ports will be available on August 31

###Move Over, Miku: Project 575 Is Here
July 12, 2017 8:55pm CDT
Sega game voicebanks now available to buy for VOCALOID4.


###Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game’s Switch Version Previewed in Video
posted on 2017-07-13 05:30 EDT
Ad-hoc co-op, motion controls previewed for September game

###Nintendo Stops Production on ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ Console
posted on 2017-07-13 07:34 EDT
New Nintendo 3DS XL still in production, New Nintendo 2DS XL launches in N. America on July 28

###Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker Game Previews Battle Modes in Video
posted on 2017-07-13 08:00 EDT
Soleil develops “acrobatic ninja” battle game for PS4, Xbox One, PC

###Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Smartphone Game’s English Release Slated for August
posted on 2017-07-13 09:30 EDT
English trailer, creators’ video interview also streamed

###Ni no Kuni II PS4/PC Game Delayed to January 19
posted on 2017-07-13 10:00 EDT
Game’s simultaneous launch originally slated for November 10

###This Week in Games - Don’t Dig Up Your SNES
by Dustin Bailey, Jul 13th 2017

###Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game’s English Trailer Streamed
posted on 2017-07-13 11:30 EDT
"Acrobatic ninja" battle game slated for PS4, Xbox One, PC in 2018

###Mega Maker Puts Mega Man Levels in Players Hands
posted on 2017-07-13 12:15 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

###Samurai Shodown V Special Arcade Game Heads to PS4/PS Vita This Summer
posted on 2017-07-13 12:30 EDT
Code Mystics partners to release game in original form with new content

###Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers Game’s Opening Movie Streamed
posted on 2017-07-13 14:30 EDT
Compile Heart’s game will ship on September 28

###Updated Version of iOS/Android Mr. AahH!! Game To Be Released for Facebook Instant Games
Jul 13th 2017

###Klab Games Station Reporter Contest Starts Today
Jul 13th 2017

###Connect with “King of Fighters” in “Valkyrie Connect” Collab
July 13, 2017 1:55pm CDT
Smartphone game lets you summon, equip, and command your favorite fighters.

###Warriors All-Stars Game’s Videos Highlight Christophorus, Laegrinna
posted on 2017-07-13 17:55 EDT
Game slated for N. America on August 29, Europe on September 1

###Aquaplus Head Teases Upcoming ‘UTZ’ Title
posted on 2017-07-13 20:30 EDT

###Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Game Video Compares Dungeon Graphics Between Original & Remake
posted on 2017-07-13 22:30 EDT
Remake of Nintendo DS game ships on October 26 in Japan, in early 2018 in N. America


###Ghost in the Shell First Assault Online Game’s CG Relaunch Trailer Streamed
posted on 2017-07-14 09:00 EDT
Free-to-play online game available in 90+ countries/territories

###“Antique Carnevale” Trailer Mixes Carbuncle and a Maid to Make Amelia
July 14, 2017 8:39am CDT
Latest character previewed ahead of July 18 info reveal

July 14, 2017

###“Zero Time Dilemma” Trailer Puts PS4 and PC Versions Side by Side
July 14, 2017 9:33am CDT
See how the visuals stack up between the two versions

###One Piece Reveals New Video Game, Other 20th Anniversary Announcements
posted on 2017-07-14 11:00 EDT
Campaigns with LINE, Twitter, SNOW, smartphone games; fanart contest, upcoming events, more revealed

###Watch the Dragon Ball FighterZ Exhibition Tournaments At Evo 2017
posted on 2017-07-14 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

###Tokyo Clanpool PS Vita Game’s Opening Movie Streamed
posted on 2017-07-14 19:20 EDT
Game features government cabinet of magical girls

###Gintama’s ‘Project Last Game’ Action Game Previewed in Teaser Video
posted on 2017-07-14 23:30 EDT / ANN
PS4, PS Vita game teased as final game in franchise


###Nippon Ichi Software Reveals Makai Wars Game for iOS, Android
posted on 2017-07-15 03:45 EDT / ANN
Company originally revealed game featuring Asagi as protagonist in 2004

###Nippon Ichi Software Reveals Silver 2425 Game Collection For PS4
posted on 2017-07-15 04:30 EDT / ANN
Collection combines Grasshopper Manufacture/Suda51’s The Silver Case, The 25th Ward games

###La Corda D’Oro 2f PSP Game Gets Remake for PS Vita
posted on 2017-07-15 10:30 EDT
Remake arrives on December 21

###“Nights of Azure 2” Dresses Up in “Deception” and “Fatal Frame” Outfits
July 15, 2017 3:45pm CDT
Sony and Nintendo platforms get their own exclusive DLC

###Kingdom Hearts III Reveals Toy Story World, 2018 Launch
posted on 2017-07-15 17:13 EDT
Director Tetsuya Nomura announces news at D23 Expo

###“Naruto Online” Celebrates First Anniversary with New 3.0 Update
July 15, 2017 5:35pm CDT
New level cap, other features added

###XSEED to Bring “Ys Seven” to PC This Summer
July 15, 2017 6:35pm CDT
Steam release planned for 2009 RPG

###Kingdom Hearts III Game’s D23 Expo Trailer Previews Toy Story World
posted on 2017-07-15 23:18 EDT
PS4, Xbox One game slated to launch in 2018

###JRPG “Lionheart” Roars onto Steam
July 15, 2017 11:20pm CDT
New localization features more than 10 playable characters and over 100 monsters to defeat.


###“Space Battleship Yamato” Sets Sail for Your Smartphone
July 16, 2017 5:06pm EDT
"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 -Hero’s Record-" will let you build and command your own battleships.

###“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” Adds Jedah from “Darkstalkers” Series
July 16, 2017 6:55pm EDT
Capcom premieres latest character in exhibition match

Splatoon 2, Fallen Legion, Layton’s Mystery Journey - New Releases

###“BlazBlue” Prepares For Crossover Battle With “Persona 4,” “Under Night In-Birth” And "RWBY!"
July 16, 2017 7:50pm EDT
BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION playable character addition Jubei was also showcased

###“Dragon Ball FighterZ” Officially Reveals Trunks in New Trailer
July 16, 2017 7:48pm CDT
Beta registration kicks off on July 26


###Tekken 7 Adds Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard as Playable Character
posted on 2017-07-17 00:25 EDT
Fatal Fury’s 1st main antagonist arrives this winter

###Street Fighter V Adds Final Fight’s Abigail as Playable Character
posted on 2017-07-17 00:45 EDT
Abigail debuts with new stage on July 25

###Gintama ‘Project Last Game’s’ English-Subtitled Asian Release Teased in Video
posted on 2017-07-17 05:45 EDT
PS4/Vita game will get English-subtitled release in Southeast Asia

###Kingdom Hearts III to Have 2nd Playable Character, Possible Switch Release
posted on 2017-07-17 09:40 EDT
PS4, Xbox One game slated to launch in 2018

###RPG Asdivine Cross for Nintendo 3DS Out Today
Jul 17th 2017

###Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale Released on Playism & Steam
Jul 17th 2017

###Dragon Quest XI Game’s Prologue Video Streamed
posted on 2017-07-17 16:35 EDT
Game ships for PS4, 3DS in Japan on July 29

###Arika’s ‘Mysterious Fighting Game’ With Street Fighter EX Characters Slated for 2018
posted on 2017-07-17 20:35 EDT
PS4 game to launch simultaneously in N. America, Europe, Japan

###“Windjammers” Brings the Best Sport Ever to PS4/Vita on August 29
July 17, 2017 9:15pm CDT
Fangamer lines up official merch to coincide with release


Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!! PC Port Crowdfunding Campaign Reveals New Characters

posted on 2017-07-18 01:00 EDT
New US$500, US$800 pledge levels also added

July 18, 2017

“Dragon Ball FighterZ” Rounds Out Early Roster with Krillin and Piccolo

July 18, 2017 9:19am CDT
Beta registration opens up on July 26

“Antique Carnevale” Launches as Browser-Based Strategy Board Game

July 18, 2017 10:12am CDT
RPG-style game is out now on Yahoo! Japan’s Games Plus Service

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth2: Sisters Generation Come to Streaming Service Utomik

Jul 18th 2017

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Launches In 2018

Jul 18th 2017

Sakura Wars Joins Puyo Puyo Quest for Limited Time

posted on 2017-07-18 14:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

XSEED Games Releases Ys Seven on PC

Jul 18th 2017

“Undertale” Hits PS4 and Vita Digitally on August 15

July 18, 2017 10:38pm CDT
Physical versions to follow via Fangamer this September


Wonderful Everyday/Subahibi Vsual Novel’s Kickstarter for Physical Goods Delayed

posted on 2017-07-19 01:30 EDT
Game still slated for launch on PC in late August

KOEI TECMO America Reveals Main Character Cast of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Alongside New Trailer

Jul 19th 2017

Nexon’s First Assault: The Future is Now; Renewal Game Based On The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Jul 19th 2017

Rock Lee and Hinata Join “Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker” Roster

July 19, 2017 12:53pm CDT
Get ready to bust out the Hidden Lotus in early 2018

“Drive Girls” Gets New Localization Trailer, Launches on September 8

July 19, 2017 1:49pm CDT
Transforming battles make their way to PS Vita in North America

The Idolm@ster SideM Live On St@ge App Streams 2 Pre-Registration Bonus MVs

posted on 2017-07-19 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

“BOOST BEAST” Brings a Mix of Puzzle and Defense Games to Switch

July 19, 2017 2:41pm CDT
Arc System Works and Arzest prepare for July 20 launch

Monster Strike Game’s Fullmetal Alchemist Campaign References Buddhist Item Ad

posted on 2017-07-19 17:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

“The Evil Within 2” Trailer Challenges You to Survive Its Horrors

July 19, 2017 9:56pm CDT
PS4, Xbox One, and PC sequel set to launch on October 13


Occultic;Nine Game Slated for Release on September 28

posted on 2017-07-20 03:30 EDT
1st screenshots of game based on Chiyomaru Shikura novels revealed

Fire Emblem Warriors Game’s Video Shows Marth, Chrom Conversing

posted on 2017-07-20 04:30 EDT
Nintendo Switch, 3DS game arrives in Japan on September 28, in the West this fall

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel PC Version’s Release Slated for August 2

posted on 2017-07-20 05:00 EDT

Uta Macross Rhythm Game App Previews Gameplay in Promotional Video

posted on 2017-07-20 08:30 EDT
iOS, Android game slated for release this summer

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PS4, Xbox One, PC Release in Japan Slated for October 5

posted on 2017-07-20 09:00 EDT
Promotional videos posted for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Dragon’s Dogma Online season 3.0 update

Niantic Confirms Legendary Pokémon to Debut at Pokémon GO Fest

posted on 2017-07-20 10:00 EDT
Players at Chicago event to unlock new Pokémon on Saturday

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III PS4 Game’s Web Ad Streamed

posted on 2017-07-20 13:00 EDT
RPG ships in Japan on September 28

Iwaihime: Matsuri Game’s Character Videos Introduce Kanae, Lilia, Mayu

posted on 2017-07-20 14:00 EDT
PS4, Vita port of 2016 PC horror game slated for September 7

This Week in Games - Accel World vs. Sword Art Online

by Dustin Bailey, Jul 20th 2017

Legendaries Come to “Pokémon GO” Soon, So Get Ready to Cooperate

July 20, 2017 1:57pm CDT
Debut lines up with this weekend’s Pokémon GO Fest

Nostalgia Gets a Headstart with Ragnarok Re:Start - iRO’s New Progression Server

Jul 20th 2017

Layton’s Mystery Journey™: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy, Available Now on Mobile Devices Worldwide

Jul 20th 2017

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition Launches for Switch on September 29

posted on 2017-07-20 17:20 EDT

Yakuza Kiwami Trailer Previews Fighting Styles, Minigames

posted on 2017-07-20 18:00 EDT
PS4 game ships August 29 in N. America, Europe

“Cat Quest” Team Gets Meowing in Dev Diary

July 20, 2017 9:50pm CDT
First video talks inspiration, early drafts, and what it takes to make an indie game

Spice up Your Game Project with “A Healer Only Lives Twice”

July 20, 2017 10:45pm CDT
SMILE GAME BUILDER resource pack includes models and variations from the award-winning game.

“Terra Battle 2” Trailer Introduces Some of the RPG’s Characters

July 20, 2017 11:41pm CDT
Sequel hits mobile devices and PC this summer

Onigo Hunter for Android/iOS: A Free Edition of the Hunting RPG for KEMCO Debuts

Jul 20th 2017

Sanrio and Bandai Namco Entertainment Join Forces with New Hello Kitty :heart: Pac-Man Mobile Game and Merchandise

Jul 20th 2017


Warriors All-Stars Game’s Videos Highlight Millennia, Arnice

posted on 2017-07-21 03:15 EDT
Game slated for N. America on August 29, for Europe on September 1

Marvelous Streams Launch Trailer For Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Game’s Switch Version

posted on 2017-07-21 08:00 EDT
Switch, PC version launch in N. America on July 25

The Lost Child Game’s 2nd Trailer Previews Anime Cutscenes

posted on 2017-07-21 08:30 EDT
Sawaki Takeyasu’s PS4, PS Vita game arrives in Japan on August 24

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Game Heads to iOS in Japan on July 27

posted on 2017-07-21 09:00 EDT
Game slated for release in N. America, Europe last September

Nippon Ichi Software Teases New Game For Summer 2018

posted on 2017-07-21 10:00 EDT

Taiko no Tatsujin Gets English Release in Southeast Asia

posted on 2017-07-21 13:00 EDT
Game includes your name., Kemono Friends, Crayon Shin-chan film theme songs

Second “Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization” DLC Chapter Launches

July 21, 2017 2:55pm CDT
The “Abyss of the Shrine Maiden” saga continues

Date A Live Rio Reincarnation HD PS4 Game’s Promo Video Streamed

posted on 2017-07-21 18:00 EDT
Port of 2015 PS Vita game ships October 12 in Japan

Rabi-Ribi EU Console Release Date Revealed

Jul 21st 2017

Arc System Works Releases Beat’em-up Puzzle Game, Boost Beast on Nintendo Switch

Jul 21st 2017

Nights Of Azure 2 Game Trailer Previews Dramatic Scenes

posted on 2017-07-21 20:00 EDT
Game launches in Japan on August 31 for PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets Physical PS4 Release In Americas

posted on 2017-07-21 21:00 EDT


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Game’s New Trailer Reveals 4 More Characters

posted on 2017-07-22 01:45 EDT
Haggar, Nemesis, Frank West, Spider-Man join roster for game arriving on September 19

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Jul 22nd 2017

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Is Coming to Europe

Jul 22nd 2017

Vocalist Mika Kobayashi And Composer Raj Ramayya Collaborate On Theme Sing For Video Game The Initial

Jul 22nd 2017

Platinum Games’ Lost Order Smartphone Game’s Video Reveals Backstory

posted on 2017-07-22 10:00 EDT
Yasumi Matsuno directs, Akihiko Yoshida designs art for game slated for iOS/Android devices

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory Unveils New Characters, Battle Modes

posted on 2017-07-22 13:30 EDT / ANN
Returning characters also highlighted for PS4/PS VIta game

Galaga Game Inspires Animated Series

posted on 2017-07-22 15:00 EDT
The Nuttery Entertainment announces agreement with Bandai Namco Ent.

Love Live! School Idol Festival Popularity Contest Elects Character With Hidden Face

posted on 2017-07-22 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Code:Realize Otome Game Gets PS4 Console Variant

posted on 2017-07-22 19:45 EDT / ANN


“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” Shows Off New Characters and Footage

July 23, 2017 9:21am CDT
Capcom shares more details during San Diego Comic-Con

“Little Witch Academia” Game Reveals Teaser and More Characters

July 23, 2017 11:54am CDT
Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka join playable lineup

“Happy Dungeons” Trailer Celebrates Worldwide Release Announcement

July 23, 2017 4:31pm CDT
Toylogic’s action-RPG is coming to Xbox One and PS4

Pyre, Fortnite, Hey Pikmin - New Releases

Hear Cast And Machico Sing “Konosuba” Game Themes

July 23, 2017 6:20pm CDT
In other Konosuba doings, the limited edition of 12th light novel, titled "Female Knight’s Lullaby, arrives with a new, second OVA, arrives on July 24th

Launch Trailer Prepares For “Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star” Nintendo Switch Release

July 23, 2017 11:50pm CDT
North American release coming July 25th


Idol Incidents Smartphone Game Shuts Down on July 31

posted on 2017-07-24 05:00 EDT
Game launched last October, inspired TV anime, manga

Lengthy “Ni no Kuni II” Video Walks Us Through the E3 Demo

July 24, 2017 9:43am CDT
RPG sequel is due out on January 19, 2018

Announcing the Release Date of “Aca Neogeo Samurai Shodown”

Jul 24th 2017

Announcing the Release Date of “Aca Neogeo Zed Blade”

Jul 24th 2017

Korean Horror Game “White Day” Gets a Japanese Overview Trailer

July 24, 2017 7:53pm CDT
Early copies of the Japanese version include costumes from BlazBlue

“Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki” Visual Novel Heads to PS4/Vita in Japan

July 24, 2017 8:48pm CDT
Developer August first released the visual novel in September 2016


Tokyo RPG Factory’s “Lost Sphear” Hits Japan on October 12

July 25, 2017 5:48am CDT
Western release will follow early next year

July 25, 2017

Famicom’s “Penguin Wars” to Make Competitive Comeback on Switch

July 25, 2017 1:58pm CDT
Remake is coming to Japan this fall

Kemco RPG Flash Sale for Android

Jul 25th 2017

Announcing The Release Date of Aca Neogeo King Of The Monsters

Jul 25th 2017

New Tamagotchi! 3DS Game Announced for November 16

posted on 2017-07-25 17:15 EDT
Players control various shops in 20th anniversary game

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star PC Launch Trailer Streamed

posted on 2017-07-25 20:15 EDT
Game launched Tuesday on Steam, Switch on Tuesday

Studio Behind “Yakuza” Games to Reveal New Titles on August 26

July 25, 2017 11:12pm CDT
Hour-long presentation to include “something unexpected”


New Tony Taka Project to be Revealed on Thursday

posted on 2017-07-26 01:00 EDT

Moses and Amaterasu Join the Brawl in “Fight of Gods” Reveal

July 26, 2017 12:07am CDT
The sun goddess and the parter of seas are the two latest superpowers to join the upcoming game.

Super Robot Wars X-Ω Adds Panzer World Galient, Hacka Doll, Robot Girls Z

posted on 2017-07-26 03:50 EDT
Sunrise’s SanMusu ~Girl’s Battle Bootlog also joins for limited-time event

Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Game’s Closed Beta Signups Delayed to August 22

posted on 2017-07-26 04:20 EDT
PS4, Xbox One closed beta takes place September 16-18

Senran Kagura Game Series to Announce New Title on August 1

posted on 2017-07-26 11:36 EDT
Marvelous, Honey∞Parade Games hold live streaming event on Tuesday

“Blue Reflection” Trailer Takes Us Through Magical Girl Combat

July 26, 2017 11:32am CDT
English PS4 and PC release hits North America on 9/26, Europe on 9/29

“Etrian Odyssey V” Launch Edition Unveiled Along with Dragoon Trailer

July 26, 2017 12:28pm CDT
3DS dungeon-crawler launches in the west this fall

Enjoying Pokémon GO Fest Despite Its Problems

posted on 2017-07-26 13:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Nintendo Switch Sells 4.7 Million Units Worldwide

posted on 2017-07-26 15:30 EDT
Top selling Switch games listed


Monogatari Series Gets Smartphone Game App

posted on 2017-07-27 05:30 EDT
Ad, more info for game will debut with Owarimonogatari Second Season anime on August 12-13

“Terra Battle 2” Trailer Continues the Character Introductions

July 27, 2017 7:11am CDT
Dig into another English preview for this summer’s mobile/PC RPG

Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Smartphone Game Slated for August 3

posted on 2017-07-27 09:15 EDT
New trailer streamed for upcoming English-language release

Monster Hunter: World Game’s Videos Preview All 14 Weapons

posted on 2017-07-27 10:15 EDT
Game slated for PS4, Xbox One in 2018 with PC release to follow

“Bleach” Inspires GPS-Based, Hollow-Hunting Mobile Game in Japan

July 27, 2017 8:58am CDT
LINE title will launch as a free-to-play game this year

This Week in Games - Remember That Ghost in the Shell Shooter?

by Dustin Bailey, Jul 27th 2017

ANN Interview: Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kimihiko Fujisaka

by Dustin Bailey and Zac Bertschy, Jul 27th 2017

Namco Museum Nintendo Switch Game’s Launch Trailer Streamed

posted on 2017-07-27 12:15 EDT
Game launches via Nintendo eShop on Friday

Announcing the Release Date of “Aca Neogeo Super Sidekicks”

Jul 27th 2017

Announcing the Release Date of “Aca Neogeo Art of Fighting 2"

Jul 27th 2017

History’s Fine Artists Get a Ikemen Makeover in Upcoming Mobile Game

posted on 2017-07-27 18:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

“Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana” Trailer Says Hi to Mystical Maiden Dana

July 27, 2017 5:40pm CDT
Action-RPG launches in the west this September

Korean Horror Game “White Day” Showcased in New Adventure Trailer

July 27, 2017 11:56pm CDT
English publisher PQube shares an English version of the recent trailer

Koei Tecmo America Details Team Building Features for Warriors All-Stars Alongside New Trailer

Jul 27th 2017


Code:Realize Game Gets New PS4, PS Vita Fandisc

posted on 2017-07-28 01:00 EDT
Original anime game inspiring October TV anime

Inti Creates No Longer Part of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Game’s Development

posted on 2017-07-28 04:30 EDT
Developer involved in creation of game’s “prequel mini-game,” has not been involved since E3 2016

Dragon Quest XI Game Heads West in 2018

posted on 2017-07-28 13:11 EDT
Game to be localized in 5 languages

Tokyo Clanpool PS Vita Game Trailer Reveals October 5 Release Date

posted on 2017-07-28 18:35 EDT
Game features government cabinet of magical girls

Brave Frontier Hosts Global Brave Summer Festival 2017 and Unveils Omni+ Boost Expansion

Jul 28th 2017

RPG Antiquia Lost Coming To PlayStation This Fall

Jul 28th 2017

Visual Novel Developer Frontwing Releases Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.3 On Steam

Jul 28th 2017

MangaGamer Releases Princess Evangile W Happiness With Giveaway

Jul 28th 2017

Type-Moon, Sega Reveal Fate/Grand Order Arcade Game

posted on 2017-07-28 22:49 EDT
Team battle game launches in Japanese arcades in 2018


Madoka Magica Magia Record Smartphone Game Launches on August 22

posted on 2017-07-29 07:00 EDT

“Gundam Versus” Promo Shows DLC from “Gundam Reconguista in G”

July 29, 2017 2:52pm CDT
Pilot Bellri Zenam and the G-Self Perfect Pack suit arrive on August 10

American Revolution’s Guns Star in New Anthro Mobile Game

posted on 2017-07-29 17:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Warriors All-Stars Game’s Trailer Highlights ‘Shiki Clan’

posted on 2017-07-29 18:45 EDT
Game slated for N. America on August 29, for Europe on September 1

Fire Emblem Heroes Adds More Swimsuit Costumes, Fire Emblem Echoes Characters

posted on 2017-07-29 20:45 EDT
Smartphone game adds “summer” versions of Nohr royalty

Minions Meet Slimes for “Dragon Quest” x “Despicable Me” Collaboration

July 29, 2017 9:13pm CDT
Properties collide and hint at further upcoming partnerships.