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Violet Evergarden

Looks like I’ll be importing the Region B release . It’s the home video version unlike Funimation’s release . Glad I picked up a player now .

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Violet Evergarden the Movie on Cinemas in Latin America and Lands #6 Spot in Top 10 in Mexico’s Box Office

Apr 5th 2021


Violet Evergarden: The Movie Gets 4K HDR Blu-Ray Release in Japan on August 4

April 07, 2021 3:18am CDT
The film will be Kyoto Animation’s first 4K HDR home video release


Let’s hope that when Funimation releases it, we get a 4k release too,


And they don’t forget the HDR like Akira . :rofl:

I might pick up the Japanese release if it has english subs at least .

Edit: Does not look like it will have English subs .


Kyoto Animation Delays BD, DVD Release of Violet Evergarden: The Movie Anime to October 13

posted on 2021-06-13 02:52 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Studio delays release due to manufacture, production issues due to state of emergency in Japan

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Why would there be a Season 2? I mean Violet’s journey was pretty much completed with the movie.She got the answer to the question she was asked at the beginning of the series, and if there was a season 2, I’d lose a ton of respect for KyoAni.

I get that there’s more LN material, and the same reason they Shouldn’t do anymore with Bunny Girl Senpai, was that the story was pretty much concluded with the Dreaming girl movie, there doesn’t need to be anymore


Violet Evergarden: the Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

As the world moves on from the war and technological advances bring changes to her life, Violet still hopes to see her lost commanding officer again.
Premieres Oct 13 only on Netflix


Violet Evergarden TV Series Special Compilation to be Aired in Japan on October 29

September 23, 2021 8:34pm CDT
“Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” film will follow on November 5

Violet Evergarden: The Movie Streams on Netflix U.S. on October 13

posted on 2021-09-25 03:33 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Film’s BD/DVD release launches in Japan on same day

Violet Evergarden: The Movie Streams on Netflix U.S. on October 13

Hoping we don’t have to wait a whole year, For the Funi 4k / BD release

Gilbert and Violet | Violet Evergarden | Netflix Anime

AniTubers React to Violet Evergarden | Netflix Anime


This Week in Anime - In the Evergarden of Good and Evil

by Steve Jones & Nicholas Dupree, Oct 19th 2021