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Entertainment Executive To Lead Global Multimedia Initiatives And Drive Omni-Channel Marketing For The Industry’s Leading Catalog Of Anime And Manga Content

###Press Release: VIZ Media prepares for the beginning of summer with a brand new digital anime update for June for Neon Alley.
June 1, 2015

VIZ Media
Legend of Galactic Heroes coming to North America! #VIZpanel #Ax

###Press Release: Viz Media Announces Neon Alley August Anime Content Update
Aug 14th 2015

VIZ Media Anime Expo 2015 Panel

###Press Release: Viz Media Delivers Fresh Digital Anime Content and New Simulcast for Neon Alley November Update
Nov 4th 2015

###Press Release: VIZ Media Announces 2015 Holiday Anime Gift Guide Selections
Dec 3rd 2015

###Press Release: VIZ Media Concludes 2015 With Streaming Update
December 3, 2015

###Press Release: VIZ Media Announces New Digital Anime Content Update For January
Jan 7th 2016

###Press Release: VIZ Media Details a New Digital Anime Content Update for March
Mar 3rd 2016
March 23, 2016 4:55pm CDT
Manga/anime publisher partners with prominent global talent and literary agency, United Talent Agency
April 17, 2016 11:12am CDT
Plus a bit of Mosquito Girl after-story

Per PR:



Leading Entertainment Company Looks Ahead To Forging New Paths In Global Pop Culture And Multimedia Content Development

San Francisco, CA, May 4, 2016 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the premier publisher, distributor and licensor of Japanese and global content in North America, proudly announces its 30th Anniversary. To celebrate, VIZ Media will soon detail exciting activities for fans to commemorate 30 years of telling stories that resonate with audiences the world over.

Founded in San Francisco in July 1986, VIZ Media is dedicated to bringing the finest in manga, anime and global entertainment to English-speaking audiences around the world. The company’s success reflects the massive and enduring popularity the genres enjoy among fans of all ages. VIZ Media has the largest library of any English publisher, and is focused on diversifying its award-winning catalog with licensed properties outside of the manga and anime sphere, as well as developing its own original content.

“VIZ Media has been at the forefront of the manga and anime industry for 30 years,” says Ken Sasaki, President and CEO, VIZ Media. “Throughout its history, the company has pioneered new paths to bring the best in popular entertainment to as wide an audience as possible. We look forward to continuing our ceaseless commitment to developing high quality, unique content for fans across the globe.”

To complement the 30th anniversary milestone, an all new official website has been launched at Completely refreshed in partnership with design studio Mule Design, the interactive web destination offers increased functionality, seamless interoperability and a host of easy-to- use new content features that are accessible across all platforms, including mobile devices and tablets.

“The website delivers a whole new level of user interaction and direct fan engagement for the online anime and manga communities,” adds Ken Sasaki.

For more information on titles available from VIZ Media, please visit

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###VIZ Media Announces Participation at Anime Central 2016
May 12th 2016

###Stream Naruto, Sailor Moon & More: VIZ Media Partners with Tubi TV to Deliver Free Anime
July 21, 2016, by Jake Silver

###Viz Media Announces Partnership With TubiTV to Stream Anime in U.S., Canada
posted on 2016-07-21 20:59 EDT
Anime already available include Death Note, Naruto, Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Moon

###Viz Media Release Calendar

(includes August, September, October & November 2016)

VIZ Celebrates 30 Years - Laura Dooley

VIZ Media SDCC 2016 Panel

###Viz Media Release Calendar

(includes: September, October, November & December 2016)

VIZ Celebrates 30 Years - Nicholas Green

###Viz Media Appoints Evolution USA As Its North American Licensing Agent
Sep 28th 2016