Weekly Favorite Shows and Characters of the Fall 2023 Season

With so many shows coming out. I know we all some times miss out on a great Waifu or Husbando, just a great character, or just a great show of a season. I’m creating this thread to post on a weekly basis either your favorite character or show or both for each week of the current Fall 2023 season. Give us some stuff to add to those watchlist we may have otherwise overlooked .

I’ll create a new thread each season as I remember.

Characters post the show they are from. (A picture would be nice. Keep it clean and if there is a bit much Fan service spoilers please. )
For shows post where it’s streaming if legally of course.

Remember this thread is only for shows of the Fall 2023 season.


Week 1

As everyone here is very much well aware, I always get giddy over characters voiced by my dear. He-he. :heart:

Yami: “And this season contains the second cour of a show I’m in!”

Both: “Xiaoyu Lei from Dead Mount Death Play Season 2!

Yami: “This show is streaming on Crunchyroll this season, alongside the 1st season, which I am also in!”

Yami and Maou: “Does this post look okay, @Psychopuppet?”

Oh! And it’s airing on Crunchyroll!


Yep looks fine.


Week 2

This week is the second Yami voiced character from this season!

Yami: “She’s from the mobile game Arknights, however she didn’t appear in the first season. But for the second season, she gets some screentime!”

Both: "Greythroat from Arknights!

Airing on Crunchyroll!

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Week 3

This week, is a Nemesis voiced cutie!

Nemesis: “This season, one of my main characters is a maid! Lol.”

Both: “Gertrude from Vexations Of A Vampire Princess!”

Airing on Hidive!