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Welcome to the New forums

If you’ve been reading the Anime Network homepage blogs and news stories you know that the forums have been down for 3 weeks due to someone getting into the system… forcing Anime Network to start from scratch with something that is more secure and interfaces with the new website backend implemented early this year… if you haven’t been reading the news and blog on the frontpage, shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see we’ve streamlined the forums into less sub-forums. We’d like to see people participate together more instead of being more isolated, and in some cases it was just redundant like EE/Warfoolery having 2 sections.

They’re still working on a lot of kinks and some bugs, plus there will be a lot of new future additions to this new forum and website in the future… this is just the beginning.

The previous forums, after almost 3 and half years has had quite a history and it’s a shame to lose it, but with new beginnings comes new opportunity.

Let’s be honest, people have gotten lazy and the forums have gotten stagnant. There’s a lot of great members of this site, and like 3 years ago with the last forum relaunch, we’re going to need everyone to chip in more than in recent months to rebuild the community. Only with your help can we create a better and stronger community. Please post, share and contribute with others. For older members, remember the excitement of 3 years ago, how we were all posting and there was a lot of activity? It would be nice if we could replicate that same level of enthusiasm, when people used to post in so many threads rather than not participating.

We’d like to see more participation all around especially with regards to Anime Network related threads (that is the reason new people come to this forum and eventually stick around), especially not just in one section of the forum but in several places. We can’t repeat the same mistakes of the past with compartmentalization and having people just posting in one or two threads. It just further creates a cycle of people being apathetic, and in turn new users see a slower forum than they’d like.

Only with your help can we make a better forum.

Thank you.

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