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What (insert random) character are you?


[details=At What Age Will You Die?]
You Will Die At 101!

Based on your answers and the latest scientific research on longevity and health you’re going to live to a ripe old age! You’ll make it to 120 years old! You will live much longer than your peers and you’ll have very few major health issues as you get older. Your calm, relaxed and gentle approach to life leaves you with little stress and few worries. You will enjoy a happy and fulfilling life until the end! Share some of your wisdom for living such a grounded and health life in the comments![/details]

Now to prove them wrong…


Personally, I’m shooting for Methuseluh’s age when he died (960)


I’m a few months from that. Scary. :frowning:


Match the Country
You got 30% on Can You Match The Country To What It Used To Be Called?
It’s okay, you’re probably good at math instead.

What Age Will You Die?
You Will Die At 101!



Pandora Hearts. Very cool!

@Slowhand - Sorry, somehow I don’t think this chart works for you…


You poor poor September people…


I should be a November baby…



While I watched that, I could picture myself in that series.

The rules shall be broken. :smile:


Nope, sorry!

[size=9](time for me to run from the Slowhand)[/size]



Stand between her and Roy? You’re in so much trouble. :wink:


Trouble is my middle name and I love causing it!


D. Gray Man

Read like a volume or two of the manga… I need to stop starting these things without a commitment to finish it. I think have at least 3 series I started on but haven’t finished/caught up (it costs money, which is why)


[size=16]Which Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Saying Are You?[/size]

[size=16]Are You a Hopeless Romantic?[/size]

Valentine's Day Sweetheart Saying

Hopeless Romantic?

Which Valentine Saying Are You?


[details=Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Saying]

[details=Hopeless Romantic?]

What Valentine's Day Saying Are You?

Which Valentine's Day Sweetheart Saying Are You?