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What (insert random) character are you?

Which Anime Character are you?

Master Roshi (DBZ)


Which Anime Character Are you?


I don’t like it either. If I have to be Byakuya, I want to look better.

And fixed!




Here it comes

What Fairy Tail Guild Are You A Part Of?

Seriously, people, spelling…

What Fairy Tail Guild Are You A Part Of?

What Fairy Tail Guild Are You A Part Of??

Fairy Tail

You protect your family and comrades!!!


Which DC Character Are you?


Which DC Character Are You?


HEY!! I’M Batman!! :bat:


Somehow, I have always suspected this…

Which DC Character Are you?

You are…

Wonder Woman

Smart, educated, and always in the know, you are someone who is not only able to use your incredible battle-prowess, but also your clever and manipulative understanding of people to accomplish your firm, yet mysterious goals. Whether in the glorious battlefront or behind the scenes, you are someone always pulling the strings on the world around them.

Which DC Character are you?

You are, … (I guess I broke it, Does that mean I’m The Question?







You can’t possibly be Sabretooth, since the quiz asked Which DC Character are you?


it for the which farytail guild are you i was a littile late

Which DC Character are you?

You are…


You are the classic superhero, the perfect American icon. You believe in truth, justice, and the American way, and nothing, no matter what, will make you distort your dedication to those causes. Though your family ties are complicated, you know that the entire planet Earth is your real family.


Which Three Fictional Characters Are You Made Up Of?



Which Three Fictional Characters are you Made Up of?