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What Movie(s) did you watch today?



I’m going this weekend!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

And, looks like I forgot to mention that I saw Logan a couple of months back.





Digmon Adventure Tri Chapter 1 English version

Real cool they got all the same VAs back. English voices for digimon are bit better their original Jp ones especially for their digivoled forms they need their deep voices it just makes more sense.


Saw in theaters.



Saw Wonder Woman today.


one wonders what the world would be had psychedelics not been outlawed.


Finally saw Pirates otC V: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

I had fun with it, though I literally do not understand Javier Bardem at all. IMO the movie could’ve done with subtitles for him lol.

There’s a hokey “subplot” in the film where the lead female character is a “witch” because she’s an astronomer. This makes 0 sense, especially as a male astronomer is (hilariously) shown to have a Herschel telescope and Herschel’s sister was an accomplished astronomer.

…was the post-credits scene actually good? I almost always stay till the end, but circumstances conspired against me this time. Figures the one time I leave early, there’s actually something I miss.


The Revenant, wow that is one movie worth watching again and again!


As a Disney film AND a King Arthur film, very meh. :unamused:


Lol, don’t know if I’ve seen that version but the original was awesome!


###How many of Empire’s 100 Greatest Movies have you seen?
Check off the entries you’ve already watched, sit back and await our judgment.

How many of Empire's 100 Greatest Movies have you seen?

You have seen 96 of Empire’s 100 Greatest Movies.
Boom! Nailed it. Still a few to go but that was a heroic achievement.

Haven’t seen:

  • Heat
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Departed
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


76 out of 100, “Solid Effort.” No victory dance, though, I’m waiting for an eye exam.


lol, only 45 for me. Why only The Dark Knight, but all 3 LOTR for example? I dunno, I liked 1 & 3 more in the Nolan Batman trilogy.

Speaking of Nolan, I saw Wonder Woman. DC needs to get Nolan back to be on top again, Snyder 'n co are “AAA” while he was “MLB”. Not saying it was bad, but I am saying that I had more fun with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales last week.



All of them.
Some multiple times.
Many are on my shelfs in both DVD and BD forms.
Others I bummed off of friends. :grin: