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What Movie(s) did you watch today?


No…just No. Lasted 30 minutes…then turned it off.





Not the greatest Blade Runner/Mad Max/Night’s Watch section of GoT/etc. mashup, still leagues better than that Neflix Bleach live action…:poop:



The reviews said that it was terrible, but I enjoyed it. Normally the trailers tell the whole story of the film, but this film was markedly more than the trailer.

Unfortunately, the film did have some obvious politics in it, but that made the film more interesting as that made its quite evil villain a surprising stand-in for Elon Musk.

Edit: There’s a female scientist in the movie. At many points in the film, her name is pronounced so that it sounds like “Doctor Skirt”. :rofl:

…to put the film in anime terms, imagine if Gohan and Piccolo had fused. That’s kinda the Brock/Venom relationship.

Note: There are 2 “after the credits” bits in this film, including one that is truly after all the credits.

Is it possible that this deluge of bad live action anime adaptations is made possible by the Japanese equivalent of the European tax shelter scheme that gave us Uwe Boll’s film career? :thinking:


Last night



better than I expected…:slightly_smiling_face:











Better than I expected. :relieved:


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Netflix)









Definitely NOT my favorite movie or actor - but it was :free: