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What Movie(s) did you watch today?



Better than what I remember, though nowhere near the awesomeness of Event Horizon, Interstellar, or 2001.




Due to a mixup at the theater, I wound up seeing Mortal Engines.

I saw why I’ve heard it called the “Battlefield Earth of the 2010s”. It was an okay film, basically just an underoriginal retelling of better films, but it wasn’t as good as Battlefield Earth :wink:

…Weirdly, it was a movie that blatantly established that a wall is the best border security a country could have. I didn’t expect to see that message in a movie…except for maybe that Chinese film that Matt Damon did :rofl:


This is one weird movie.






This was really good!


On Netflix








On Netflix


Over the weekend

Hubby got an Echo Dot for Christmas, so we were playing around and decided to watch this


Saw this one on Svengoolie, love all these types of movies


I'm a huge Gary Cooper fan, so...



Oh yeah I also saw that on MeTV and didn’t post it.


Have that as a double feature

Groovy baby.


Oh! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Attack of the Puppet People! How is that??


A 1958 black & white, full frame movie with a tinge of anti-communism/Russia, pro-capitalism/USA…or at least that’s what I see. Decent effects for its time and overall good movie.

It’s Rozen Maiden…1950’s American style.




I went into the film expecting to hate it, #notMyAquaman and all, plus lead actress Amber Heard is basically the real-life version of the deceitful Princess from Rising of the Shield Hero.

But I wound up enjoying it. In fact, I’ll live dangerously and go so far as to say I found it better than the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful action hero movie ever made: Wonder Woman. :rofl: