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What versions of Anime do U like the best

  • Air TV
  • OVA
  • Directors Cut
  • Uncensored
  • Other

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and explain why you prefer it

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I’m going to answer other to your poll, as my selection is all of them.

I enjoy the TV versions of series, as that’s mainly where the animators put their heart on the line to create a finished product within a certain timeframe, however I will always prefer the finalized “or directors cut” versions of shows, as that is what the creative team’s ultimate original goal is when finally realized.

Uncensored is a variant of Directors cut, however it is kinda neat to compare the “On Air version” to the “Home Video version”. Now I’m not actually talking about the infamous light beams, older series actually had full scene redraws to uncensor the episodes. I can confirm that TLR S1 is that way, as I have an “official Malaysian Release” which has season 1 censored, and so many fanservice scenes are illustrated differently than the R1 release.

OVA’S are another animal entirely. As they have no televised limitations, they can be almost as explict as they want, and pretty much no one can stop them (Read: MonMusu and WTHAYH Teacher? OVA’S)

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OVA is my personal favorite in many way but I will just name one of them
and that is gives a different feel to the beginning anime where it first started U get to see how other events take place in the anime and it adds more to the story