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What's Cooking?


The first meal from my new oven:

Shepard’s Pie :grin:


looks good maou and like the new stove top


Maryland Crab Dip:


bet it taste better than red lobsters food lol


The dip costs about $25 to make too, and that’s if you already have Old Bay! :joy::joy::joy:


yikes that more expensive than red lobster wow lol but they dont have old bay lol


whats cooking tonite @maousadao


Hungry Howie’s Calzone sub. (Can’t afford anything fancy right now…)


that looks like a pizza sub


It is :drooling_face:

They don’t have Hungry Howies up north either, so the closet thing is a calzone.
Have a preference to them over the “Big Three” pizza joints.


Tuna fish sandwiches with provolone cheese


@maousadao what r u cooking for thanksgiving


Idk yet. Might have to work a double shift!


so u r going to be have mcdonald then


Just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that…



well at least its free

do u get ur choice of what u eat


Yes. We all get free meals, but it’s not like a home cooked dinner…


thats goods

but it beats ramen or does it




what do u normally eat at ur job