What's Cooking?


Depends on my mood of course.

The only things we can’t order are 20pcs nuggets and 10pcs tenders. Everything else is fair game.



seen them new tenders
have u tried them yet


They’re ok. Better with the BBQ glaze, but the glazed tenders promotion ends in November.



and did u try that BK philly cheese steak


Not yet. Was totally broke until Tuesday, and I kinda stayed in yesterday, and today…

Then I have to be at work in about an hour and a half.



havent tried it yet either

aright then see u later


Cause you asked @Kyouta, here’s what I made tonight at work:

It’s the Mcds version of the nightmare King :wink:


nice that looks even better
that green throws the other one off

good eatin


These have been sitting in my fridge for about a week now. I think that’s enough prep time.

Homemade pickled eggs!

You start with the brine from pickled sausages (Mine were Big John’s Red Hots brand, but you could make those homemade as well. Probably will in the future.), then add garlic, red pepper, red food coloring, and distilled vinegar.

The reason you need to start with pickled sausage brine is the grease absorbed from the sausages gives the eggs a little more robust flavor :grin:


tried one of these

it was ok



had some of this for breakfast