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What's Cooking?


How many people did you feed @mgosdin?


did u do all the cooking or did u have help


My stepfather and I cooked. We both prepared the food, and took turns keeping check on the turkey.

There’s also a Sweet Potato Pie, but that might have to wait a while…

What’d you and your family have @Kyouta?


a traditional dinner nothing special but we did cook a lot so theres leftovers


Five. The thing is that 4 of those 5 like to cook. So, we end up with a lot of leftovers. No cooking here until at least Monday.:grin:

Mark Gosdin


Here’s the remainder of the bird:

Homemade turkey stew. We kinda have been prepping it since yesterday afternoon. The stock is the juice, skin, gristle, bones, neck, and heart from the turkey and water boiled together, then simmered for over 14 hours. Strain, then add celery, carrots, peas, noodles, white meat turkey, and cream of celery soup. Boil, then let simmer for 1 hour, then add a half gallon of milk. Stir thoroughly, and let simmer for a half hour or so.


What the turkey has bacon on top


It’s a variant of chicken parmesan.

I had provolone cheese and rice, so that’s what went into it.


Oh man,I think I need to go to the bathroom!!

It looks GOOD

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Made some chicken and rice soup tonight:


Hand breaded deep fried alligator


My buddy was talking about this place that served that


It’s really good. You just have to know how long to keep it in the oil.

The entire plate:


U truly r the master chef I’m going to start cooking more


me too love it


Had me some cheesecake ate half of it


Not cooking yet, but Target had brand new Oster brand roasters with damaged boxes on clearance for $11.98

I’m going to cook a turkey in this on Christmas :grin:

BTW, here’s the damage to the box:



It only took 3 hours, and the turkey is already falling apart! :hushed:


I received a waffle iron for my 5th anniversary of management at McDonald’s.

Took it for a test drive :grin:


Oh, you should make waffle cookies! I used to make them all the time whenever I babysat, they’re great!