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Whats in ur Spam inbox

whats kind of junk email do u have

I get stuff from the President of the United States offering me $16 million dollars.

I know what you’re trying to say because of the title but you could at least try to fix your first post.

What did you get in your junk email today?

What kind of junk mail did you get today?

Question marks are definitely helpful.

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If ur that picky about it than fine I’ll fix it

Really? Asking you to write a coherent sentence is being picky?


Currently there are some emails from BuyAutoParts(dot)com.

You purchase one item from their eBay store, and you’re immediately permanently signed up for daily newsletters…

First off @Kyouta and @OneWayDevil you guys are making me laugh my ass off. Thanks :laughing:

And @MaouSadao you work on your own car too? :metal: I just had to do struts on my F150 3 damn hours!!!

The answer to your question @Kyouta. Mainly hookup sites and Viagra pills.



@OneWayDevil You passed up $900,000 AND an Audi A7? How loaded are you???


@Vanime95 Yes. YouTube is a wonderful thing sometimes. (I feel your pain on the struts BTW…)

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