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Where do U like to eat

  • At the House
  • At A Restaurant
  • At A Park
  • At A Gas Station Cafe
  • Other

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And sum up what place it is

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My own kitchen is my favorite place to eat.

I am Hades Master Chef after all :wink:

Sadly, with my job and everything going on in my life I only usually have time to cook once or twice a week at best…

Oh. Please nobody say McDonalds…

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Ill just say Micky Ds :smiley: jk
I like to grill outside sometimes but I like to cook in the kitchen the most

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McDonald’s :laughing:

It’s fast food in general. As long as I don’t have to cook

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I do like Pho. I work at a bar, not too bad, except my cholesterol.
at home you made what you like, how you like.

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