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Why Fi ( Lie ) To UR Self ON TAN

tell UR self sweet lil lies or do U lie be up front with ur pals for just a moment

tell us ur juicy lil lies that u have dealing with TAN Big or small
get it all off ur chest and get it out in the open

i will tell U my lil lie i tell myself about TAN and feel free to do the same

i feel like everybody who is a member of TAN will eventually make at least one thread.

I feel TAN will get the To Love Ru OVA’S :sob::sob::sob:

And you made me post this @Kyouta


there there buddy ur a mod now im sure if U write an email to them they will listen

did i do that

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Yes. And this too :joy:


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a new lie for @MaouSadao whos telling that i can control what users post
like i have super power to type on ur keyboard for U

Ha what a joke :smiley:

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