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Another smack from Bobby brought Jake back into the nightmare of the real world. Hana’s voice could be heard over the intercom. “Hana to Sarah; Hana to Sick Bay; Someone answer down there!”

Jake after awhile of listening to her answered back in a voice that had no emotion left “Jake here. Three pirates dead. Ajax and Sarah are…dead. What are the captain’s orders?”

Hana did not answer back, but Skival’s own voice came over the intercom, “Jake, please go help engineering if you can. They are being hit hard. Stay with us now.” Jake couldn’t tell whether Skival was using any telepathy on him or not, but at the moment Jake felt nothing.

“Acknowledged” was all he could get out. The captain proceeded to talk to Bobby on where it was safe for him to go to see if anyone could be treated. Jake left the sick bay. As soon as he stepped outside, he saw crewman Nick slumped against the wall with a hole burned through his chest. The sight had no effect on him. Somewhere deep down he realized that the lack of emotion indicated something bad, but he could not care anymore. He turned right and saw the remains of Bect’al. Several of the huge insectoids limbs laid piled up to one side of the corridor; his body was cut into three segments. Jake started to run but heard a faint sound.


“Jake?” came a weak mechanical voice. Jake looked near one of the segments and saw Bect’als head. His unblinking eyes did not seem to see anymore. His voice was extremely weak. Jake heard stories of Beetacian’s body parts living on for several minutes after being severed. This still seemed too unreal, but Bect’al spoke again, “Jake, I am dead, Jake. Knew they were strong, ripped me …apart…This is not living, I do not want be… I can’t be like this… Finish me, please, End This…”. The translator failed to recognize the weak gasps and sounds of pain. Jake swore in his heart at that moment; he was going to kill every single Henthshraq on this ship. No more pain will be done to his friends. Jake, however, knew he could not leave Bect’al in that state.

“Good bye friend.” Jake said. He pointed his gun at Bect’al’s severed head. Before he shot, he heard a weak “Thank you.”

Sixteen Henthshraq boarded his ship from three assault craft. Skival used his monitors to track their movements and prepared his crew the best he could. Six of them carried heavy weapons and wore battle armor. The rest only had light armor and few weapons. “No wonder they are hitting every ship they could, they must be desperate for supplies,” Skival thought. Sadly the pirates did not go straight for the cargo. In a sadistic move they split into three groups. Four of the armed ones went straight for engineering. The other armed ones with four others started towards the bridge. The remaining six broke up and hunted down the crew in what could only be described as a killing spree. The deaths started to mount quickly, everyone one of them a friend. Three enemies met their end at sick bay but at too high a cost.

He checked the scanners again. It now appeared that only eleven Henthshraq remained living on his ship. Two heavily armed ones fell to the crew guarding engineering. The twelve crew members he placed there now only numbered six. The group heading for the bridge stopped. Each sealed door the pirates ran into did not delay them long, so they must have gotten word of the other group’s setbacks. A pair broke off from the team heading for the bridge and proceeded towards engineering. Skival looked for the other remaining three and found them near the mess hall.


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“Captain, they are trying to hack our system again,” Hana reported. Skival concluded it must be those three. Sadly, no one could be spared to try to stop them physically.

Skival said to her, “Do what you can Hana. These computers are not going to be hacked easily.” Already the pirates knew to take some basic control of their systems in order to prevent atmosphere or gravity being removed from the sections they were in. If they managed to gain full control, it would simply mean the end for everyone on the ship. That is why engineering and the bridge must remain protected. Skival saw it too late on the sensors, the pair that broke off ran into a pair of his crewman. His men fired, one pirate went down. The other pirate moved in, and in just one moment, both his men fell. Kiotam Tamas and Malek Papo should not have had to die. Thirty six crew members have fallen now. Skival gripped his rifle but resisted the urge to go out and fight. He was needed here.

He continued to direct his crew members. With his telepathy, he calmed them where he could. The Henthshraq blinded his ability wherever they went, so he was helpless when his help could have counted the most. His efforts put great strain on him, especially after trying to help Jake Misoto. He was unable to do so. He saw Jake on the screen, approaching where Kiotam and Malek just fell. He contacted him via the intercom. “Jake, one pirate is still ahead of you moving towards engineering. He might be trying to get to it from behind. Can you stop him?” There was no response.


The effort tired him greatly, but he was thankfully able to reach Jake’s mind. The cold furry blinded Skival for a moment, but then he saw through Jakes eyes. Kiotam and Malek had been sliced open by a blade. Jake turned his gun on the pirate who had fallen on the other end of the corridor to shoot one bullet into its head. Suddenly, the pirate moved to shoot Jake, but Jake’s shot went first. “Damn bastard was playing possum,” Skival ‘heard’ Jake think. Skival did not get the reference, but quickly imprinted to Jake the other pirate’s location.

Jake gave a surprised reaction, but finally responded with an acknowledgement. He retracted from Jake’s mind and was saddened to see his friend filled with such emotions. Looking at the internal sensors again, he thought to himself, “Ten more to go. For now at least.”

Suddenly, the ship rocked again. Skival felt his heart stop, for the impact came from an explosion outside his ship. The only ships outside were the pirate ones. It had to be one of theirs, but what could have caused it? Another soft impact shook the ship. Skival tried to bring up the outside sensors, but to no avail. Shrieks echoed through the ship. The pirates on the internal sensors started to move back to their transports. Skival dared to hope, “By the Great Mother, something outside is making them flee!”


Jake did not notice the light rocking of the ship. He moved quickly towards engineering, hugging the walls trying to keep next to the electrified panels. Suddenly, the pirates called out to each other. He saw one race by a corridor ahead of him. “You are not going to hurt anyone else monster,” Jake said out loud. He moved after the pirate, trying his best to stay near the panels. A sound echoed through the ship, the sound of the docking ports being opened. “Go ahead and bring more on board, I will kill you all,” thought Jake as he caught a glimpse of the pirate again.

When he rounded the next corner, he instinctively fired his gun. The pirate had tried to ambush him, but the guns fire forced it to dodge instead of throwing its sword at Jake. This one looked female to Jake, but that fact did not register into his mind. It had a sword covered in the blood of his friends. He was going to kill it. He fired again and again, but each time it managed to dodge his aim. Finally Jake roared and charged it with his gun blazing. The unexpected move managed to allow one of the shots to knock away its sword, but when Jake got close, it jumped and kicked his chest with enough force to send him flying back six feet into a wall. The sound of bones breaking and shattering filled Jake’s ears, but he could no longer feel anything or move. He landed in a sitting position looking towards the pirate.

It moved towards him swaying slightly side to side in a playful like manner. “God damn monster is going to enjoy finishing me off.” Jake started to find it hard to think. His vision began to blur. He heard it hiss at him and it started to laugh slightly. Then another hiss came, this one close by but loud and challenging. He heard their damn language being shouted. Another one must have come to partake in his death. He heard movement, blades cross, and a sickening thud. Blue and green blood flowed by his legs. He heard their language again, but it was being translated this time, though what it said he could not tell. His vision was failing, he could not remain conscience, but he thought he saw a helmet with a demon’s face painted on it.


He dreamed. Jake did not recall falling asleep, but the dreams kept coming. Images of Sarah and him being married at a chapel in New Texas Colony came often. She had a beautiful white gown, but as she approached the altar her face slowly disappeared, and then her body collapsed. Jake rushed towards her, but was grabbed and slammed into the ground. Other dreams had Ajax, Hana, Sarah, and friends in the mess hall, then on the last outpost they were on, but all ending with blood, deaths, and pain. He felt pain. He saw them, the “sharkies”. They laughed at him. They laughed at his inability to save his friends, his pain, his weakness, and his death. He could never forgive them and vowed to destroy them all. They stood over him, flashing jagged teeth with vicious smiles. They bent down and started to eat him. No matter how much he tried, a scream could not escape his lips. He could never forgive them.

He woke bolting up right in a bed. His senses assaulted him with too much information. Slowly, he began to process everything. He saw he was in a medical room of Terran design. One glance out the sensor window showed he was in space, probably an outpost. His body felt fine. He looked over himself. The patient cloth he was wearing allowed him to easily check his whole body. Only one small scar gave evidence to where he received the pirate’s kick, and he saw no other mark.

Before he began to try to figure out what happened, Hana entered his room and raced to him. Her hug had remarkable strength and would not let go despite his protest. She was crying very hard, but managed to say, “Thank God you made it, Jake. You have been my brother for so long, I could not have stood to lose you.”


“Hana,” Jake finally managed to say. He held her tight as well until she slowed her crying. “What happened? I thought I died,” he said to her softly.

Hana looked into his eyes and said, “You were in an induced coma for a week Jake. You required extensive surgery, but they managed to completely heal you before they brought us here.” Her face turned into a violent scowl, “But I still can’t forgive them. Ajax, Sarah, Orital, Malek, Bortamare, and all the others who are dead because of their mistake.”

Jake never saw Hana look so angry. Orital and Bortamare were gone too, the news stung him. The memories of the attack filled him with pain again. He realized Hana had said something that did not make sense to him. “Hana, who saved us? Did another ship come?”

Hana looked away, mixed feelings could be heard in her voice. “It was a Henthshraq High Clan cruiser. They saved us, especially you Jake.” What little remained in Jake’s world collapsed again.

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A quintet of string instruments infused the ornate ball room with the sound of beautiful elegance. The expansive marble floor was interrupted only by two rows of Carpathian columns. Around the columns various stands displayed art work from all the nations and planets of the Terran Federation. For the Federation’s President, the sophisticated and elegant atmosphere almost disguised the serious nature of this party, but he knew this was only part of his job.

Brian Georf did not look his age of 56, and he seemed to most people to have the wisdom of someone into his 100s. His dark skin matched the colors of his near black eyes, which often fascinated the members from other species that he often met. He looked out across the ball room from on top of a simple small stage situated next to the very large window. The people attending the party came from all corners of not only the Terran Federation, but from all corners of the galaxies. Ambassadors and envoys from over 20 different species made their appearance, representing over 30 different political bodies. They were mingling amongst the art work, talking polite and proper political talk, partaking in the buffet of all the various Terran dishes in the back.

The President checked his pocket watch, a gift from the previous president. The rivalry between the two presidents reached epic proportions during the last election, but afterwards, their friendship had matched that ferocity. It was nearly time for his little speech. He looked out the window into the near vastness of space. It still slightly amazed him that this entire room was just part of one of the premier luxury space liners. The Alpha Centaury Cruise Lines always did a works of arts with their ships, and this room was no exception.


As vast as space is, the transparent metal window was positioned to give view to one particular set of objects floating in the dark. The space construction yard had every light available trained on the expansive battle cruiser waiting in the middle. The length of the ship stretched over 950 meters in length, the extreme most beam over 300 meters. In some ways the President was reminded of how the old earth battleships looked, for this vessel had massive turrets placed in its center of both dorsal and ventral lines. It also had a dorsal and ventral superstructure, which gave the impression of pyramids rising from the massive ship. Fittingly the party was being held for the launch of this vessel, the Terran Federation Fleet Ship Memphis.

The President walked over to the microphone that stood alone on the small stage. He readied himself inside his mind, outside he showed the calmness of strength of a leader. “Good evening honored guests,” he said. His soothing and rich voice echoed across the ball room. The quintet stopped their playing, and all the guests gradually pulled their attention to the stage. Interpreters prepared themselves for translations. “In about fifteen minutes, all of us here will witness the launch of the T.F.F.S. Memphis. She will join her fellow ships in preparation for the project you and I have worked so very hard on for the last two years. Before she launches, I would like to say a few words.”

“We, the people of the Terran Federation, have had a long, difficult path into space. It took forty years after the Triadia invasion for the people of Terra to form a united government. But we persevered, and entered the stars as a new race. Yet, as some of you have stated, we still remained unprepared for the change from our past cultures to one of a unified race, and the formation of the Terran Allied Colonies and True Human League reflect that fact.”


It was common knowledge that the first united government of the human race, the Confederation of Independent Earth Nation States or CIENS, failed to fulfill the needs of uniting the race. Individual states still clung to certain rights and powers that conflicted with each other. Technology advanced so rapidly that CIENS was unable to properly regulate it. The Terran race quickly colonized their home system and shortly after their neighboring ones.

The first true attempt to form far away colonies came twenty five years after the CIENS formed, when a large number of systems on another edge of the Milky Way were terraformed. Each independent state was connected to a colony, but the colonies intermingled far more than each state expected. Heavy interference and sometimes violent actions resulted in each state trying to force its will on its colony. The end result was the formation of the Terran Allied Colonies, who broke away from CIENS.

The True Human League came about as a result to the introduction of gene therapy and cyber enhancements. Several religious doctrines and cultural beliefs prohibited any such augmentation to the human body. The CIENS government failed to properly regulate this new technology, and several groups for various reasons, formed their own colonies in two star systems away from the CIENS realm of influence. They united as the True Human League, dedicated to preserving the natural state of mankind.

The President continued his speech, “We learned from our mistakes and looked back on our history to see how we should go forward. The Terran Federation replaced the failing CIENS system, and at last united us as One Race, many facets, but all Terran. We are now coming out into the universe a strong, proud, and eager people. We are ready to explore and learn about the universe in which all races live. And we hope to learn and understand those races, so that we may live in peace with our neighbors.” There was a brief moment of applause, or variants of, to that statement. The President paused long enough for it to pass. Now came the tricky part. As nice as the last statement sounded, the reality of the political situation around the universe was one on the verge of war.


In many ways, the President could compare the Terran Federation to the old United States before World War One. The Terran Federation was a new power coming into the scene, but too young to be counted and remaining neutral amongst all the political factions forming. Several of the Elder races and Modern ones had formed treaty alliances just as European powers did. Now, several of these groups in their own ways try to intimidate or entice the Terran Federation to join their side. The President was not going to allow his people to be pulled into that powder keg.

“When I say peace with our neighbors, I do mean all of our neighbors. But in order to obtain the peace, we must learn about each other and understand each other. Once again, we look back in history to see how to proceed for the future, and an idea came to my predecessor’s mind. Two years ago, you and the Terran Federation began making preparations to create a the voyage of a new Great White Fleet, and now we are just one year from making that voyage come true.” The Great White Fleet was a fleet of American battleships that sailed around the world in the years 1907 through 1909 that exhibited the power of the growing nation and its wish for peaceful relations.


This new expedition fleet of the Terran Federation shared similar goals to that of the previous fleet. To boost ship production, to advance Terran technology, to admittedly create some political publicity, and to test the capabilities of supporting fleet operations were among the basic goals of the fleet. The importance of the primary goals of the fleet drove its creation. It is to show the new strength of the Terran Federation so that the treaty groups will understand they cannot force the Terrans into their fold. The emphasis on peace will be demonstrated throughout the voyage. The fleet is to create cultural connections and understandings amongst all the races as well. The negotiating teams plan to place liaison officers from several races on the lead ship of each task force of this new fleet. Another goal was to address a major issue that has plagued the galaxies for years and was recently brought back into the headlines.

The President remembered the famous “Speak softly and carry a big stick” mentality of the U.S. President who created the first Great White Fleet. It is a dangerous policy though, for history showed most people do not listen to soft words when they see a big stick, nor do people see the big stick if they listen only to soft words. “This voyage will help create the understanding and trust needed to form a true peace amongst all races. And it is to show the strength of cooperation by confronting the piracy forces that are plaguing all of our trade lines.” Some genuine applause came from that statement, for each race dealing with a pirate problem had grown wearing of dealing with it themselves.

“So please continue to enjoy our hospitality, to learn more about the Terran people, and to teach us about yourselves as we prepare to watch the latest battle cruiser launch and join this new future of peace.” He looked over the politely applauding audience, as each ambassador began to get near the window or a video screen to watch the launch. Sadly, the President knew most of the leaders from the other worlds did not see this exhibition fleet the same way he did. Several races believed this fleet is an attempt to show off Terran strength in order to get them invited into a treaty organization. Others feared this fleet will be demonstrating that the Terran race intends to be an intimidating force and have plans of conquest. One race, or at least ambassador, truly understood the purpose of the fleet, and her race is the one the whole project’s fate lies in the hands of.


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As he stepped off the platform to give some ambassador’s a better view, he realized that she was not present. Before he could contemplate the meaning of her absence, he ‘heard’ a distinct female voice in his mind, “Mr. President Georf, may I have a moment of your time.” The Seccuvain ambassador thought and spoke with an air of an old aristocrat, use to having her way and not tolerating deviations from it. He quickly turned to where he last saw the ambassador and headed over to her.

She was wearing a dress that matched her light violet skin tones, which would have mimicked her being naked if it weren’t for the ruffles and frills stationed around key areas to make the distinction between dress and skin. She wore various jewelry; the most distinctive being a large ornate pennant necklace and various rings around her polished horns. Her hair was turning slightly green, marking her as becoming an elder of her race. The smoothness of her face masked that age, but the constant near scowl did not add to her complexion.

The younger Seccuvain standing next to the ambassador was not familiar to him. She looked the equivalent of a young earth woman in her late teens or early twenties. Her shoulder length light pink hair curled around her horns and hung loose over her neck. She was a little bit taller than the ambassador, and he guessed she was roughly six foot nine inches in height. Her face was open an honest looking, and currently expressing a bit of unease in this very formal atmosphere. Her simple green dress revealed the typical attractive curves of a Seccuvain woman without showing too much skin, but the President reminded himself he was too old for such thoughts and pushed them back as he approached the two telepaths.

“I hope you are enjoying the party, Ambassador Drelsharal.” He said with his custom pleasant tone while looking up at her. She looked at him with her faceted eyes and he felt a brief touch to his mind, but nothing to invasive. She spoke aloud this time in a direct voice. “I see you noticed Salsha, daughter of Malsian.” She gave Salsha a quick look. Salsha made a startled reaction and then turned to the President.


The President smiled and thought to himself that she must have been bored to daydreaming. The ambassador probably chided her telepathically just then. She gave a small bow and said in a soft but pleasant, slightly seductive in nature, voice, “Hello, President Georf.”

The ambassador turned to him again and spoke quickly. “Salsha is going to be our liaison officer to your fleet. I am going to put it to your commanders and those you have creating the fleet to make sure she is put on a ship of all female crew…” Perhaps she ‘heard’ him think “out of the question” in his mind for she stopped quite suddenly.

“Madam Ambassador,” he spoke soothingly, though she cringed at Madam, “none of the ships in the Terran Federation are regulated as one sex crews. It has been a long road for our people to recognize that for our species, genders are created equal. We have made arrangements though considering your liaison,” he looked over to her now knowing her name, “Salsha. The Memphis, though not deliberately, does have statistically an unusual number of female command officers assigned to her. Salsha will be placed onboard that vessel.”

“With all due respect, Mr. President,” Drelsharal said, “you are a credit to the males of your species. Even you noticed the beauty of our linguistics expert, Salsha. However, you controlled any urges that rose within you. I simply cannot trust a crew full of males of any species to control themselves with a Seccuvain woman onboard.” She gave a slight pause, as she probably detected the annoyance of the President at the moment. “Besides, it would not be proper for her to answer to any male superior officer.”


Salsha began to look very uncomfortable. The ambassador gave her a glance with a slightly annoyed look and turned back to the President as he spoke, “Ambassador, part of the purpose of this fleet is to learn to trust and understand the society of other races. As I have stated, we no longer separate our genders in such a manner. When dealing with your race, both the men and women of our race will have to learn how to properly address themselves and interact with you. In the same manner, your race will learn to accept ours as it is. This will include becoming use to dealing with the men of our race sometimes being in charge. You are a good example of that Ambassador Drelsharal, as I would like to think we have an amiable relationship.”

The ambassador seemed to consider his words, though it was clear to him that she has not backed down from her position. The President might not like this particular ambassador’s aristocratic attitude, but she was always honest with her opinion and did get along with other species far better than the previous Seccuvain ambassador. He silently hoped that this conversation would come to a close without too much commotion, and by judging the embarrassed look that Salsha expressed, so did she.

As he looked at both them, they both suddenly changed expressions. Drelsharal gave a quick start, then made a look of stronger annoyance. Salsha’s look of confusion had a slight hint of panic with it, but she quickly controlled herself and looked behind her. The President was then able to see what caused them to react in that manner, but he had guessed what it was. Ambassador Maro’hantansona finally appeared and had just finished walking up to them.


“I do beg pardon for intruding on your conversation.” Maro’han, which she likes to be called, said in a very polite manner. Her voice had a slight hiss to it, as did most of her fellow Henthshraq race, and her fluid movements reminded the President of a graceful cat. The elaborate gown with decorations of birds in flight limited those movements, however, and she seemed to be balancing well the weight of it all. Her eyes, with those crossed pupils, seemed to express the depths of her knowledge and the sharpness of her wit.

To human eyes, she may seem to be in her late thirties, but the President knew in other terms, she was into her sixties. The differences in the aging process between his race and hers became quite apparent when they first met. Her crest and dark blue hair couldn’t be seen underneath the cumbersome hat she wore. Doves in flight decorated the hat giving the impression of a whole flock in motion. Even though she was not as tall as himself, in some ways it seemed she towered over everyone in the room.

There was good reason why she was apologetic. Due to certain predatory species using telepathy on the planet Henth, the Henthshraq developed into the only species known to be anti-telepathic. By walking up to the Seccuvains, she cut off their telepathic abilities. She turned to Salsha, and gave a warm smile, though still a bit frightening as it revealed four pairs of very sharp incisors. “I do not believe we have met. I am Ambassador Maro’hantansona of the clan Ice Bear, though please just call me Maro’han.” She raised her head as much as she could with the hat, exposing her neck and flaring her small gills. It was her races way of doing a bow.