Your name. / Kimi no Na wa

‘your name.’ Earns US$2.4 Million After 1-Week Run in North America

posted on 2017-04-17 00:30 EDT
Funimation opened Makoto Shinkai’s film in U.S., Canada on April 7


‘your name.’ Anime Film Tops US$3.4 Million After 2nd Weekend in N. America

posted on 2017-04-17 20:00 EDT
2nd weekend earnings estimated at US$733,722

Makoto Shinkai - The Surprising Inspiration Behind “Your Name.”

‘your name.’ Film Producers Win Fujimoto Awards

posted on 2017-04-20 13:30 EDT

‘your name.’ Anime Film Tops US$4 Million in N. America

posted on 2017-04-24 20:15 EDT
3rd weekend earnings estimated at US$336,855

Craft Boss Coffee Commercial Draws on your name. for Inspiration

posted on 2017-04-29 20:45 EDT by Eric Stimson
Stars Ryō Narita (Tessie)

‘your name.’ Anime Film Earns US$4.5 Million in N. America

posted on 2017-05-02 20:00 EDT

Makoto Shinkai’s ‘your name.’ Anime Film Earns US$4.7 Million in N. America

posted on 2017-05-09 02:10 EDT


'your name.‘s’ Japanese BD/DVDs Include English Subtitles

posted on 2017-05-09 12:45 EDT


FEATURE: Aniwords – Why I Want to Show “your name.” to Everyone I Know

May 09, 2017 7:30pm CDT
A reflection on your name., its successes, and its meaning.


‘your name.’ Collaborationt Wins Animonozukuri Award

posted on 2017-05-09 23:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

ANN Interview: Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh on Your Name

by Zac Bertschy, May 11th 2017

Four New “your name.” Special Edition Releases on the Horizon

May 19, 2017 1:10am CDT
New boxed sets from animate international include shiny swag.

Anime Expo 2017 - July 1, 2017
Funimation Panel

18:31:00 < bay|AX|Funi> people have been asking us a lot about a movie…
18:31:10 <bay|AX|Funi> Your Name
18:31:13 <bay|AX|Funi> coming soon to home video
18:31:17 <bay|AX|Funi> DVD only
18:31:20 <bay|AX|Funi> Bluray/dvd combo pack
18:31:39 <bay|AX|Funi> special edition bluray dvd combo pack (includes extra exclusive artwork and materials from japanese release)
18:31:26 <bay|AX|Funi> releasing this year
18:31:41 <bay|AX|Funi> 3 versions
18:31:44 <bay|AX|Funi> coming this year

Real-life location of Your Name’s anime-only lake discovered, still holds a beautiful surprise

July 12, 2017
Itomori may not be an actual city, but here’s where the hometown of Your Name’s female lead would be in real-life Japan.

Your Name director reveals initial character concept sketches, title, thematic goals of the hit anime

July 17, 2017
Even before it was called Your Name, Makoto Shinkai knew he wanted his film to be different from its predecessors.

your name. Cafe Bus Rolls Out in Tokyo in August

posted on 2017-07-22 17:45 EDT

Shinkai’s your name. Anime Film Tops 25 Billion Yen in Japan

posted on 2017-07-25 00:00 EDT
Film is #4 all-time highest-earning film in Japan, just below Frozen’s 25.5 billion yen

Check Out “Your Name.” OP Movie Storyboard Video Drawn by Makoto Shinkai

July 26, 2017 3:05am CDT
New CMs narrated by Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi are also posted

“Your Name.” Japanese DVD/Blu-ray Sold Massive 638,000 Units in First Week

August 01, 2017 10:30pm CDT
4K Blu-ray disc far surpasses the previous sales record of “Shin Godzilla”

YouTuber Posts 2nd Video Claiming your name. ‘Rips Off’ Niji-Iro Hotaru

posted on 2017-08-07 17:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman


Shinkai’s ‘your name.’ Is 1st Anime to Place 3 BD Releases in Top 10 for 2 Straight Weeks

posted on 2017-08-08 22:30 EDT
Film’s Standard Edition DVD also ranks #1 on DVD chart for 2 consecutive weeks

Shinkai’s ‘your name.’ Is 1st Work to Place 3 BDs in Japan’s Top 10 for 3 Straight Weeks

posted on 2017-08-15 21:30 EDT
Film’s Standard Edition DVD also ranks #1 on DVD chart for 3 consecutive weeks

Your Name. - Coming Soon

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