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91 Days

91 Days

Genres: action, drama, thriller
Themes: historical, mafia, revenge
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: During the Prohibition era, in the Lawless district the law has no power, the mafia rule the streets, and the illegally made liquor flows freely. At one time Avilio lived in this district, but after a mafia dispute ended in the murder of his family, he went into hiding. Later, Avilio receives a letter from a mysterious person that ignites his passion for revenge and leads him to return to Lawless. There, he infiltrates the Vanetti family and gets close to Nero.
Number of Episodes: 12 + recap
Vintage: 2016-07-08

ANN Info Page

Durarara’s Shuka Makes Prohibition-Era Revenge TV Anime 91 Days

posted on 2016-03-23 04:57 EDT
Kimi ni Todoke’s Hiro Kaburaki directs, ERASED’s Taku Kishimoto writes July show

“91 Days” First PV

91 Days Original TV Anime Introduces Characters, Cast in New Promo Video

posted on 2016-05-19 06:01 EDT
Takashi Kondo, Takuya Eguchi, Daisuke Ono stars in series premiering on July 8

91 Days Anime’s New Promo Video Highlights Avilio, Colteo

posted on 2016-06-04 03:30 EDT
Takashi Kondo, Sōma Saitō star in series premiering on July 8

TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, ELISA Perform 91 Days Theme Songs

posted on 2016-05-29 02:30 EDT
“Classic mafia drama” premieres on July 8

91 Days Anime’s 2nd Teaser Video Introduces Nero

posted on 2016-06-09 06:07 EDT
ELISA’s ending theme song also previewed for series premiering on July 8

New 91 Days Promo Video Highlights Characters Nero, Fango

posted on 2016-06-18 23:30 EDT
Takuya Eguchi, Kenjiro Tsuda voice characters in series premiering on July 8

Crunchyroll to Stream 91 Days

posted on 2016-06-21 20:25 EDT

91 Days Anime’s New Promo Video Highlights Vanno, Vincent

posted on 2016-06-25 01:00 EDT
Crunchyroll streams “classic mafia drama” anime outside of Japan

91 Days Anime’s 90-Second Promo Previews TK’s Opening Song

posted on 2016-06-26 13:15 EDT
7 50-minute BD/DVD volumes, 2-volume novel listed for Summer mafia revenge story

91 Days Anime’s Ad Highlights Revenge Story

posted on 2016-07-07 10:30 EDT
Prohibition-era mafia drama premieres on July 8; Crunchyroll to stream anime

Launch Date and Regions Announced for “91 Days” Anime on Crunchyroll!

July 07, 2016 5:15pm CDT
Starts tomorrow. Fri/8 at 11:30am PT

The Summer 2016 Anime Preview Guide - 91 Days

Jul 8th 2016

91 Days | HD Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

"91 Days" Episode 2 notice

Warning! Contains Spoilers!

ANN Review: 91 Days (Episodes 1-2)

Jul 16th 2016 / by Gabriella Ekens

“91 Days” BD & DVD spot PV OP

“91Days” BD & DVD spot PV ED

“91 Days” Episode 3 notice

“91 Days” Episode 4 notice

“91 Days” Episode 5 notice

Tatsuhisa Suzuki Plays a Mobster in “91 Days”

August 05, 2016 3:07pm CDT
Mafia revenge drama set in the Prohibition Era is currently airing on Tokyo Broadcasting System

“91 Days” Episode 6 notice

“91 Days” Episode 7 Notice

91 Days Trailer