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Ahare! Meisaku-kun

Aware! Meisaku / Ahare! Meisaku-kun


Genres: comedy
Plot Summary: Ordinary boy Meisaku Matsuda enrolled in Ryūgū Elementary School, a school famous for producing fabled characters, with a hope of becoming fabled himself one day. Soon he found himself surrounded by a group of eccentric – if not outright weird – classmates.
Running time: 5 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 39
Vintage: 2016-04-08

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Kensho Ono Stars as Turtle in Ahare Meisaku-kun Anime Shorts

posted on 2016-04-03 10:15 EDT by Jabulani Blyden
Various comedians also star in new series of anime shorts premiering on April 8

Ahare! Meisaku-kun Anime Gets 3rd Season on April 6

posted on 2018-03-06 14:30 EST
Takuya Eguchi joins cast as Tsurukō

Ahare! Meisaku-kun Anime Gets 5th Season, Reveals More Cast

posted on 2020-03-06 10:00 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Natsuki Hanae joins cast for season premiering on April 3

AnimeLog Launches Global YouTube Channel With Ahare Meisaku-kun, More Anime

posted on 2020-11-12 16:00 EST by Adriana Hazra
Channel plans to add 100 titles within next year


AnimeLog Streams Ahare! Meisaku-kun, 5 More Anime

posted on 2020-11-14 04:30 EST by Adriana Hazra

Ahare! Meisaku-kun Anime Gets 6th Season Debuting on April 2

posted on 2021-03-11 05:48 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Series of anime shorts began in 2016

Crunchyroll Adds Aware! Meisaku-kun Anime to Simulcast Lineup

June 04, 2021 5:09am CDT
Sixth season of the series launches with episode 203