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Bloom Into You / Yagate Kimi ni Naru


I was able to watch this onFireStick but… it was in japanese with no sub so I had to watch it on… Wait do funamation have this?!


No, Funimation does not have this show, it is licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

Are you saying there was no option to change the language to the dub?

Could you send me a screenshot of that?


Not at the moment cause I have to go to my Gandparents House for the FS so when I get a chance I’ll sent it to you.

Since I study Japanese and spanish I know a little bit of what they were saying

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Bloom Into You, Ep 13 :end: (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


When are they having s2 I just got started on s1 e1


There has been no news about a second season.


Hopefully the sales are good enough in Japan to warrant a second season. This show deserves it so much.


The manga, which I’ve got in my collection, does not have enough material for a second season. Based on where the story is I doubt that enough material will accumulate before the manga ends. There is enough to do two or three more episodes or possibly a movie.

Mark Gosdin


hehe basicly i love anime yuri because is romantic

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Bloom into You and Exploring Asexuality

April 19, 2019 11:00am CDT
What’s originally a simple and sweet yuri story turns out to be much more complicated as these girls try to navigate their own sexuality!


Can’t wait for another season!!

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