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Genres: comedy, drama, magic, romance
Themes: espers, school life, superpowers
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Special abilities occur among a small percentage of boys and girls in puberty. Yū Otosaka uses his power without others knowing, and lives a fairly normal, average school life. Before him suddenly appears a girl, Nao Tomori. Due to his meeting with her, the fate of special power-users will be exposed.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-07-04
Opening Theme: “Bravely You” by Lia
Ending Theme: 1. “Yake Ochinai Tsubasa” (The Wings that Won’t Be Burned Down) by Aoi Tada
2. “Rakuen Made” (To Paradise) by How-Low-Hello

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Key Visual Arts Announces Charlotte TV Anime for 2015

posted on 2014-12-22 08:45 EST
Jun Maeda writes original concept, scripts for original anime celebrating Key’s 15th anniversary

Visual Art’s/Key Stream Charlotte Anime’s TV Ad

posted on 2015-03-05 11:10 EST


Staff and Schedule for “Charlotte” Anime Updated

March 27, 2015 11:00am CDT
Series from the creators of “Angel Beats!” scheduled for July


Charlotte Anime’s Animation Previewed in New Promo

posted on 2015-04-02 11:07 EDT


Charlotte Anime’s Staff, July Premiere Revealed

posted on 2015-03-28 12:40 EDT


Lia, Aoi Tada Perform Theme Songs for Charlotte TV Anime

posted on 2015-04-12 04:30 EDT

Kouki Uchiyama, Ayane Sakura, Maaya Uchida Star in Charlotte Anime

posted on 2015-05-28 07:15 EDT


Charlotte Anime Gets TV Special on June 20 Before July Series Premiere

posted on 2015-06-13 07:45 EDT


Charlotte Anime’s 1st Episode Preview Video, Visuals Posted

posted on 2015-06-20 11:45 EDT


Aniplex USA to Simulcast Charlotte

posted on 2015-06-24 16:21 EDT


Charlotte Trailer

Yu Otosaka is a young man who gained a special ability. One day, he encounters Nao Tomori a girl who also possessed special abilities just like him. Their lives are changed…an all new anime series written by Jun Maeda (Angel Beats! Little Busters! CLANNAD, Kanon) is coming this July to the Aniplex Channel, Hulu, Crunchyoll, DAISUKI and Viewster.

Crunchyroll Confirms Distribution Area for Charlotte

posted on 2015-06-25 08:30 EDT


AnimeLab Announces Charlotte for Summer Simulcast Season

posted on 2015-06-25 12:23 EDT


Aniplex of America Acquires Charlotte for the Summer Season

Jun 26th 2015


Charlotte Anime’s 150-Second Video Previews Lia’s Opening Song

posted on 2015-06-27 01:00 EDT


Animax Asia to Air Charlotte On the Same Day as Japan

Jul 3rd 2015

Daisuki to Stream Charlotte Anime in Asia, Central/Latin America

posted on 2015-07-04 01:00 EDT


ANN: The Summer 2015 Anime Preview Guide - Charlotte

Jul 4th 2015


Viewster Blog: Charlotte Simulcast

July 17, 2015

Charlotte TV Anime’s ‘Making of’ Video Shows Production

posted on 2015-07-31 04:00 EDT
Video will only be available until August 3

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Ep. 6

Damn it Damn It Damn It of Ushio level proportions… Cliffhanger ending too …

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Episode 7 –


I’m not all that sure Ayumi is really dead. I wonder if the scientists somehow got a hold of her.

Ep. 9

Be ready to have your mind blown…

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Charlotte’s 7th Blu-ray/DVD to Have Unaired Episode

posted on 2015-09-05 15:00 EDT
13th & last TV episode also on volume shipping on March 23, 2016

Ep. 10

I’m scared, that went way too easy.

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Yup, mind was definitely blown! Did not expect that at all.

Episode 10 –


With all the effort that Shun put in to time leaping to get things right, how could it have this been so easy for Yuu? Things did go very well and Yuu saved Ayumi on the first try, but I wonder how it will affect this time period. I am not sure how much Yuu scared off Konishi either. I am expecting some kind of backlash from all this. It was all just too easy.

Aniplex Offers 2015 Charlotte Anime on English-Dubbed Blu-ray

posted on 2016-06-04 20:15 EDT
Ray Chase, Lauren Landa star in August 16/November 15 release

Aniplex Of America Announces Additions To “Charlotte” English Dub Cast

August 14, 2016 8:40pm CDT
Aniplex of America presented an English dub premiere of 2015 Jun Maeda and P.A. Works anime Charlotte and announced who will be voicing the support cast

ANN Review: Charlotte Blu-Ray 2

by Nick Creamer, Jan 24th 2017