Chio's School Road / Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro

Episode 2

Gangster Chio being a badass. Ride that :motorcycle: to school in style Bloody Butterfly.

Love how she “explained” this to the teacher at the gate. :laughing:


Chio’s School Road - Official Ending

Episode 3

Bloody Butterfly round 2 - Bloodying a gang member’s face and getting away unscathed after confessing. Bravo Chio!

Kabaddi is a dangerous game. You never know where your hands will wind up. :hushed:

Episode 4

Part A:

Lady throws out cigarette. Chio busts her clavicle racing to grab it. Now you’re addicted. Those pics tho…what a bad girl. :smiling_imp:

It felt like a TRUTH commercial set into motion.

Part B:

lol unruly neighbors when their newspapers are late. A job’s a job.

Episode 6


OMG! There are weirdos in the park!


The next time you want to hang…over a bridge, just remember, help will cost you your arms, your legs and your crotch.

Episode 7


Well Chio…that’s sure one way to use chocolate on a shirtless guy. You kinky girl.


That rich girl is a real pain in the butt. Did she watch Naruto?


Chio’s School Road, Blu-ray / DVD BOX image privilege “Chi walk” PV