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Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!: The Sequel!


Now, now, don’t be like that Hornet… I seem to remember, for example:

Claes from Gunslinger Girl/Gunslinger Girl-Il Teatrino (received from Hornet65 in round 40)
Jean Croce from Gunslinger Girl/Gunslinger Girl-Il Teatrino (received from Hornet65 in round 40)
Jose Croce from Gunslinger Girl/Gunslinger Girl-Il Teatrino (received from Hornet65 in round 40)
Miyako from Hidamari Sketch/Hidamari Sketch x365 (traded to Hornet65 in round 40)
Yoshinoya from Hidamari Sketch/Hidamari Sketch x365 (traded to Hornet65 in round 40)
Yuno from Hidamari Sketch/Hidamari Sketch x365 (traded to Hornet65 in round 40)

That’s one example of our successfully trading bishies I’ve found in my list. I even helped you with completing one of your Girls und Panzers teams (while being handsomely compensated with Eureka (from Eureka Seven))–proof that we can come to terms.


So… are you saying you want to trade then?

I never said we’ve never been able to trade before. I’m just saying that if you plan on being patient, I’m equally capable of doing the same.

You’re saying you’ll wait until you’ve claimed someone I want so bad I’ll trade you Arisa for them, but you already have. That’s the situation that we’re in right now. But if your unwilling to trade for the character I want, then no amount of patience will get either of us what we want.

And so… the standoff continues.

I’ve run out of appropriate gifs. I only have inappropriate ones now.


There will always be another… After nearly nine years, we know each other so well.


…or do we?!




Aaaanyway… enough discussing how much Newshawk and I know about each other, let’s talk about something more fun!

We’re celebrating! What are we celebrating? How awesome I am!

But first, let’s talk about badges!

Everyone’s aware of those silly little badges you can get for various things such as liking posts, or getting likes on posts, and other stuff like that… However, there’s two very special badges I’d like to talk about.

First, is the Nice Share Badge! This is a badge you get when a link to this forum from an outside site is clicked a total of 25 times.
Second, is the Good Share badge, which is the same as the Nice Share badge, but for 300 clicks.

As of right now, I have over 1000 Nice share badges, and a little less than 100 good share badges, all from this silly little game we play. It’s kind of interesting to see that so many people get to this thread from clicking outside links that I can only assume are from the lists. Very interesting indeed…

Oh, there’s also a Great Share badge, but that’s for 1000 clicks, and only Series5Ranger has one of those.

So anyway, it’s all because of this thread, and the lists, that I have all those share badges! Aren’t I awesome? Actually, it’s all of you folks that are awesome I guess since you all are the ones doing the clicking… Anyway, as a special thank you, for this coming round (452), everybody will receive two extra claims–one for my earning (almost) 100 Good Share badges, and one for my earning 1000 Nice Share badges.That makes three claims total! That sounds fun… right?

I’ve got some other special things in the pipeline, but we’ll start off with something simple.


Round 451

Prince Avi of Alstoria - 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams





Round 452

This week, I’m claiming:

  1. Yukina Minato, vocalist of Rosalia, from BanG Dream!:
  2. Sayo Hikawa, guitarist of Rosalia, from BanG Dream!:
  3. Lisa Imai, bassist of Rosalia, from BanG Dream!:


Round 402
Fai Fai from ENDRO!

Mei (Mather Enderstto) from ENDRO!

Princess Rona (Rona Pricipa O’Lapanesta) from ENDRO!


Round 452

Prince Orion of Aquaria - 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams



Prince Douglas of Ancura - 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams



Rosso - 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams



Round 452

Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel from Sword Art Online: Alicization

Takarada Rikka's Mother from SSSS. Gridman


Okay, so It’s a good thing Newshawk is as predictably stubborn as I was hoping.

A few weeks ago now, I found a show called Tamayura that I really like, but I could only find a way to justify two extra claims with a special round so…

Round 452

Fu Sawatari from Tamayura

(I have that camera btw, it’s adorable.)

Kaoru Hanawa from Tamayura

Maon Sakurada from Tamayura

And so now I gift my round 451 claim of Arisa Ichigaya to Newshawk, and claim

Norie Okazaki from Tamayura as my replacement.

And there you have it. “Standoff” resolved.


Oh right, also…

Round 453

Kanae Mitani from Tamayura

There we go, all done. That’s how you claim five characters in two rounds. :+1:


Round 453
Tōko Aozaki from The Garden of Sinners



Stubborn… or patient?
Either way, thank you for giving me the key to add Poppin’ Party to the lineup of


I mean… This isn’t even the first time I’ve done this.


I know… You’re predictable.


Round 453

This week, I claim a bishoujo from a series that I had a mild interest in watching when it premiered but which has grown on me as each week goes by. The depth of the storytelling and the development of the characters has surprised me over and over as I watch each episode. Therefore, I claim Stella Shining from The Price of Smiles:

I have my opinions about her background but I’ll reserve them for now…