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Devils and Realist / Makai Ouji


Devils and Realist / Makai Ouji

Devils and Realist

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Genres: action, comedy, drama, supernatural
Themes: bishounen, demons, historical, parallel universe, school
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-07-07
Opening Theme: “Believe My Dice” by Takuya Eguchi & Takuma Terashima & Yoshitsugu Matsuoka & Tetsuya Kakihara
Ending Theme: “a shadow’s love song” by Takuya Eguchi & Takuma Terashima & Yoshitsugu Matsuoka & Tetsuya Kakihara

Plot Summary: After his uncle’s business fails, William Twining, an intelligent young noble, finds himself in a dire financial situation. With no funds for his school tuition, he searches his house until he comes upon the basement. There, he accidentally summons Dantalion, who recognizes William as a descendant of Solomon, and the Elector—the individual that will choose a substitute ruler for when the Emperor of Hell, Lucifer, rests. From that moment on, William’s life is irrevocably interwoven with the supernatural world as other demonic candidates for substitute king vie for his nomination and Heaven attempts to retrieve his soul. (from ANN)


Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]William returns home to find himself penniless. William’s uncle has disappeared and the debt collectors have cleaned out the house. So much for William’s bright and brilliant future. At least Kevin has stayed with him.

Needing money to pay for school, William and Kevin end up in the basement, looking for anything of value that the debt collectors missed. They find a mysterious door and William breaks it down, cutting himself in the process. When a drop of his blood falls upon the floor, Dantalion is summoned. It turns out that William has Solomon’s soul.

William is told his family history, and for someone that never believed in the supernatural, he has plenty of proof now! But William still ties Dantalion up and treats him as an intruder. Calling Dantalion a “con artist”, he even has him arrested. Since he prefers modern science to superstition, he still doesn’t believe Dantalion’s story.

Once the demon is taken away, William returns to the basement room and tries to figure out what kind of trick Dantalion used to make himself appear. He’s certain that there is another room under the floor that Dantalion used. William asks Kevin about a ring that his father had, worried that the debt collectors took that as well. They did not take it and Kevin looks as if he wants to tell William something about that ring, but before he can, something appears and attacks William. When Kevin looks again, William is gone!

William finds himself in a strange place with a talking goat butler, and thinks he’s at a costume party somewhere under his basement. Unable to justify that, he comes to the conclusion that he’s dreaming. LOL As he feasts on delicious cakes and tea, William wonders how his house is connected to Dantalion’s and asks if there’s a secret passage. The goat-butler continues the story and tells William that Lucifer, the Emperor of Hell, is in a deep slumber, hence the struggle for his throne.

But William declares himself to be “a realist that loves science”, and still will not believe what is right in front of his face. Suddenly, the house explodes around him and Giles de Rais appears. Sadly, William thinks he’s a terrorist, and so, Giles kidnaps William, since Dantalion isn’t there.

Suddenly, Dantalion appears and rescues William, telling Giles that William belongs to him! William didn’t seem to like that one little bit. LOL Dantalion snaps his fingers and his house is fully restored. Now, William thinks he’s having a dream within a dream. He still doesn’t believe that demons exist, much to Dantalion’s annoyance.

Giles breaks through the floor to make another appearance. He has figured out that William is the “Elector”, and a descendent of Solomon. Giles wants to take him for Duke Baalberith and the fight is on! The house is destroyed again as Dantalion tells William to get back, but the only place he can go is behind Dantalion. Giles attacks again and the butler tells William to come to him. He explains that Giles serves Baalberith, another one that is after Lucifer’s throne.

Dantalion takes a bit of a beating before he retaliates. William hears Giles ask Dantalion how many human souls he’s sent to Lucifer, and maybe he’s beginning to believe that all this is real. Giles keeps taunting Dantalion until he’s truly angry. The butler says that if Dantalion uses his real power, William will be stuck in that dimension, and William takes it out on the butler – I guess he finally gets it!

The fight continues and William just wants to go home. He orders Dantalion to stop and Dantalion loses his powers – just like that. He tells Dantalion to send him home. He needs to find money for school and has no time to watch them fight. Giles runs away to fight another day, and to report to Baalberith. Dantalion is now convinced that William is Solomon, although William says he isn’t.

William is back at school and without the money for his tuition. He tells his friend, Isaac, an occult enthusiast, that he had a terrible time, but can’t say more as he’s on his way to see the principal. I thought William was going to be expelled, but the principal tells him that his tuition was paid. Actually, the school received an even greater sum, as a donation. Back in class, William just can’t figure out who was responsible, but I have a feeling that it was Dantalion.

The teacher announces a transfer student and in walks a very polished Dantalion! LOL I think I have found what may very well be my favorite show of the season, but right now, all I can think of is Twinings tea! LOL[/details]


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Dantalion tells William that he’s paid his tuition, so that’s one mystery solved. I figured it was him anyway. But there was more to Dantalion’s generosity – he still wants William to make him the interim ruler of Hell. Dantalion also warns William that more demons are going to be looking for him, now that they know he’s the Elector. However, William still refuses to accept it.

Pastor Crosby feels an “evil presence” at the school. LOL Dantalion excels at sports, but doesn’t attend church services. William wants nothing to do with him, but Dantalion still won’t let him out of his sight. When Dantalion is called back to Hell for an emergency, he leaves his bats to keep an eye on William. But no one else can see the bats, so William ends up looking a bit crazy.

William is still concerned about money. So far, no one knows his family is bankrupt and he doesn’t want to be in debt to Dantalion either. Thinking about a scholarship, Sytry tells him that his uncle can sponsor him instead. I don’t like the sound of that and from Isaac’s reactions, I wonder if this is the demon he summoned. And now he’s trying to summon an angel to get rid of it. But he gets a big surprise instead!

Sytry destroys the creature and William finds out he has another demon on his hands that wants Lucifer’s throne. But William was more disappointed to find out that the sponsorship from the uncle was just a ruse and walks away. Sytry refuses to be ignored and threatens Isaac’s life, but Dantalion returns just in time to deal with the situation. They fight, but once again, William orders them to stop and both lose their powers. That’s quite a handy trick he has! He tells them that he refuses to be bullied into choosing sides and walks away with Isaac trailing behind him. Sytry now sees Solomon in William as well, but wonders where his ring is. Giles appears to retrieve Sytry for Baalberith.

Isaac gets the entire story from William and gets overexcited by it all. William catches Dantalion gambling and he gives the excuse that he’s earning William’s tuition. Then William finds Sytry in his room, who still offers to be his patron if William chooses him. In the meantime, Sytry will stay at the school and stay close to William. William agrees, but Sytry will have to follow all the rules and for entering a prefect’s room without permission – and eating his biscuits – William orders him to clean the floors! LOL[/details]


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]So, there’s a lot more to Pastor Crosby than meets the eye! He knows about the fight for Hell’s throne, but I don’t think he knows about Dantalion and Sytry, or William being the Elector for that matter. Dantalion and Sytry are fitting in at school very well, and each already has a fan club. Isaac thinks it’s because they used magic, but likes that they’re so popular.

When William bumps into Pastor Crosby, he asks him if he can perform exorcisms. Crosby didn’t look too happy about being asked that, but then smiles and says he can. Crosby also knows that something is troubling William, so maybe he does know everything. But William won’t talk to him and says that he only came to pray they win the boat race. What a fibber! He just wanted to take a nap in the church. However, as William leaves, Crosby tells him that his “troubles will soon be resolved” and I don’t think he was talking about the boat race.

William has had it with Dantalion following him around and tells him to never show himself again. I think that really hurt Dantalion, but he will do as requested. However, he warns William that not all demons will obey him and that many of those will still be out to get him. He also wants William to remember something and that was a pretty sweet scene until William pushed him away. Unfortunately, Crosby overheard them and now he knows that William is descended from Solomon.

William receives a report that there is a ghost in the dorm and he and Isaac go to investigate. It was funny that Isaac jumped when Sytry joined them. Their hunt leads them outside, but they aren’t sure they’re chasing a ghost after all. William is sure that it’s an underclassman, but Isaac knows it’s something else and reaches for holy water, only to find he doesn’t have any. Sytry offers to fight it off if William chooses him, and again tells him to stop running from his fate. Sytry does begin to fight it, but the demon escapes. It looked like that same bird-thing that brought a message to Crosby.

The boys follow the demon to the church, where William warns Sytry not to open the doors. But he does and gets blasted back. Crosby appears and throws holy water on Sytry. He knows exactly who Sytry is and that he’s a candidate for the throne. Sytry tells them that the lower demon they chased is Crosby’s familiar. How can a man of the church have a familiar? Crosby also knows that William is the Elector, but William claims that he doesn’t know what Crosby is talking about. He says he’s just investigating a ghost story.

But then Crosby tries to exorcise Sytry! Luckily, Sytry is the kind of demon that strong enough to fight back, but Crosby still knocks him out. Then Dantalion appears and Crosby knows who he is too. Isaac suddenly recognizes Crosby’s cross and says that he’s from the “Hand of God” – a special group that eliminates demons. Crosby attacks Sytry again and throws him into the church, where he lands against the altar. Dantalion asks William if he should handle things, but William refuses. There is a sudden blast from inside the church and Sytry is badly hurt. William tries to go to him, but Dantalion demands that William ask for his help.

Crosby chooses that moment to attack Dantalion and William. Dantalion pushes William out of the way, and confronts Crosby, wanting to know what the church wants with the Elector. Crosby says that human or not, William shares a bond with Lucifer that will not be tolerated. William is therefore evil and must be killed. Dantalion challenges Crosby and they fight. Dantalion grabs Crosby by the neck and says that he will defile his soul, and that Crosby will make a good demon. I really wanted to see that, but William stops him.

Being bound by his words, Dantalion tells William not to stop him, but William orders it anyway. Dantalion drops Crosby to the floors, and warns William that it will only bring more trouble. He grabs William and tells him to accept him. Dantalion tells William not to reject him and that they are bound together for eternity. Crosby makes his escape and Dantalion warns William again. But the realist will have none of it!

Dantalion takes William’s hand and kneels before him. He tells William to command him to protect him and sweetly kisses William’s hand. Placing that hand against his forehead, Dantalion tells William that he should trust him, even if he doesn’t want to believe in demons. William’s answer? “I’m hungry.” Geez! William wants one of the cakes that Dantalion’s butler makes. And he brings up science again, but I think that this is just his way of accepting Dantalion, although he won’t admit it.

Crosby reports to his superiors and tells them about William and how dangerous he is. The school later learns that Crosby is in the hospital and William is upset. Not because of Crosby, but because that to hold public office you need to be a member of the church and William is once again worried about his brilliant future. Dantalion joins William and Isaac and says that he’s brought the cake from his butler. Sytry joins them and Sytry invites himself to William’s room. Isaac has the perfect tea to go with it and they all run off as William complains that everyone is inviting themselves to his room! I guess he wanted the cake for himself. LOL As everyone leaves the library, William is introduced to the new priest. Shock! It’s Kevin![/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Not only does William find out that Kevin is an ordained minister, but he comes from a clerical family. I just hope his doesn’t belong to that Hand of God group. Then again, he might be since he tells William that while he’s on campus, he is to be called Pastor Cecil and doesn’t want William to discuss personal matters with him. That was kind of rude. And he gives Dantalion a look as well. I also wonder if Kevin is ever going to give William that ring. I have a feeling that ring will bring back all the Solomon memories of Datalion and the others that he’s missing.

It looks like William has it tough being a prefect and keeping everyone in line. Miss Mollins, the dorm mother, has a hard time too. There is also an air of mystery about her and William finds a circle in her room. The Head Boy seems interested her as well. The Head Boy is the elite of the elite, and yet Dantalion warns William that there is something suspicious about him. William can’t believe that and Dantalion warns him again that he is always in danger. Does that mean that the Head Boy is a demon too?

During the boat race, it seemed that Dantalion and Nathan, the Head Boy, were having a personal contest. An odd incident happened as well. When the boats collided, an oar broke and went flying. It was going to hit Miss Mollins, but made a strange curve at the last moment. It looked like Nathan might have had something to do with that. Dantalion later confronts Nathan and says he knows he’s a demon. When William breaks them up, he gets a flash of an image of Nathan. He just can’t believe that the Head Boy is a demon.

The troublemakers that broke into Miss Mollins room tell everyone that she’s a witch. William reprimands them and one boy said he saw her trying to summon a demon. William just gets mad and sends them off for punishment. Kevin comes to find William and tries to talk to him about Miss Mollins, but is interrupted by Sytry. Sytry drags William off, telling him that a portal to Hell has opened. And that Miss Mollins opened it!

The summoned demon attacks Miss Mollins and Sytry tells William that he will save her for the usual price, but William says that he refuses to choose anyone. But Miss Mollins is saved anyway – by Nathan! She calls him “Camio”. Dantalion comes up to them and says that he’s strong for a halfling, and Dantalion tells William that Camio is one of Solomon’s pillars, as well as being born of a human and a demon.

Miss Mollins tells Camio that he hasn’t changed a bit, while she’s turned into an old woman. Camio calls her by her first name, Maria. She says that she wanted to see him one last time before she died, and embraces him. They had met many years ago when Maria lived and worked at the school with her family. Maria befriended the lonely demon and was never afraid of him.

One day Maria is attacked by a demon in the woods, and her parents try to fight it off, but Camio is the one to save her. Afterwards, Maria runs into his arms and her parents are horrified. They drag her away from Camio, but Maria is already in love with him by then. She later tells him that they should run away together, but Camio never showed up on the day they were supposed to leave. Miss Mollins tells Camio that she understands now why he didn’t show up – time flows differently for him.

William asks her why she summoned a demon. Miss Mollins says that she has a lung disease and doesn’t have long to live. She thought if she could make a pact with a demon, she could become one, like Camio. But Camio knew all this already and would like to have her with him. However, she’d be a Nephilim, and Dantalion says that as she only has a few years left, she should remain human. William has a flash of memory, and remembers Camio meeting Solomon and becoming one of his pillars. Sadly, Camio belongs neither to Hell nor the human world, and mentions that even Solomon died and left him alone.

Once Miss Mollins dies, Camio will have no one again. Williams tells her to go into treatment for Camio’s sake, and for hers. Miss Mollins agrees and is soon packing up to leave the school. The troublemakers show up to apologize and return the picture they had stolen. It’s a picture of her and Camio, and one of the boys remarks that the man in the picture resembles the Head Boy. In his room, Nathan gazes at the same picture of him and Maria. Such a sad love story![/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]William announces that he cares not for the power struggles of demons – his priorities are his studies and his tuition. It amused me when Isaac tells William that the tea brand his father founded is enjoyed by the royal family and I just had to think of Twinings again!

The Head Boy recommends William to the Headmaster for a problem that needs to be dealt with. But how did everyone get invited to the Headmaster’s House for tea? LOL Nathan explains that people are singing and causing trouble in the middle of the night in the dorm, as well as breaking curfew. William is asked to find culprits. William is annoyed until Nathan explains that this will make him shine in the eyes of the Headmaster – as well as possibly help with his tuition in the long run if he’s admitted into the Headmaster’s House. That gives William a nice daydream!

William accepts the task, but must have it resolved before the Chairman arrives. Nathan leaves everything in William’s hands and heads to the library. That annoyed William too. But when William defends Nathan, Dantalion thinks William intends to elect Camio. Once again, William stresses that he isn’t electing anyone.

William devises a plan and checks out the area with Isaac and Sytry. William finds it funny that Isaac is afraid of ghosts, but not demons, leading him to give Isaac a scientific explanation of ghosts. But Isaac doesn’t get much comfort from it, walking through the spooky woods in the evening. Suddenly, they hear singing and William and Sytry run off, abandoning the frightened Isaac. He ends up running after them anyway, too scared to stay alone. The singing leads them to the old water mill, but no one is there. Isaac convinces William to return to the school, but I think Sytry senses something.

Dantalion has a fiancée! And she’s so cute! But Dantalion doesn’t seem to think he has a fiancée and teases her terribly. Lamia is hardly tall enough to reach Dantalion’s waist. She’s only a little girl, but I wonder how old she is in demon years. However, Dantalion is there to visit Astaroth and finds her in her bath, which shocks Lamia, who demands that Astaroth puts some clothes on. But Astaroth feels no need for modesty since it’s only Dantalion. They discuss Camio and his bid for the throne. Lamia throws a fit when Astaroth exits the bath, telling Dantalion that he needs to be concerned about someone other than Camio. She says that there is someone even more dangerous near William. Great! Another one!

William has a week to resolve the problem of the troublemaking students. But I have a feeling this problem doesn’t even involve students. Isaac shows up in William’s room, wearing a garlic necklace and asking to sleep with William. LOL He puts garlic around William’s neck as well and is still worried about ghosts. For all his occult knowledge, Isaac should know that garlic doesn’t repel ghosts! Boy, does Isaac snore! Of course William can’t sleep with all the noise and the fact that Isaac stinks of garlic.

William hears the singing and wakes Isaac. The song is about grinding, so it has to involve the old water mill that will soon be torn down. William goes off to catch the troublemakers. Isaac tags along, not wanting to be left alone again. Bushes rustle, but William can’t get anyone to show themselves. He and Isaac end up at the water mill again and Isaac is positive that the culprit is a ghost, but William is sure it’s just a human pulling a prank.

The bushes rustle again and when they look, there is a small cloaked figure in front of them. I laughed when Isaac threw his garlic at it – like that is going to do anything. Then he holds up a cross to it. Even better! LOL The thing rushes past them and into the ruins of the water mill. William tells it to come out and gives it the right to an attorney. Isaac is enchanted, saying that no one but William would read a ghost his rights. This is hysterical.

The “ghost” finally comes out and approaches William. William refers to him as the defendant and asks for his name, but the little guy starts singing again, which only annoys William. The story finally unfolds and the thing cries to hear that plans are already being made for the construction of a new school building. William kindly tells him to face reality and find a new career, but he says no. Sytry joins them and tells them that the “ghost” is really a killmoulis and Isaac tells William that “killmoulis are fairies that live in water mills in Scotland”. A killmoulis without anything to grind will die, but with the advancement of industry, there aren’t many water mills left.

As the Chairman makes his tour of the campus, it seems that William has sent the killmoulis to India, where he’s grinding spices in the Morton factory. Isaac’s father is very pleased with such a dedicated worker. Nathan comes over and instead of introducing William to the Chairman, he introduces Isaac instead. William is devastated as the Chairman congratulates Isaac for his family’s generous donation to the school. I wonder what kind of game Nathan is playing. William screams out that he will never trust a demon again!

Kevin is in the church and Dantalion’s bats appear, followed by Dantalion himself. Kevin asks him how long he’s going to “cling” to William and Dantalion accuses him of becoming a priest to be near to William. Dantalion wants to know who Kevin really is and Kevin tells him that he’s just a house steward and a priest. Of course Dantalion doesn’t believe him and tells Kevin to call the Hand of God. He then accuses Kevin of hiding something and says that he will eventually expose him. Can Kevin really be the one Astaroth warned Dantalion about?[/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Dantalion and Sytry are still fighting over William and Kevin is still ignoring him. Although, he won’t freely admit it, Kevin’s coldness is hurting William. Since “family day” is coming up, Isaac suggests that William invite Kevin, saying that it will be a good chance for them to talk. William just finds family day a little on the depressing side.

Swallow is in hiding since his father wants him to transfer to a military school. The Colonel finds William instead and invites him to dinner. William reluctantly accepts, and Kevin walks into the room. He and the Colonel seem at odds with one another. The Colonel rescinds the dinner invitation, telling William it will have to be another time, and gives William a message for his son. After he leaves, Kevin is gone as well.

There is something about that Colonel and Dantalion and Sytry seem to know what it is. They also mention Beelzebub and the fact that they can’t interfere. Kevin seems to be up to something as well and is leaving William’s protection in the hands of someone named Raguel.

Strange that after avoiding his father on family day, Swallow is now asking William to come home with him on his next day off. They are going to be celebrating the Colonel’s complete recovery from an accident that should have killed him. The Colonel has requested William’s presence, and although annoyed at first, William suddenly sees it as an opportunity to make some contacts within the elite. To further his brilliant future, of course! Dantalion and Sytry don’t seem to like the idea of William going and Dantalion says that things are getting serious.

Beelzebub visits Astaroth with flowers in hand and asks her to marry him again. I laughed when she sprayed him with bug spray and called him an “annoying fly”! He tells Astaroth that he’s making his move on William for the throne. I’m sure that’s just what William needs as he heads to the Swallow’s dinner party with a headache in the form of Dantalion and Sytry, who have tagged along. But that falls to the side as William becomes enchanted with the prestigious guests. William plots to get closer to the Colonel to make some important connections. Dantalion notices that one of the footmen is Raguel, and is not happy.

Over dinner, William abruptly gets a strange sense of something, but puts it down to his imagination. Swallow later confides to William how much his father changed after his accident. Swallow tells William how distant he now is, and William suddenly thinks of Kevin. When Swallow leaves, a footman approaches William with a drink, and William thinks it’s Kevin, but it’s Raguel. William apologizes, and saying that he looks tired, the footman asks if William would like to lie down.

Raguel leads William to quiet room, and William reclines on a sofa. Thinking of Kevin, William falls asleep. When he awakens, he hears the Colonel and three others holding a meeting in the room. William remains hidden and overhears them planning to start a war. However, they need Solomon’s soul and are worried about exorcists getting in the way. The Colonel says that their master will be pleased, before rising and addressing William. He knows that William is Solomon and the Elector. The other three men turn out to be demons!

The four try to attack William, but Dantalion is there to save him. The three demons disappear and Dantalion then address Eligos, who seems to be inside the Colonel. Eligos berates Dantalion for interfering, but Dantalion says that he is just protecting his master. Eligos calls William master as well and says that it was cruel of him to have forgotten her. She introduces herself to William and tells him that her new master is Beelzebub, saying also that she will now kill William. But when Swallow and Sytry enter the room, Eligos becomes the Colonel again.

However, Swallow witnessed the transformation and questions it. Sytry tells Swallow that the person in front of him is not his father, but a demon instead. Swallow doesn’t believe it, so Sytry goes on to tell Swallow that his father really did die in that accident, and that the demon is using his corpse, giving it the appearance of life. While Swallow tries to deal with his disbelief, Eligos appears again and tries to take Swallow’s soul, but Swallow only sees his father trying to strangle him. William tries to help, but Sytry stops him, reminding him that Eligos is a servant of Beelzebub, and telling William that they can’t interfere.

Of course William cares nothing for all that, and still wants to save his friend. Dantalion steps forward, saying that he will save Swallow, and deal with Beelzebub at a later time. However, he grabs William and, pushes him against the wall, demanding that William choose him to rule Hell. Sytry protests, but hearing his friend’s screams, William wavers. It looks like Dantalion is about to get elected, but there is another interruption as Eligos gets exorcised and doused with holy water. Swallow is saved, but still reaches out to his father. William stops him, telling him that the dead don’t come back. The exorcist turns out to be Raguel. Where has he been all this time? I thought Kevin wanted him to protect William. He isn’t doing a very good job and even seemed to set William up.

Back at school, William reads that war has been averted by five votes. Swallow is back at school as well. William goes to the church to speak with Kevin. He gives Kevin the option to quit the position of William’s house steward and stay a priest. Kevin just looks confused by that, and thinks William is firing him. Kevin insists that being a priest is just a job, but William is still angry that Kevin has been avoiding him and shakes him. That’s when all the betting slips fall to the floor! This is the true reason Kevin was avoiding him. LOL That just makes William angrier, but at least things are better between them.

Raguel makes his report to Kevin – who now has one beautiful white wing. Is he an angel? Raguel calls him “Holy Uriel” and tells him that he shouldn’t be in a place like this. Kevin is holding Solomon’s ring and says that he won’t let the demons have William.[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]William is directing “Hamlet” for the school play and I think the roles that Dantalion and Sytry had were very fitting! LOL And the scene between Kevin and William was pretty interesting for a guy that didn’t want to be in the play. William has some definite talent! LOL Kevin is gambling on plays now too.

Dantalion and Sytry get called back to Hell for the Great Sabbat and William is happy to have them gone, but without Dantalion, he won’t be protected and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Plus rehearsal has to be canceled and I was looking forward to that!

I knew it! Baalberith is plotting against the unprotected William, telling Sytry that only the Elector’s soul is needed, the vessel is unnecessary. Then he causes a stir at the Sabbat by saying that Solomon is absent. A horde of demons descends upon the school and the scientific William refuses to believe what is in front of him and tells Isaac it’s a dream. But when one attacks, it’s Sytry that saves William. I guess he isn’t very loyal to Baalberith after all, but I’m sure Baalberith will make Sytry for that.

Of course there is a price as Sytry tells William to choose him, which would give Sytry a stronger reason to protect William – even from Baalberith. And again, William refuses, saying that he is not the Elector and is not Solomon. Back in Hell, Baalberith announces that the barrier between the worlds is down and that he has sent a horde to kill Solomon.

Sytry is knocked out, but of course Dantalion show up just in time again. He once again tries to explain William’s plight, and tells William that by not making a choice, he is essentially unprotected and marked as prey. William seems in awe as Dantalion destroys the horde, and Dantalion looks like he’s really enjoying himself too. And it’s a good thing Kevin put that protection on William as well. Unfortunately, it also affects Dantalion, and depletes his powers.

It looks like Kevin is trying to exorcise Dantalion and Dantalion is fighting it with all his strength. Dantalion wins, but loses control of himself. Remembering that Solomon once told Dantalion that he would die at his hands, he attacks William. William cannot make him stop with a command this time, and Sytry can’t help either. Dantalion finally comes to his senses and lets William fall when a flash of lightning strikes him. It looks like Dantalion had granted Solomon’s wish and killed him in the past. But it is Camio that helped Dantalion calm down this time with that lightning strike. Camio banishes the remains of the horde as well.

Later, William tells Isaac that the horde was just an illusion, brought about by electrical discharges, and tells Isaac that he should read the works of Ben Franklin. William is too funny. Didn’t he see that those illusions were trying to kill him? They seemed real enough to him then. I really want to smack him sometimes! LOL At least Isaac knew it was a Sabbat. But William counters that it was the fog that looked like demons and call for the play’s rehearsal.

The night of the play arrives and the star falls ill, causing a protesting William to take over the role of Hamlet. He really hates being on stage, and I laughed when Sytry, as Ophelia, knocked Hamlet down and demanded to be chosen! The startled William tells him that it isn’t that kind of scene. LOL But Sytry was still very popular with the female audience. Of course Dantalion steps out and says that he shall be chosen and jumps on top of Sytry. It suddenly does look like that kind of scene with the impromptu three-way! LOL I think the female audience really enjoyed that! I sure did! LOL I couldn’t stop laughing![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]The angel, Michael, pays a visit to Kevin to check on things. For an angel, he’s very cruel and something of a brat. Michael is the one that took one of Kevin’s wings, and threatens now to take the other one as he knocks Kevin around. Michael tells Kevin that he’s there to “observe” William. I don’t like this.

William suddenly has a rival at school that he can’t quite remember in the form of Elliot Eden, who informs William that he’s hoping to get the highest score on the next test. Of course William doesn’t remember him, for this is Michael. Now that Mr. Eden has thrown down the glove, William begins to study non-stop and even wants the academically challenged Isaac to take second place to William’s first place on the test.

William and Eden meet again and Eden is a little friendlier this time. He asks William what is most important to him and William pauses to think about that as he pictures his friends. Yes, the demons are in that thought as well. Before he can answer Eden, Eden asks him if he knows the story of Noah’s Ark. He tells William that thanks to the warning of a certain angel, humanity survived. It sounds like Eden is warning William as well. From the things he’s saying to William, it seems like he is talking about something completely different that what William is hearing. At least both Kevin and Dantalion are keeping an eye on these two.

After receiving a low grade, William is in no mood for Dantalion when he confronts William about Eden. Dantalion tells William that Eden is not a demon, yet there is something about him. He tells William that there is too much “light” and that Eden may be connected to heaven. Of course William doesn’t care and angrily stalks away.

I did like that during a test, a student tries to cheat and Eden makes the answers disappear. However, he goes one step further and makes the answers appear on William’s desk, which was mean. William tries to erase the answers, but it won’t erase and William is caught by the teacher, who announces William’s punishment for cheating. Dantalion is upset by this, but Eden seems delighted.

William sits in the “discipline room” and wonders what he can do to clear his name. Although he isn’t supposed to have visitors, Isaac and Nathan show up. Isaac promises to think of something and says that he will call upon “the holy powers of the archangel Michael, defender of justice”. I’m sure that’s just what William needs! Of course, Nathan believes in William’s innocence without any help at all, and even asks William who may have been behind the deed.

William also has a late night visitor – Eden – who believes in William’s guilt, but still offers to “help” him. He tells William that he might know who did it, and will even testify on William’s behalf. But Eden wants William to tells him what he truly desires in life. However, when William says that he wants to be part of society’s elite, it only angers Eden, and he tries again. He asks William what he would do if Kevin and Nathan were hanging from a cliff. William is confused and Eden prods him by asking him to choose Heaven or Hell. Thankfully, Kevin catches the visitor at the discipline room and chases Eden away, but I’m sure Michael will make Kevin pay for it later.

William’s trial is held before a body of his peers and his plea is one of innocence. Strange, but once again, he is asked to choose between Heaven and Hell. However, Isaac has asked Michael to help and he and William are transported someplace else and find Eden there as well. I think William finally realizes that Eden is Michael. But before things can go further, Sytry shows up and in defending himself, Michael shows his wings.

Now that he’s revealed as an angel, Isaac is excited, but William looks like he just wants to crawl into a hole. This is just what he needs along with the demons! And I’m sure he will later claim to believe none of it too. When Eden produces a sword, Isaac recognizes him as the archangel, Michael – “one who is like God”. Michael grabs William by the neck and calls him “Solomon” and says that he once had to clean up after him, but William has no idea what he’s talking about. He also says that he will grant William “ecstasy” and that probably isn’t a good thing. Michael threatens Sytry as well. Where the heck is Dantalion?

Finally! The demon shows up. Dantalion says that he had trouble breaking through Michael’s barrier, but then how did Sytry get there? Anyway, William is saved and there seems to be bad blood between Dantalion and Michael. Dantalion accuses Michael of being the traitor that cast Lucifer down. Michael says it was because he was stronger than Lucifer and attacks Dantalion.

Sytry and Isaac fill William in on the details. Lucifer is Michael’s older brother, and Isaac tells William that he rebelled against God, fought Michael, and was cast into Hell after losing. Dantalion doesn’t seem to be doing any better against Michael either. He also angers Dantalion by bringing up his past. But that anger gives Dantalion the strength to knock Michael down. However, before he can destroy Michael, Kevin shows up to protect him. Dantalion threatens to reveal Kevin’s true identity, but Kevin talks Dantalion out of harming Michael, by asking him if he wants to place William in even more danger. However, Dantalion turns that same question right back to Kevin.

Michael has grown bored with all this and suddenly, William is back at his trial. He formally pleads “not guilty” and goes on to defend himself. He is very eloquent and Nathan brings forth the true cheaters who have confessed. William is found to be innocent and is given a makeup test which he passes with flying colors. He feels his future is secure once again, but is it really?

Baalberith tells a shocked Gilles that Lucifer may never wake up and might even vanish permanently. Astaroth tells Lamia that it may be time to bring William to Hell, now that Heaven has stepped in to bring ecstasy to William. The demons of Hell can protect William. And it looks like Michael is plotting his next move as well. I think William would probably be better off in Hell, but knowing him, he probably refuses to believe that Hell even exists.[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Apparently, Heaven’s “ecstasy” is not a good thing, and Michael will be changing his plan, which can’t be good either. Paying a visit to Kevin, William finds his ring. About time!

Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio need to return to Hell for an emergency, and Dantalion warns William to be cautious. It seems he really doesn’t want to leave William either. Actually, Heaven will be invading Hell. But it’s just a distraction and Michael expects Kevin to bestow ecstasy upon William to make him Heaven’s puppet.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sadistic Jeanne d’Arc either. I can see why ecstasy is so awful and I hope William is saved from that fate. However, Kevin’s other wing is at stake, so it looks like he’s going to follow Michael’s orders. Thankfully, Kevin is having problems giving William ecstasy, and he thinks it’s because William is a realist. Raguel shows up and says if this is the case, then William must be killed instead.

Luckily, Gilles de Rais isn’t participating in the battle in Hell, but he isn’t much help to William either, since he has to face Raguel. Sad to think that Gilles was in love with Jeanne and lost her to God’s ecstasy, thus he became a demon. Raguel informs him now that his lady love is leading the attack against Hell. Gilles would just love to free Jeanne from ecstasy.

Kevin tries to stop the fight by saying that he will forego the ecstasy ceremony, but Gilles is too far gone to stop and Kevin steps in. Dantalion appears and steps in as well, and I think both Kevin and Raguel were surprised to be saved by a demon. Gilles turns his wrath upon Dantalion, but between him and Kevin, they manage to stop Gilles.

Kevin later reports to Michael that he had to stop the ecstasy ceremony in order to protect Raguel. Michael calls it a “convenient excuse” and it looks like he will indeed rip off Kevin’s other wing. However, something seems to be very wrong with Michael. Can angels get sick?[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]After being used to the exquisite meals prepared by his butler, Dantalion just can’t appreciate the school’s horrible cuisine. Isaac reminds the boys that the culture festival is the following day and the boys seems to perk up at that. Of course, William sees it as an opportunity to raise money for this tuition – and to up his grade. Once things are explained to Dantalion, he becomes enthusiastic as well –for the food! LOL

It was funny to see how popular Sytry is. LOL He even has a fan club with 200 members! It was hysterical that Gilles was running Sytry’s booth as well, hawking his wares. Then again, Sytry does make a pretty girl. Funny that William and Dantalion were so disturbed by it all. Yet, Dantalion vows to open something even “hotter” than Sytry’s. He opens up a “muscle” shop! LOL Looks like he has a fan club as well.

Isaac has a tea booth and William still can’t come up with any ideas. Then again, the manual labor of running a stall is beneath him. Therefore, William comes up with the idea of combining the three poplar stalls. He opens a tea shop with Isaac’s teas, using Sytry and Gilles as maids and Dantalion as a butler. Pleased with himself and thinking he’s on the fast track to becoming Prime Minister, William is happy that he really didn’t have to lift a finger. However, his “helpers” are annoyed to have been talked into this.

It was kind of nice to see Amon and Mamon in their human forms. Baphomet and Leonard also make a human appearance. They actually want to have a cook-off and they want William to judge it. And William sees another money making opportunity. But there goes the tea shop! LOL With Gilles as the master of ceremonies and the others as judges, this should be good. But I wonder how William is going to get past using non-students in this contest.

It’s truly an amazing show of culinary skills! The judges are impressed, but how will they ever pick a winner after that wonderful taste test? Forget ecstasy – this is rapture! LOL In the end, it’s almost a draw until Sytry votes for Baphomet. Sytry does have that sweet tooth after all! Baphomet is declared the top chef. Now the tea shop is open again, but Baphomet and Leonard are cooking, and William is just raking in the cash!

At the end of the festival, William is confident he has won, but I think he forgot about one other popular person at the school – Nathan. Sure enough, Nathan is awarded first place and William doesn’t even know what he did. LOL This was a nice lighthearted episode, but as Baalberith says, “time to get serious”![/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Heaven’s attack on Hell continues with Jeanne d’Arc in the lead. But Michael is still considering his options. It’s agreed that William should be brought to Hell for his own protection, but Baalberith is still plotting against him. I doubt that William will go peacefully to Hell anyway.

Lamia is sent to retrieve William, but he isn’t impressed. He also disregards Lamia’s announcement that she is Dantalion’s fiancée, since it has nothing to do with his “brilliant future”. She forces William to go to Hell with her, where everyone is gathered for his arrival. But William being William makes a comment about a costume party.

Samael, Beelzebub, Baalberith, and Astaroth introduce themselves, but William just wants to be sent back so he can write a school report. However, Baphomet and Leonard entice him to stay for tea, as Camio explains why William has been brought to Hell. Once again, William denies being the Elector and says that Solomon means nothing to him. Beelzebub brings up a valid point that only annoys William. William also manages to upset the other demons present by insulting Lucifer. He tries to leave, but is attacked and Dantalion comes out of nowhere to save him.

In the process, William drops his ring and everyone sees it, which causes some interesting reactions. The demons say that if William didn’t have the ring, he would not be able to control them. But William refuses to give up his “family heirloom”. It looks like there’s going to be a fight! William puts the ring on and it causes a reaction, both in Heaven and in Hell. Solomon has begun to awaken!

Baalberith feels it’s the perfect time to take Solomon’s soul and his ring in one shot. He intends to do just that and free the demons for good! Baalberith attacks and William wipes out the surrounding demons just by putting out his hand. It seems Solomon has fully awakened now. Still, Baalberith intends to send his demon horde after Solomon, saying that whoever gets the ring will be granted “enormous power”.

Solomon’s own power is enough to cause some major destruction of Hell itself. Astaroth is worried that Heaven will sense his awakening and attack again as well. Gilles appears and decides that if he destroys Solomon, it will raise his rank among the demons. Solomon easily deflects his attack, and asks Gilles if he’d like to be his seventy-third pillar. As Solomon reacquaints himself with his old friends, Dantalion is concerned for William. He grabs Solomon’s hand and tries to remove the ring, but receives a shock from touching it. Strangely, Solomon doesn’t seem to know Dantalion. How can that be?[/details]


Episode 12 –

[details=spoiler]Solomon really doesn’t know Dantalion and feels the need to demonstrate his power, by making an example of Dantalion. Dantalion is still bound by his contract, but the others can’t figure out why Solomon doesn’t recognize Dantalion, since he was Solomon’s first.

Solomon’s story is finally told and it’s a sad one too. Unwanted and unloved, it seemed that the demons were his only friends. He becomes a reluctant king and his father still refuses to acknowledge him. In all the time that Dantalion was with him, he just could not figure out what Solomon really wanted. And Solomon wanted Dantalion to kill him someday. That did happen and perhaps that’s why Solomon doesn’t remember Dantalion.

Baalberith still wants that ring and attacks Solomon to get it. However, he’s no match for Solomon. Even if he hasn’t fully awakened yet, Solomon is still pretty powerful. Gilles wants the ring too and sends demons after both Solomon and Baalberith. All this noise should be waking Lucifer up already! LOL Solomon defeats both Gilles and Baalberith, as well as the lesser demons.

Dantalion would still like to save William, but hasn’t the strength. I wonder if he will have to kill Solomon again. Dantalion doesn’t want history to repeat itself and I wonder if Solomon lost control in the past. Solomon is about to kill Baalberith and Dantalion saves him. He begs William to remember himself and it looks like William is starting to come back. Dantalion grabs Solomon’s hand, even as the ring shocks him. But he holds on to that hand, calling out to William. The spell breaks and it looks like William is back.

A massive doorway appears and the doors open. It lets loose a flurry of white feathers, and everyone realizes that Lucifer is awake! I guess there’s no need to elect anyone now. William holds out his finger with the ring on it to Dantalion and tells him he gives it back to him. Dantalion goes down on one knee in front of William and taking William’s hand, slips the ring from his finger. William then faints and Dantalion catches him. With Lucifer awake, the others agree that there is no need to choose a replacement for him. Michael gives up as well – for now.

Back at school, William places first in the exam results. But Isaac notices that William doesn’t seem himself. He’s no longer bragging about his brilliant future. Even when William receives the news that he’s received a full scholarship, it doesn’t seem to thrill him all that much. He goes to watch the rugby match and is saddened to think that no one remembers Dantalion. In fact, no one remembers Nathan or Sytry either.

William visits Kevin at the church and asks him if demons exist. Kevin tells him that demons do indeed exist and are constantly trying to corrupt man. But that isn’t what William means. He asks Kevin if ones exist “that are more human than humans, and more merciful than angels”, but leaves before receiving an answer. William the realist tells himself to snap out of it, but then he trips and the rings falls from his pocket. It rolls to the foot of someone and that someone picks it up. He tells William to be more careful with his family heirloom, for after all, it belongs to him. Of course it’s Dantalion, even if his face isn’t shown. I was very happy to see that! It was a really nice series and I will miss it.[/details]


###Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist Anime’s 1st Promo, More Cast, Date Revealed
posted on 2013-04-27 02:55 EDT
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Tetsuya Kakihara, Jun Fukuyama join July anime

###Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist Anime’s Ad Outlines Story
posted on 2013-06-25 10:45 EDT
Supernatural anime inspired by Madoka Takadono, Utako Yukihiro manga debuts in July

###Takuya Eguchi, Takuma Terashima Narrate New Makai Ōji Ad
posted on 2013-07-03 15:30 EDT
Dogakobo/Chiaki Kon’s adaptation of Madoka Takadono, Utako Yukihiro’s manga debuts on July 7


Press Release


[size=16]Sentai Filmworks Adds Makai Ōji: Devils & Realist Anime[/size]
posted on 2014-11-13 19:00 EST
2013 anime of supernatural manga to be available digitally & on home video


Interestingly, this topic wasn’t flagged by the forum for me.

I can’t say that I paid much mind to this show when it was airing. TBH, when I saw “Dantallion” in the synopsis, I thought of that show instead.


Cover art has been posted.


[size=18]Starts on AN Online Friday, 2/6/2015[/size]
Starts: 2/6/2015
Language: Japanese w/English Subtitles

[url=][/url] [b]All 12 Episodes (Sub) are now LIVE![/b]