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Dog & Scissors / Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō

Dog & Scissors / Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō

Genres: comedy, mystery
Themes: absurdity
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-07-01

Plot Summary: The absurd mystery comedy centers around Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who is obsessed with reading books. One day, he is killed in the middle of a robbery — and resurrected as a dachshund dog. Unable to read in his new form, the hapless Kazuhito now belongs to Kirihime Natsuno, a sadistic novelist who uses scissors on Kazuhito to abuse him.

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Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō Comedy Novels Get Anime

posted on 2013-01-18 09:20 EST
Shunsuke Sarai’s story of boy resurrected as dachshund & sadistic girl with scissors

Gonzo Makes Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō Anime

posted on 2013-03-15 10:20 EDT

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō Anime’s 1st Promo Streamed

posted on 2013-03-21 07:38 EDT
Official cast and staff also announced

Eps. 01, 02 & 03

Spent some time today catching up on just about everything I wanted to see simulcast-wise this season (still have to catch up on Free!)

This one could be quite a bit of fun.

Though I wasn’t expecting Kazuhito’s murder story to end after only the second episode.
Though it seems like they’re keeping up with different mysteries now that the why fors for Kazuhito are out of the way.

So, for the last two seasons, we had two animes that their link were hair fetishes (though in the last season, the hair fetish seemed to be downplayed if not out right ignored after the first episode), and now, we get an anime that in the title alone, uses elements from those two. If we get something next season that somehow continues this trend, some really weird is going on in Japan, or at least with the shows Sentai is licensing.

This is the first show I’ve ever seen get a D grade in a Fandom Post official review.

I just don’t see how this show could be worse than the spit fetish show…

Ep. 04


[details=spoiler]Madoka is crazy as hell.
I can kinda understand that her beloved Onii-chan (who she has a serious brocon for) died, which drove her over the edge.
But still… she went waaaay off the deep end.[/details]


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[size=19]August 1st @ 6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST[/size]

Ep. 05

That played out like some weird funky shonen show!

…and the whole “bro bonding” moment after the fight between Kirihime & Madoka.

Watch Dog & Scissors on Anime Network Online

[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 01 is now LIVE![/b]

Ep. 06

At its heart, it’s just a silly show that you really should take too seriously.
Though it does have its moments of sweetness.
This episode in particular…

[details=spoiler]Yayoi learns about family breakup on TV and misinterprets her family situation for the worse, and she tries her little darndest to keep her family together and the bookstore open.
Only to find out, that she jumped to the wrong conclusion and her family still loves one another, including her.
Kirihime shaving “Idiot” on Kazuhito was rather funny though.[/details]

[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]

Ep. 03 will be delayed until tomorrow.

[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 05 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 06 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 07 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 08 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 09 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 10 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=]![](upload://aoV3oK8dWMX8x3l1JX2mdCi8X6j.jpeg)[/url] [b]Episode 11 is now LIVE![/b]