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GAMERS! Personality Quiz
Karen Tendou

The all around most perfect girl in school! You’re yearned after by many and tend to naturally attract attention to yourself, though all you care about is pursuing your own interests. You care a lot about maintaining your image and tend to be attracted to people who are strongly tied to their passions. Crushes can devastate you, be careful not to lose sight of your strong passions! YOU HAVE A PENCHANT FOR MISUNDERSTANDINGS, things aren’t always as they seem!

GAMERS! Personality Quiz

Chiaki Hoshinomori

You’re the quiet type who’s happiest doing something creative! You care less about looking your best and more about pursuing your dreams and creating something that you’ve been yearning for- though, you’re not immune to people with good looks. You feel that some of your interests have been going in the wrong direction and want to change that. Stand by your strong opinions but don’t be too quick to judge others who don’t share your perspective! You could be better friends than you think.

GAMERS! Personality Quiz



Cute and very genuine, you want to be in love! You’ll do anything it takes to share your love with someone you have strong feelings for! It’s easy for you to fall in love with someone who does something nice for you and will do anything for that person - Sometimes you can even change aspects of your personality and looks! As someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, you can’t hide your emotions well if you’re upset or angry with someone. Just remember communication is key!


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