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Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: delinquents, harem, moe, school
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-06

Plot Summary: Kazama Kenji was feared as the worst delinquent of Fujou High, but after certain events led him to peek in on the Game Development Club, he witnesses the outbreak of a fire. While the members inside manage to succeed in putting it out, they all attack Kenji to erase his memory and hide the incident. Kenji desperately tries to escape from them, but when their president Shibasaki Roka rescues him he ends up joining their Game Development Club.

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###D-Fragments School Game Club Manga’s TV Anime Listed
posted on 2013-08-06 11:30 EDT
Tomoya Haruno’s story of delinquent half-forced to join “game creation club” with girls

###Funimation’s D-Frag! Anime Trailer Previews Dub
posted on 2015-03-09 18:00 EDT
Austin Tindle, Bryn Apprill star in romantic comedy about a delinquent in the Game Development Club

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Rule of Funimation: if the trailer sucks, the show will be great; if the trailer is awesome, the show will suck.

I’m indifferent about this trailer. The Rule of Funimation doesn’t have a clause for this situation!! :worried: :wink:

I wonder why Funimation didn’t release the writer(s),engineer(s) and director(s) of this dub as a) they’re more important than the cast in guesstimating the dub & b) they were released for the Broadcast Dubs??

D-Frag! - Official Clip - Elemental Power Attack!

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D-Frag! - Official Clip - Locker Room, Spit, and Masochism?!?!

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D-Frag! - Official Clip - Roka, Wielder of DARKNESS

D-Frag! - Complete Series - Blu-ray/DVD Combo - AVAILABLE NOW!

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D-Frag! - Official Clip - You’re Messing With The (Real) Game Creation Club!

D-Frag! - Official Clip - Game Creation Club Redux: OF COURSE I’M A GIRL!

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D-Frag! - Official Clip - Rock, Paper, INTIMIDATION SWAN

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###D-Fragments TV Anime’s Staff, Cast Unveiled
posted on 2013-10-25 23:37 EDT

###D-Fragments TV Anime’s 1st Promo Video Previews Ending Song
posted on 2013-12-10 00:30 EST
Tomoya Haruno’s comedy of idiosyncratic school club to premiere on January 6

###D-Frag! School Club Anime’s 1st TV Ad Streamed
posted on 2013-12-23 14:00 EST
Tomoya Haruno’s comedy of idiosyncratic game creation club to premiere on January 6

###ANN Anime Spotlight - D-Fragments
by Anthony Foronda, Jan 1st 2014

###Funimation to Stream D-Frag! School Club Anime
posted on 2014-01-03 21:20 EST
Tomoya Haruno’s comedy of idiosyncratic game-making club to premiere on January 6

###The Winter 2014 Anime Preview Guide: D-Frag!
Jan 7th 2014

###D-Frag! Manga to Bundle Original Anime DVD
posted on 2014-03-24 10:20 EDT
September 22 DVD to adapt Shrine Water arc from Tomoya Haruno’s manga

###Funimation adds home video rights for D-Frag!
posted on 2014-08-09 20:20 EDT

###D-Frag! English Dub Casts Caitlin Glass, Megan Shipman
posted on 2015-01-20 17:25 EST
Voice actresses cast as Minami Ohsawa, Sakura Mizukami

###D-Frag! English Dub Casts Whitney Rodgers, Tia Ballard
posted on 2015-01-21 16:50 EST
Voice actresses cast as Chitose Karasuyama, Takao

###D-Frag! English Dub Casts Austin Tindle, Bryn Apprill, More
posted on 2015-01-22 17:19 EST
Voice actors cast as Kenji Kazama, Roka Shibasaki

D-Frag! The Complete Series - Coming Soon on S.A.V.E.

D-Frag! The Complete Series – Available Now on S.A.V.E.

Crunchyroll Adds “D-Frag!” From Funimation to Anime Streaming Catalog

November 29, 2017 7:50pm CST
Series premieres at 6PM PST