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Genie Family / Hakushon Daimao

Hakushon Daimaō


Genres: comedy, fantasy
Plot Summary: A young boy finds a bottle in his attic with a genie who can be summoned by sneezing. Unfortunately, the genie isn’t very good, and his wishes have a tendency to go wrong…
Number of episodes: 52
Vintage: 1969-10-05 to 1970-09-27

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Akubi-chan / Yobarete Tobidete Akubi-chan


Genres: comedy, fantasy
Plot Summary: Koron Nemuta is a girl who yawns when embarrassed. One day, she found a vase when she was lost. When she yawns, the genie Akubi will come out of it, but, when she yawns again, Akubi will come back into the vase.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2001-12-11 to 2002-03-26

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Genie Family / Hakushon Daimaō 2020


Vintage: 2020-04-11

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Hakushon Daimaō Anime Celebrates 50th Anniversary With New Character

posted on 2019-01-01 13:33 EST by Karen Ressler
Character appears in mascot suit YouTube series

Hakushon Daimaō Gets New TV Anime in Spring 2020

posted on 2020-01-01 11:59 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Franchise about genie family debuted in 1969

Hakushon Daimaō 2020 Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Sequel Plot, April 11 Debut

posted on 2020-02-04 21:05 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Sumire Morohoshi, Miyuri Shimabukuro, Kōichi Yamadera, Daiki Yamashita star in anime

Hakushon Daimaō 2020 Anime Reveals Cast, Theme Songs, Promo Video

posted on 2020-03-12 16:37 EDT by Alex Mateo
Kyо̄tarо̄ Muramoto, Noriko Hidaka, Toshio Furukawa, more join sequel series’ cast

Hakushon Daimaō 2020 Anime Delays New Episodes to June 20 or Later Due to COVID-19

posted on 2020-05-24 23:34 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Anime will start airing reruns on May 30

Hakushon Daimaō 2020 Anime Resumes on June 20 After COVID-19 Delay

posted on 2020-06-09 20:24 EDT by Alex Mateo
Episode 8 airs next week after reruns since May 30

Shokotan Wants to Cheer You Up with Hakushon Daimaou 2020 New ED Song “FureFure”

July 01, 2020 11:10pm EDT
“Because the time is like this, I wrote the lyrics, wishing everyone who listens to this song a happy life.”

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Official Trailer | Genie Family 2020 | VIZ


Acquisition of Genie Family 2020

Aug 21st 2020


Viz Media Licenses Genie Family 2020 Anime

posted on 2020-08-21 16:45 EDT by Alex Mateo
Crunchyroll to stream Tatsunoko Production’s series in October

Crunchyroll Rubs the Lamp, Adds Genie Family 2020 to Anime Catalog

August 22, 2020 7:36am CDT
Series will be launching soon for members in US, Canada, and LatAM