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Genres: comedy, drama, magic, romance
Vintage: 2006-10-05 to 2006-12-21
Opening Theme: “Happiness!” by Ayumi Murata
Ending Theme: “Magical★Generation” by Yui Sakakibara (from ANN)

Plot Summary: Happiness! centers around Yuma Kohinata, a high school student attending Mizuhosaka Academy’s regular section of the school, and his close friends Jun Watarase and Hachisuke Takamizo. The other section of the school, aptly named the magic section, was founded in order to train mages in the art of using magic. The day after Valentine’s Day, a gas explosion at the magic section causes all the mages in training to transfer to the normal section for the time being. Two girls from the magic section, Haruhi Kamisaka and Anri Hiiragi, are placed in Yuma’s class. Now Haruhi and her friends must adjust to the transfer into the normal section of Mizuhosaka Academy. (from Wikipedia)

Cover art has been posted.

This was a cute little anime. I’m glad it’s found a home here! :slight_smile:

It’ll be up here on March 7th.

[url=][/url] [b]Episodes 01-12 are now LIVE![/b]

Just watched this on CR.

my biggest problem with this show:

Does anyone have a Father in this show? No wonder Jun likes to dress as a girl, He has no male role models to emulate.

Is it trying to make the point that no/crappy father figures = messed up children?

Anime has done that over the years, which is a refreshing change of pace imo as so many American shows try to shoot down that notion (while often ironically corroborating it).

HIDIVE Streaming Announcement



Happiness, Eps 1-12, are live at HIDIVE

Happiness OVA is live at HIDIVE

I still think it’s funny that Maiden Japan had the license, Let it expire, then relicensed it a few years later to stream again.(Probably got cheaper license renewal options on it for letting it expire I’d gather)