Highspeed Etoile / Highspeed Étoile

Highspeed Etoile / Highspeed Étoile

Plot Summary: In the near future, the latest technology has made it so vehicles can travel at 500 km/h (about 310 mph) safely and securely. A next-generation race event called NEX Race is born, which changes the world of racing. NEX Racing features AI control support and a “Revolburst” mechanism. A newcomer named Rin Rindo will make her debut in NEX Race, and will further revolutionize the sport. Rin once had a dream of becoming a ballet dancer, but had to give up on that dream due to an injury. Afterward, she became a NEET and a gamer who lived in her grandmother’s house. But one day, she is suddenly thrown into the world of racing
Vintage: 2024-04-05

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Highspeed Etoile Racing-Themed Original TV Anime Revealed

posted on 2022-07-15 04:54 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Yostar, Good Smile Company, Super Formula involved in new project

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Highspeed Etoile Original TV Anime Reveals Main Cast, 2024 Debut

posted on 2023-02-24 03:38 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Teaser visual also revealed

High Speed Etoile Anime’s Teaser Promo Video Streamed

posted on 2023-03-17 04:05 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Original anime from King Records, Good Smile Company, Yostar premieres in 2024

HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Shares New Super Formula Collab Visual

May 10, 2023 4:45am CDT
Special illustration timed to promote this month’s Autopolis race

HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Heads to the Races in New Collaboration Visual

June 14, 2023 4:31am CDT
The superspeed series drives onto screens in 2024

Highspeed Étoile Anime Adds Yurie Funato, Shū Uchida to Cast

posted on 2023-06-30 06:15 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Original anime from King Records, Good Smile Company, Yostar premieres in 2024

Highspeed Étoile Anime Reveals April 2024 Premiere in 1st Promo Video

posted on 2023-10-20 06:22 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Series also reveals more cast, manga adaptation

HIGHSPEED Étoile TV Anime Rolls Out New Character Visuals

Nov 28, 2023 8:14 AM CST
The futuristic racing series debuts in April 2024

Highspeed Étoile Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists

posted on 2024-01-21 00:01 EST by Joanna Cayanan
Nana Mizuki performs “ADRENALIZED” opening, SCANDAL performs “Fanfare” ending

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Nana Mizuki’s 42nd Single Song “ADRENALIZED” Preview Video Streamed

Mar 3, 2024 7:15 PM CST
The opening theme for the spring 2024 TV anime “HIGHSPEED Étoile”

Highspeed Étoile Original Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, April 5 Debut

posted on 2024-03-08 05:14 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
More staff, cast also revealed

Rock Band SCANDAL Releases HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Ending Theme Music Video

Mar 20, 2024 8:46 PM CDT
The racing-themed anime premieres April 5 in Japan

HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Launches Real Racing Team Featuring Women Drivers

Apr 2, 2024 9:22 PM CDT
The team’s first race will be at Tsukuba Circuit on April 27

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Crunchyroll Announces HIGHSPEED Étoile to Spring 2024 Anime Season Lineup!

Apr 3, 2024 11:00 AM CDT


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The Spring 2024 Anime Preview Guide - Highspeed Étoile

Apr 5th 2024

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I figured they would hate it lol. The Hybrid AI Car plus human driver concept will at least let me stick around for a few more episodes to see if it gets better, but I’m getting serious Two Car vibes from this show (Which was ok until the girls started fighting over their manager and it went downhill from there)

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Get the Inside Track with HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime’s Creditless Opening Theme Video

Apr 7, 2024 12:11 AM CDT
Crunchyroll is simulcasting the original racing series

dyed line

Nana Mizuki Shares HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Opening Theme Music Video

Apr 7, 2024 7:15 PM CDT
Filming was conducted in a special area at Fuji Speedway

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SCANDAL Releases HIGHSPEED Étoile Anime Ending Theme Live Performance Clip

May 26, 2024 8:35 PM CDT
Crunchyroll is streaming the racing-themed TV anime

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