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Dunno, she was gaga for Chris Pratt :wink:

On raptors though, I’ve been slowly rewatching the Jurassic Park trilogy in prep for Jurassic World 2. I don’t quite get how the JW raptors jibe with the JP raptors?

…also, maybe I was too hasty when I thought that Jurassic World 1 was the worst of the franchise.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Roars to Life With $150 Million Opening

June 24, 2018

Fallen Kingdom Director Fills Jurassic World with Empathy and Suspense

June 24, 2018


I saw Fallen Kingdom recently. It was fine, IMO better than the first Jurassic World. Tentatively I’d put it above The Lost World as well.

I’d heard rumors that Chris Pratt had “phoned in” his performance but it seemed fine to me, a solid performance from one of the few leading men in Hollywood nowadays.

My biggest complaint was the way that it was filmed. JW:FK was designed to be seen in 3D, and when a movie like that is seen in 2D, everything that is designed to “pop” in 3D just winds up having an odd “waxy” sheen & looking surreal, like it’s not part of the scene.

So JW:FK must be a real spectacle in 3D because most everything had that sheen to it, including the animatronics.

IMO, the character motivations in Jurassic World don’t make as much sense as they did in the Original Trilogy. The motivations are better in FK than in JW, but it’s not like even Jurassic Park 3 where why everyone did what they did made sense…“Commando Raptors” still has me :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Remains #1 with $60 Million Haul

July 1, 2018

Jurassic World 3 Director Welcomes Idea of Laura Dern, Sam Neill Return to Series

July 1, 2018


I’d like to see Robert Peck return to the series (he definitely lived in JP1), but unfortunately he bought the farm in '99. I’d settle for Wayne “Newman” Knight returning though, he’s the most iconic character of the franchise.

I dunno about Laura Dern. I recently rewatched the original film (not the same as when I was a kid) and all I can see when I see Dern’s character is Admiral Holdo. Besides, the boat probably sailed on that one as she, being married to a State Department official, could’ve been slotted into the more-political Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom alongside Goldblum.

Sam Neill could be cool though, he could give Chris Pratt someone to tag-team with.


An excellent idea.

Scene, a dig site has hastily been abandoned as Blue the Raptor invaded the camp.

Dr. Grant is standing paralyzed as one of his worst nightmares is standing mere feet away … purring at him.

Owen pulls up on a motorcycle.

Owen : “Blue, what do you think you are doing?”

Blue : RRRRR!

Grant : “Uh, is this yours?”

Owen, walks up to Blue and begins rubbing her head.

Blue : (Very Loud) PURRRRR!

Owen : “No, she belongs to herself. She seems curious about you though.”

Grant : “I can’t imagine why.” (Nervous Smile)

Blue, inches closer to Grant.

Owen : “I’m going to suggest something crazy, please hear me out. I want you to pet her like I did.”

Grant : “I was afraid of that.”

Blue is now only a hand’s breadth from Grant, he smiles a hopeless smile and reaches out to touch the Raptor on it’s head between it’s eyes.

Blue : prrrrr.

Grant rubs the Raptor’s head more calmly.


Blue rubs Grant’s chest with her head. Grant is stunned.

Owen : “See, she likes YOU.”


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Hides Some ET Easter Eggs

July 2, 2018


This reminds me of Infinity War Part 1: As I sat through the credits, I saw a “thank you note” for allowing an Arrested Development reference to be made. I didn’t remember seeing an Arrested Development cameo, and I’d just seen the film. So to the cloud I went, and learned that there’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” scene featuring a certain blue never-nude in a capsule.

As Blue looks out across a canyon as a possible set-up of a third Jurassic World, the neighborhood is the same one from E.T. — albeit several decades later.

I definitely didn’t recognize that.

…The Joker once said that if you have to explain a joke, there is no joke. Likewise, it seems to me that if your Easter Egg is so buried that you have to tell people exactly where (and what) it is… :wink:

Maybe homages should be a bit more obvious, find a happy medium between “hidden & obscure” and “Ready Player One” :rofl:


Mark Gosdin


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Passes $1 Billion Worldwide

July 6, 2018


Two-Part ‘LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit’ Roars to NBC Nov. 29

November 8, 2018