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Q. Do you know of any news if there will be a season 3 of Log Horizons?

A. Nope. We don’t know. We find out when you guys do whenever there will be subsequent seasons of a series.


4/27/2016 1:21:18 PM

Available May 31, 2016
Blu-Ray | DVD

About Log Horizon 2
It’s been six months since the event that trapped thousands of players in the online game world of Elder Tales and the situation is far from secure. The People of the Land are engaged in open warfare against the Goblin armies of Zantleaf. Minami spies are infiltrating the populace. And even with the support and guidance of the Round Table Alliance, the cost of sustaining the city of Akihabara is causing the entire infrastructure to teeter on the brink of collapse. With winter coming, Shiroe and his companions are forced to consider their options. Should they stay in Akihabara and attempt to weather the oncoming storm? Or should they gamble on missions to other portions of the world in search of new sources of valuable treasure? The launch of another series of raids will test old alliances while new ones are forged, as the adventure continues in the second season of LOG HORIZON!

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Rating: TV-14 [L, V]

Director - Kyle Colby Jones

English Dub Cast
Shiroe - Mike Yager
Akatsuki - Jad Saxton
Naotsugu - Andrew Love
Lenessia - Emily Neves
Tetora - Chelsea McCurdy
Rieze - Jessica Boone
Demicas - Rob Mungle
Marielle - Maggie Flecknoe
Henrietta - Shelley Calene-Black
Nyanta - Jovan Jackson
Minori - Luci Christian
Sojiro - Matt Hune
Regan - David Wald
Toya - Greg Ayres
Isuzu - Margaret McDonald
Rudy - Tyler Galindo
Serara - Hilary Haag
Eins - Mike Vance
Sergiatte - Marty Fleck
Kinjo - Adam Gibbs

William - Christopher Patton
Isaac - George Manley
Krusty - Jay Hickman
Nureha - Tia Ballard
Londark - Kyle Colby Jones
Dolce - Luke Patterson
Woodstock - Christopher Ayres
Shoryu - Houston Hayes
Rikopin - Carolyn Medrano
Roderick - David Matranga
Elissa - Elise Moore
Karashin - John Gremillion
Michitaka - Jack Ivy
Isami - Carli Mosier
Hien - Blake Shepard
Nazuna - Brittany Deans
Misa - Genevieve Simmons
Smash - Ty Mahany

Roe2 - Kelley Peters
Nelles - Marty Fleck
Kyoko - Kira Vincent-Davis
Dinkuron - Gareth West
Federico - John Swasey
Mikikage - Melissa Molano
Voinen - Josh Morrison
Kawara - Christina Kelly
Junzo - Florence Wilder
Eltondiska - Christina Stroup
Tatara - Molly Searcy
Toko - Paul Locklear
Kurinon - Shelby Blocker

Kanami - Jennifer Gilbert
Leonardo - Benjamin McLaughlin
KR - Scott Gibbs
Kazuhiko - John Gremillion
Elias - Tom Long
Coppelia - Patricia Duran
Kazuhiko - John Gremillion
Paps - Ty Mahany
Rasphia - Shanae Moore
Chung Lu - Lesley Pedersen
Shunichi - Kregg Dailey
Itherus - Kalin Coats
Seijin - Patrick Poole
Loreile - Clint Bickham
Intix - Kaytha Coker
Yagudo - Kregg Dailey
Juha - Luke Patterson
Jared - James Belcher
Camus - Mateo Mpinduzi-Mott
Kozaru - Xero Reynolds
Kushiyatama - Melissa Pritchett

Log Horizon 2 Collection One and Two are now available for pre-order.

After Two-And-A-Half Years, “Log Horizon” Anime Signs Off Twitter

May 18, 2016 10:40am CDT
With a sign-off that should be familiar to anyone who remembers the mid-season-two raid, the Twitter feed says they hope to be back some day…

Season 2, Collection 2 Cover/Disc Art




7/22/2016 1:13:43 PM

Anyone who’s ever played MMOs, or even just RPGs, knows that it’s very tempting to want to enter that respective universe. Throughout Log Horizon and Log Horizon 2, we get a glimpse of what it’d be like to experience such an unreal reality. Though Log Horizon’s “Elder Tales” isn’t the worst world of the “stuck-in-a-game” genre of fantasy anime, it definitely has its fair share of problematic circumstances and very realistic situations.

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July 30, 2016
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Season 1 & 2 Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art



Log Horizon TV Anime Gets 3rd Season in October

posted on 2020-01-21 22:26 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Staff, cast return for Log Horizon: Entaku Hōkai season

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Log Horizon Anime’s 3rd Season Delayed to January 2021 Due to COVID-19

posted on 2020-06-15 02:54 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Series was originally slated to debut in October

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Log Horizon Anime’s 3rd Season Premieres on January 13

posted on 2020-09-23 08:37 EDT by Jennifer Sherman


Funimation to Stream Log Horizon Anime’s 3rd Season

posted on 2020-10-05 11:29 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Series premieres on January 13 after delay from October

Well that’s a bunch of BS…

Just a note that all they mention is Streaming in the blog post and nothing about a dub, it might be, like Danmachi with CR, a sublicense

And yeah I’m trying to be positive about this


It was a good run Sentai.
A good run.

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Well that is just disturbing if it’s more then streaming and exclusive.


Well, according to the ANN encyclopedia it’s licensed by Funi.

I expect them to license the new season of Made in Abyss as well.
That’s just my opinion of course.

So yeah, it was a good run.

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Too bad I don’t have photoshop

The perfect meme would come from the Demon girl next door, with Momo altered to wear purple and the Funi logo, and Shamiko in black with the Sentai logo with the caption:
Don’t think you’ve won, Funimation!

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