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Log Horizon

While I’m pleased that the cast is back, it’s just Funimation, and no KCJ directing. I’ll check it out ( the dub) tomorrow after work.

Not the entire original dubcast (Hilary Haag is not back as Serara)

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OK here’s my breakdown of the dub so far (Got to the point where Lenessia (Thank God They kept the English naming consistent from the previous dub) and Akatsuki are talking at the Cafe.

Shiroe - Mike Yaeger walked right back into the role and killed it, he was great

Akatsuki & and Lenessia, Jad Saxton & Emily Neves seem a bit off for some reason, In Jad’s case she recently got married and has other dubs she’s the ADR Director for it may be a case of business, I hope she gets back in the groove soon. Emily, I’m sure she’s trying to play Lenessia at a crossroads (Which the character is in this first arc) which is why she seems a bit off.

Marielle - Maggie Flecknoe I think has one or 2 lines this episode and she sounds fine.

Henrietta - SCB always kills it so she was fine

Nyan-Ta- Jovan Jackson rocked it too

Justin Briner replaced Matt Hune as Sojiro and it’ll take a little getting used to but he sounds ok I guess? Granted the chick magnet isn’t a main character so it’s not too jarring.

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This Week in Anime - The Politics and Antics in Log Horizon

by Monique Thomas & Nicholas Dupree, Mar 4th 2021

The legendary Hero Elias Hackblade | Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table



I liked how Akatsuki and Minori’s confessions differ. Akatsuki’s is all about Shiroe, Minori’s is all about her

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What Happened to Log Horizon?

by Michael Basile, Apr 10th 2021

What Happened to Log Horizon?

No Longer a Game | Log Horizon

Natalie & Monica Rial got cast as the Mofur sisters in Log Horizon: Destruction of the round table:

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Akatsuki’s New Appearance | Log Horizon