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Genres: science fiction
Number of Episodes: 52
Vintage: 2014-04-01
Opening Theme: 1. “Legend Is Born” by Kazuki Katou
2. “Sensation Signal” by Glutamine
Ending Theme: 1. “OKAN GOMEN” by Misoshiru’s
2. “Blue Destiny” by Koyuki Takeno
3. “Ripumi” by Lui Frontic Akabane Japan

Plot Summary: Ordinary high school students Shōgo Ryūjin, Tyrone, Antonio, and Luke are the White Bone warriors. With their special Bone Cards they defend Earth from the evil Dark Bone, who has come from the darkness to destroy our world. However, the true identity of the “enemy” is still uncertain. (from ANN)

Toei, Eyeshield 21’s Yuusuke Murata Create Majin Bone Anime Project

posted on 2013-11-29 15:00 EST
Zan’s Naoya Sugita launches manga in Saikyo Jump magazine

Bandai’s Majin Bone Game/Anime Project’s 1st Promos Streamed

posted on 2013-12-29 19:00 EST
Toei’s TV anime tie-in to digital card game to premiere next April


Episode 1 -

I really thought that green rock in the garden was going to turn into an alien blob. Glad I was wrong!


Episode 2 –

Well, Saho has aliens on the brain! LOL And after not believing in them for so long, how can Shougo possibly tell her that they might actually exist? That just might send the girl over the edge! At least things are beginning to be explained. Interesting, so far.


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Why, oh, why did Shougo have to mention aliens to Saho? And she wants to fight them with tickle attacks? LOL Did Shougo really think he’d get any good advice from her? Too late, he realized that he made a mistake.

Luke may not think much of Shougo, but he sure has a sweet tooth! He’s a bit unemotional and doesn’t seem to mind the fact that Shougo may have to be “eliminated”. Shougo still isn’t sure what exactly is going on either. More problems arise when Shougo can’t equip his Bone.

Without Shougo, the fight doesn’t go so well. Looks like they really need him to be a part of the team. They barely defeat the enemy on their own. Luke later tells Shougo that Bones have a will of their own and his rejected him which is why he couldn’t equip it. More confusion on Shougo’s part![/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]So, the Bone rejected Shougo because he really didn’t want to fight. If he isn’t going to fight, Luke wants him to give up the card. Shougo has a tough decision to make. But what can a high schooler really do? Shougo still doesn’t understand why the card chose him in the first place.

After a day of thinking, everyone ends up at the beach, and Luke asks Shougo for his decision. Before he can even answer, the enemy appears. Will he fight? The others go on ahead and it looks like they are doing even worse than the last fight.

Shougo watches Saho playing with Momo and realizes that he does have things he wants to protect. He equips his Bone and joins the fight just in time. Looks like Shougo has made his decision! But I’m beginning to wonder if the enemies are really aliens.[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Shougo tells Luke that he heard the enemy speak and asks about the “Primordial Majin” and why they were called traitors. Before Luke can answer they are interrupted by the boy they came to pick up. Gilbert tells him that the enemy is controlled by the Primordial Majin and their mission is to steal everyone’s Bones, but not everything is known yet.

Gilbert is a bit on the annoying side, but he’s smart. He needs to “confirm” everyone’s reason for fighting and make sure they have the will to fight. Not sure why he needs to know this, but he’s adamant about it. It causes Shougo to question his own resolve again. This is how Gilbert expects to work as a team?

It was funny to see a case of love at first sight when Gilbert met Saho. Finally at a loss for words! LOL He really is just a kid at heart. But Shougo is still thinking over the things Gilbert said. I think that after he talks with Saho, he feels better about fighting.

Time to fight again and Gilbert boasts that he’s the best fighter. We’ll see. He even has the others hold back while he fights alone. He’s good but he’s better in a team. Gilbert then takes on the enemy ace by himself. He’s no match at all for the ace and is quickly defeated. The enemy has a new tactic and brings out another player, a giant Majin. It seems to give a boost of power to the enemy and they go into a berserker mode. After a brief demonstration of this new power, the enemy leaves. But it looks like they have targeted Shougo for the next fight.[/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]If the enemy can summon a Majin, Luke wants to try it as well. However, he needs to get permission form his superiors and is told not to get his hopes up.

Gilbert is a boxer, but wants Shougo to teach him how to kick. This should be amusing, especially when Gilbert doesn’t want any explanations and tells Shougo that he learns with his body, but Shougo is afraid of hurting Gilbert.

Luke is told that they are not ready to summon a Majin yet. His group has to harmonize their feelings first and that is going to be very hard with this group.

Part of the problem is Gilbert. He’s still sparring with Shougo and wants Shougo to get serious, telling him that they are not allies as long as Shougo lacks the will to fight. Gilbert gets Shougo angry enough to fight him for real. Gilbert knocks Shougo out and tells the others that he can’t rely on any of them, nor does he trust them. What a brat!

But there’s no time for arguing as the enemy attacks again. Once again, Gilbert wants to fight alone, but the enemy leader doesn’t want to waste his time on him. However, he complies and just before he defeats Gilbert, Shougo steps in. This is really who the enemy leader wants to fight. Even if Shougo is good with kicks, he’s still no match for this guy.

But Shougo isn’t giving up and somehow increases his power. Luke decides to disobey orders and form a line to summon a Majin. They do manage to summon a Majin, but so does the enemy. I wonder who will win this fight.[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]The Majin amplifies Shougo’s power. But the same holds true for the other side too. However, Shougo isn’t fighting the leader and when Shougo wins the fight, he can see that his opponent was an actual person – not an alien. The guy disappears and Luke takes his card. When they are back in the real world, everyone is surprised that the man looked human. For questions to be answered, they will need to go to the lab.

When Saho finds out that Shougo is going to Australia, she invites herself along. The boys talk her out of going and basically uninvite her. But now she thinks they are all acting very suspicious. Saho accuses the boys of hiding something and their denial is even more suspicious. Saddened, Saho tells Shougo he’s changed since the others have shown up. She announces that she IS going to Australia and Shougo gives her a flat out “no”. The angry Saho storms out of the room.

Luke tells Shougo that it’s for the best. Saho can’t find out about the Bones. Why do I get the feeling that Saho is going to go to Australia anyway? When the boys leave, Saho’s mom tells everyone that Saho is still in bed, but I see she’s watching them. The boys get a private plane and don’t even need passports – all part of the perks of being an adept. They arrive in Melbourne, and Shougo and Antonio are freezing; they didn’t realize it was winter here.

The lab is disguised as a pharmaceutical research company, but underneath is the Bone Research Facility, and it’s huge! It seems that the director is something of a lush when the boys meet him. He yells at Shougo for calling out the Majin. Higashio demands to see Shougo’s card and yells at him again when he sees Shougo’s injured hand. He tells them that the adept could die. Little is known about the Majins and calling one is very risky. Leonard takes Shougo’s card to repair it. Higashio takes Luke off for a talk. It also seems that the boys were followed to Australia, and not by Saho!

In his messy office, Higashio praises Luke for getting two enemy Bones. The others observe Leonard and his repair of the Dragon Bone. However, he isn’t sure how long it may take. A week? A month? A year? That doesn’t go over too well. And when he looks at Shougo with a calculating eye, Shougo tells him that he can’t stay there that long and uses school as an excuse. Higashio and Luke join everyone, and Higashio is ready to tell them about the enemy they’re fighting. He tells them that the enemy is not from this planet, even if they do look human. So, they are aliens?! Meanwhile, the two mysterious men have arrived at the lab. Is this the enemy?[/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Higashio insists that the enemy are aliens, but no one believes him. Anna says that they are aliens and the boys suddenly believe her. Shougo asks for more information. Gilbert tells him that the aliens want the Dragon Bone. That doesn’t sit well with Shougo. He has to think about this. People have gotten hurt because of that Dragon Bone.

Anna tells the other that if Shougo stays at the lab, they can protect him. Leonard tells them that the lab is protected by a barrier that repels attacking Bones. I guess the barrier didn’t work. The mysterious men approach the high security area. They quickly take out the guards and gain entry to the elevator with the help of a hostage. However, they are also on camera. When that camera doesn’t respond, the breech is discovered.

Leonard needs Shougo’s help to repair the Dragon Bone. He wants to measure the Bone’s resonance with the adept and would like Shougo to equip a virtual Dragon Bone. However, Shougo refuses. He doesn’t want to be part of this anymore. He doesn’t want people getting hurt anymore. Leonard tells him that he has a duty to fix the Dragon Bone. It got fossilized because of him. Luke offers to go into the simulator with Shougo and will be his opponent. Shougo complies, but as soon as Leonard has the data he needs, Shougo is done with all of this.

As they fight, Luke tells Shougo that the Dragon Bone protects him. But it’s also a responsibility. Shougo brings up people getting hurt again, and Luke tells him that the situation won’t change whether he equips the Bone or not. Luke tells Shougo to equip and Leonard does something that turns Luke into the enemy. The others wonder where Leonard got that card. Luke tells Shougo that the enemy will still come after the Dragon Bone and the Earth will still be in danger. He won’t be protecting anyone by not equipping it.

Shougo finally gets angry enough to attack Luke and Leonard seems pleased with the resonance response. Luke is defeated with a Bone Crush and is fossilized. Thank goodness this is only a simulation! To protect others from getting hurt, Shougo resolves to fight and the simulation continues. But an alarm goes off and Leonard stops the simulation. Somehow an intruder got into the lab! Well, it isn’t as safe as they had thought after all.

The enemy is headed straight for the Bone Repair Facility too. They know exactly where to go. Protection of the Dragon Bone is now a priority. However, the guards are no match for these two guys. Leonard takes the boys to where the Dragon Bone is. Higashio tells Anna how the enemy gained access. It seems odd that they never considered this and prepared for it. The enemy has made it to the Dragon Bone and the boys are there to stop them. But can these guys be stopped?

The boys note that the enemy looks and speaks like humans. They are suddenly surrounded by more armed guards. One man throws a dagger into the wall next to Shougo. Nice message! Stunned, Shougo slides to the floor. The men pull out their Bone cards. A brilliant light is seen and the men transform. Luke activates the Revelation Cocoon and Shougo is left behind. What will he do next?[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Leonard has a way to listen in on the fight going on in the Revelation Cocoon. But while Shougo is concerned for his friends, Leonard seems excited by the fight. He considers it an opportunity to further his research. Within the cocoon, Tiger and Wolf are really doing a number on the guys. I think they could use Shougo about now, but he’s helpless while his Bone is being repaired.

Shougo can no longer take the agony his friends are going through. He intends to use the still recovering Dragon Bone. He hits the container, but it doesn’t break. Leonard tries to stop him, but Shougo just keeps hitting the container. Shougo finally calms down and ends up pleading to the Bone to help him. He falls to his knees in tears and the card begins to glow.

The glow gets brighter and the container breaks. The Dragon Bone seems to have repaired itself. Shougo takes the Bone and is transported to the cocoon. He may have just made in time too. His friends are finished. Shougo takes on Wolf first, but Tiger soon joins in. With two against one, Shougo isn’t going to last very long. At least they give Shougo a little information about themselves. The enemy call themselves the “Eques”, “warriors from “Nepos Angelis”. They also tell Shougo that they are humans from Earth!

But these humans have lost faith in the Earth and have turned against it. The fight starts again, but the others have recovered enough to join in. With everyone standing together against the enemy, Dragon has found his strength, but it doesn’t last long and all the friends are quickly defeated. Wolf tries to take the Dragon Bone, but Tiger and Wolf are suddenly being scanned by Leonard. In order to protect their Bones, Tiger and Wolf give up and leave.

However, it’s only a temporary victory at most for the guys. Now that his Bone is fully recovered, Shougo says it’s time to go home. Anna sees them off and too late, Leonard tries to go with them. Perhaps it’s better that he missed them. LOL Anna has placed her hopes in the boys, trusting that they will be able to protect the planet. Tiger and Wolf are also watching the departing helicopter. I’m sure they’ll show up in Japan as well.[/details]


[size=20]Glutamine to Perform Majin Bone Anime’s New Opening Theme[/size]
posted on 2014-09-16 06:00 EDT
Hatsune Miku artist Yūyu composes theme song for singer’s 1st single

Singer Glutamine announced on Twitter on Monday that his first single, “Sensation Signal,” will be the new opening for Toei’s Majin Bone anime series. Vocaloid artist Yūyu wrote and composed the single, and Glutamine will release it on November 5. Yūyu previously composed Hatsune Miku’s “Clover Club” and “Tengaku” tracks, among others.

A special edition of the single will ship with one of five rubber straps featuring art by Go-gatsu-byō Mario, and another special edition will ship with a DVD with bonus footage and a music video. The standard edition will ship with one of four stickers.

Majin Bone premiered in April and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs. Kazuki Katou performed the first opening theme song “Legend Is Born.”

“This story began before Earth was born. Majin, the creator of the Universe, has been resurrected in the present day.” Kenn stars as Shōgo Ryūjin, an ordinary high school student who transforms into the Bone Fighter Dragonbone with the Bone Card in order to save Earth. The cast also includes Hiroki Yasumoto as Rhinobone/Tyrone, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jaguarbone/Antonio, and Shinnosuke Tachibana as Sharkbone/Luke. Together, these White Bone warriors stand up to Dark Bone, a foe that appeared from darkness to devastate Earth. However, “could the true enemy be ourselves?”

A Nintendo 3DS video game based on the franchise will ship in Japan on October 9.


Schedule Updates

Finally, as you guys may know, there are a bunch of schedule changes coming up due to broadcast shifts in Japan’s schedule. If a show is off one week, it will resume the next.

Majin Bone - off 12/30

Updates will be made to the list if there are any changes or additions.


LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN to Make Major Debut with “Majin Bone” New ED

January 11, 2015 10:25pm CST
1st single “Rep Me” hits stores March 25

The Japanese official website for the on-going TV anime Majin Bone has announced that three-member unit LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN’s major debut single “Rep Me” will be featured as its 3rd ED song from the next 41st episode to be aired on this Tuesday, January 13. Ahead of the on-air, their record company Universal Music Japan has posted a short version PV of the song. The CD single is scheduled to be released in three editions on March 25.

LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN is a new band project by Pour Lui, who was the leader of idol group BiS which already stopped its activity in July 2014. Soon after the group was officially dissolved, she, as a vocalist, formed an indie band named LUI FRONTiC Matsukuma JAPAN with Tempest Takeuchi (guitar) and Ohara Just Begun (bass). The three-piece band sold out the solo live at the 800-capacity Shibuya Club Quatro on January 11, then announced its major debut from Universal Music Japan under the new name LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN.

[details=“Rep Me” short PV]

[details=(from left) Tempest Takeuchi, Pour Lui, Ohara Just Begun][/details]

[details=Limited edition CD jacket A][/details]

[details=Limited edition B][/details]

[details=Regular edition][/details]


Finally finished this one! It was a bit too long for me, but the story was a good one and it had a nice ending.