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MY Poems :P


Have several new poems posted up now.


where i bet they r cool


animegirl95 wrote:

Go to the first post.




I’d say some of them are cool. lol I don’t like all of them though… But, I put them all up just because they’re poems I wrote. Personally I don’t care for numbers 1-11. But I liked them when i wrote them.


Numbers 24 and 25 just got finished and posted up…


Nice additions FoamyFreak! I really liked Echoes. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I like it too. lol I was considering trying to add more and more stuff to that one, just because it could basically go on forever before it ends. But I thought it’d be pretty good with what I had there.


It’s perfect the way it is!!
But if you wanted to expand on it to a part II, you could call it Shadow of Echoes or just Shadows or something like that, if you haven’t already used “shadows” in something else. And that’s my suggestion for an idea!


Lol alright. Sounds good, I’ll take that suggestion as either a part two type thing for Echoes or something to do with shadows. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t make promises about what I’ll end up with though. I just go with the flow of my inspiration and usually start writing about one thing and end up making it something completely different. lol


That’s just the creative process! No need to force yourself to conform to something! :wink: