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This reminded me of you


I was listening to the Cure and this song reminded me of LOW.

I would post a video but I cant, it wont let me

The Outlander Memorial Thread

DrGrumblen wrote:

I would post a video but I cant, it wont let me[/quote]

Search YouTube then post the URL to the video.


Well i know how its just that it brings me to an error page


DrGrumblen wrote:

Is what I posted not showing up? :unsure:


no its not


It’s interesting to see what songs randomly make you think of people from here…


Doesnt it tho, maybe ill find a song that fits you, but we need to converse more tho


Yes, I do love cats. Especially these cats!

But for something cuter:


You should listen to the song if you havent already its good


I did. It was interesting. :laugh:
That really reminded you of me? Love it!


It sure did, i was listening to the album and in the middle of the song it hit me


Oh Pretear i found one, Just like Heaven by The Cure
The sound of the song seems like it fits you


(awaiting Pretear’s reaction)


When I hear that song, I’ll get back to you.


Gotcha Chief


I was wondering when we got to the muchy stuff


What do you mean by that?


Hmmmm… This definitely reminds me of someone…




:slight_smile: And this reminded me of…