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Mysterious Joker / Kaitō Joker

###Mysterious Joker / Kaitō Joker

Genres: comedy, mystery
Themes: thief
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2014-10-06 to 2015-01-05

Plot Summary: The thief Mysterious Joker doesn’t just steal things. An audacious and elusive miracle-maker, he travels the world searching for treasure with his partner and cook Hachi. As they circle the globe, they must avoid traps set by the police and compete in various competitions to reach their final goal, the Timeslip Treasure.

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###Mysterious Joker (TV 2) / Kaitō Joker Season 2

Genres: comedy
Themes: thief
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-04-06

Plot Summary: Mysterious Joker and his partner Hachi continue their treasure hunting travels around the world while being pursued by Detective Oniyama and other members of the police force.

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###Mysterious Joker Season 3 / Kaitō Joker Season 3

Genres: comedy
Themes: thief
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2016-04-04

Plot Summary: Mysterious Joker continues his tour around the world: escape from luxurious cruise ships; survive at southern islands with mysterious relics; against ninja, chef, and idol dancer; last but not least, the Timeslip, the ultimate goal.

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###Mysterious Joker Season 4 / Kaitō Joker Season 4

Vintage: 2016-10-03

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[size=16]Thief Action Manga Mysterious Joker Gets TV Anime[/size]
posted on 2014-06-26 23:10 EDT
Hideyasu Takahashi’s story of phantom thief who can steal anything in the world

[size=16]Mysterious Joker TV Anime’s Trailer Introduces Cast, Staff[/size]
posted on 2014-07-25 13:00 EDT
Series will premiere on October 6

[size=16]Mysterious Joker TV Anime’s 30-Second Commercial Streamed[/size]
posted on 2014-09-14 08:46 EDT
Haruna Sakurai, Naoki Tatsuta, Yuko Hara, more join cast for October 6 anime

[size=16]Crunchyroll to Stream Mysterious Joker[/size]
posted on 2014-10-04 17:40 EDT
To begin streaming within the next 3 days

[size=16]Mysterious Joker Anime Gets 2nd Season in April[/size]
posted on 2014-12-26 03:00 EST
Hideyasu Takahashi’s phantom thief story premiered in October

[size=16]2nd Mysterious Joker Season Slated for April 6[/size]
posted on 2015-01-12 03:30 EST

[size=16]Crunchyroll to Stream Joker Anime’s 2nd Season[/size]
Starts April 6th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time
April 01, 2015 2:15pm CDT

[size=16]Mysterious Joker TV Anime Gets New Series[/size]
posted on 2015-09-21 14:20 EDT
2nd season about phantom thief premiered in April

[size=16]Mysterious Joker TV Anime’s 3rd Season Premieres in April[/size]
posted on 2015-12-23 10:00 EST
Main staff return for 3rd season based on Hideyasu Takahashi manga about phantom thief

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[size=16]Mysterious Joker New Anime’s Promo Video Previews New Rival Character[/size]
posted on 2016-01-23 04:00 EST
Show’s “3rd & 4th Season” will premiere on April 4
February 29, 2016 3:55am CST
1st episode advance screening event will be held on April 2

April 03, 2016 6:30pm PDT

New season kicks off Monday at 4:30am Pacific Time

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###Mysterious Joker Anime’s 4th Season Announced in Video
posted on 2016-06-25 01:30 EDT
4th season premieres in October with new character Dr. Neo

###Takehito Koyasu Joins 4th Mysterious Joker Anime Season as Dr. Neo
posted on 2016-08-15 03:45 EDT
4th season based on Hideyasu Takahashi’s manga premiers on October 3
October 02, 2016 6:00pm CDT
Series continues starting Monday, October 3 at 4:30am Pacific Time