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Lilyhammer S2 episodes 1-8

Saving General Yang

Any Star Wars / Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans? Can’t wait for March 7th!! :woohoo:

I’m just glad the planned final season of SWTCW didn’t get buried after all.

Big Bad Beetleborgs episodes 1-3


Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal
Bad Milo
Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

The Pit (Commodities Trading)

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Reindeer Games
Guardians of the Lost Code
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell
Wishmaster 4: The Prophesy Fulfilled
** :frowning:

[quote]Netflix and its streaming brethren are beginning to pass comparable TV channels by important measures, and as a result have the potential to be the biggest drivers of merch sales.

So now, in order to understand and predict demand fluctuations for merchandise, retailers need to be aware of the programming that’s hitting key streaming distribution channels such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu for broad selections, and Crunchyroll and FUNimation for anime.[/quote]

Step up your game TAN!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 6) episodes 1-13

World of Quest episodes 1-26
Beast Wars: Transformers (Seasons 1-3) episodes 1-52
Astro Boy (2003) episodes 1-25
Sonic the Hedgehog episodes 1-26
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episodes 1-24
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes 1-20
Sitting Ducks (Seasons 1-2) episodes 1-26
Archer (Season 4) episodes 1-13
Dino Squad (Seasons 1-2) episodes 1-26
Justice League (Season 1) episodes 1-26
Angelo Rules (Season 1) episodes 1-14
Wolverine and the X-Men episodes 1-26

Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

DreamWorks Animation Announces “Puss in Boots” & “King Julien” Series for Netflix, “Veggie Tales” Reboot, More “Turbo”

TurboFAST episodes 6-10
[episode 9 was my favorite. Even this show has a Japan episode with no shortage of weird. Live Eel vending machines anyone?]

Sword Art Online episodes 1-8, 9-26
[couldn’t take advantage of the dubbed Toonami broadcast but seeing this new release on Netflix, I couldn’t say no to that.]

The Grandmaster

Hemlock Grove Season 2 Date Announcement Teaser

[quote]Netflix’s supernatural thriller “Hemlock Grove” was not its most buzzed-out original series, but audience reception evidently was strong enough that the show is coming back to the service for a second run in July.

All 10 episodes of the sophomore season of “Hemlock Grove,” from exec producer Eli Roth, will premiere on Friday, July 11 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific in all territories where Netflix is available. Series is based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name and is produced by Gaumont International Television.

“Hemlock Grove” did not receive the level of critical acclaim or attention of Netflix’s “House of Cards” or “Orange Is the New Black.” Netflix does not release info on viewership, but execs have noted previously that originals catering to more niche auds — and aren’t confined to traditional TV formats — are important for attracting and retaining members.

“Hemlock Grove,” about a series of strange events in a small Pennsylvania town, stars Famke Janssen (“X-Men”), Bill Skarsgård (“Simon & The Oaks”), Landon Liboiron (“Terra Nova”) and Dougray Scott (“Mission Impossible II”).

Season two picks up with the residents of Hemlock Grove coming to grips with the shocking massacre inflicted by one of its deadliest creatures.

Said Roth, “Netflix has been an incredible partner, and whenever we wanted to take the story in a dangerous direction, they encouraged us to go even further — into a scarier, darker, and sexier place. We guarantee you won’t see anything like this anywhere else on television.”

Series was the first foray into TV by biscreen horror-meister Roth (“Hostel,” “Cabin Fever”). It was developed by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman and is executive produced by Roth, Charles Eglee, McGreevy and Lee Shipman, Eric Newman and Michael Connolly.

“Hemlock Grove” season one earned two 2013 Emmy Awards nominations, for original main title theme music and special visual effects.[/quote]


[size=6]Final Season of The Killing Arrives August 1 on Netflix[/size]

[quote]The fourth and final season of The Killing will be available exclusively on Netflix starting August 1. To prove it, a short teaser video has arrived, but we’ll have to wait to get our first look at actual footage.

The first three seasons of The Killing aired on AMC, but the show struggled to find a large enough audience on the channel to stay alive. Thankfully, it was popular enough on Netflix that the streaming service decided to pick it up and produce the new season, similar to what it did with Arrested Development. This isn’t the first time The Killing has come back from the dead. It was originally cancelled after its second season, before AMC revived it for a third.

Fans should keep their fingers crossed that The Killing does the impossible and comes back from the dead once again. If the fourth season is popular enough, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Netflix orders more.[/quote]

The Killing - The Final Season - Exclusively on Netflix


[size=6]Orange is the New Black Gets Third Season[/size]

[quote]Netflix subscribers won’t be leaving prison anytime soon.

Orange is the New Black has been renewed for a third season, which will presumably hit the streaming service next year. The announcement was made by actress Laura Prepon by posting a photo on Instagram, and the news has since been confirmed by Netflix. If you’re looking for ideas of what to expect from the third season, possible titles include (according to Prepon’s post)
[hide] Back to the Big House, The Great Hate Fuck, and Back to the Rape Well.[/hide] Seems charming.

The second season of Orange is the New Black will debut on June 6, which means Netflix decided to renew it before finding out how popular the new season will be. This means they must be pretty confident about the show’s longevity.

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 - Official Trailer


I just completely missed this before but it looks like Derek has been renewed for a second season.

[quote]Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of Derek, the warmhearted new series from Ricky Gervais.

The show takes place inside a British retirement home, focusing on the day-to-day lives of the quirky caretakers who work there. Like The Office and other shows from Ricky Gervais, Derek is a done in a mockumentary style, but his patented brand of mean-spirited humour is absent.

All six episodes of Derek Season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix starting May 30.


Derek - Season 2 - Official Trailer - Netflix


[size=6]“DreamWorks Dragons” TV Series Moving to Netflix[/size]

[quote]DreamWorks Dragons, based on the 2010 film How to Train Your Dragon, will move to Netflix for its third season in 2015.

The half-hour series has aired on Cartoon Network for its first two seasons of 40 episodes, which bowed in August 2012. The second season wrapped in March and the show hasn’t been seen on the network since.

Unlike other DreamWorks movies turned into television series – The Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and Monsters vs. Aliens (all on Nickelodeon) – the network had little control and didn’t make the series in-house.

DreamWorks is now exclusively releasing series through Netflix. Turbo FAST premiered late last year and new Puss in Boots and King Julien series are in development.[/quote]

Well it was a possibility. At least I got to watch the first two seasons on CN when I could.

Exclusive fringe content isn’t going to get me back to Netflix.

They need to work on their content retention issues, lack of real content and low video quality first. :frowning:


[size=6]Netflix Sets Premiere Date for ‘BoJack Horseman[/size]

[quote]Netflix will bow “BoJack Horseman,” voiced by Will Arnett and Aaron Paul, on Aug. 22 with the release of all 12 episodes of the adult-themed animated comedy about a hard-drinking humanoid stallion.

The series, from Michael Eisner’s Tornante Co., revolves around former 1990′s sitcom star BoJack (Arnett) who deals with his personal crises with human sidekick Todd (Paul) and feline agent and ex-lover Princess Caroline (Amy Sedaris).

“BoJack Horseman” was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg (“The Exquisite Corpse Project”) and is exec produced by Bob-Waksberg, Steven A. Cohen and Noel Bright, with Arnett and Paul also serving as exec producers. BoJack was designed by graphic artist Lisa Hanawalt and the series is animated by L.A.-based ShadowMachine.

The titular character was the “legendary star of the 1990s family-favorite sitcom ‘Horsin’ Around’” — which never existed. Cast includes Paul F. Tompkins (HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David”) as the voice of golden retriever Mr. Peanutbutter, and Alison Brie (“Community,” “Mad Men”) as the dog’s human girlfriend.[/quote]

BoJack Horseman - Teaser Trailer - Netflix


[size=5]“Magic School Bus” Returns With Reboot Series on Netflix in 2016[/size]

[quote]Netflix is reviving Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus. With reruns of the ‘90s education classic doing well on the instant video service, they’ve ordered up a new series titled The Magic School Bus 360°.

The new half-hour CG animated series, premiering in 2016, will be a total reboot with a new theme, new Mrs. Frizzle, updated school bus and modern science tools, like robots. 26 episodes have been ordered.

The original The Magic School Bus series run from 1994 to 1997 on PBS for 52 episodes.

A full press release follows:

Scholastic Media’s The Magic School Bus Continues Legacy with The Magic School Bus 360°, A New Netflix Original Series for Kids

NEW YORK and BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 11, 2014 / — Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Scholastic Media announced today they will launch a new original TV series based on the groundbreaking and iconic TV show The Magic School Bus. The all-new CG animated series from Scholastic Media — The Magic School Bus 360 degrees — will be a dynamic reimagining of the show that revolutionized kids’ television starting in the 1990s. Scholastic Media’s Emmy Award-winning creative team, led by Executive Producer Deborah Forte, will produce the new series written for school-aged children. The 26 episodes will launch on Netflix starting in 2016.

“The Magic School Bus revolutionized kids’ television through a unique and powerful blend of entertainment and science information. We’re proud that it’s become an evergreen show that children and parents continue to watch together,” said Deborah Forte, President of Scholastic Media. “Our new rendition The Magic School Bus 360 degrees is a similarly compelling addition to the current landscape of children’s programming and on Netflix is bound to reach more families around the world than ever before who will now be able to watch the show anytime, anywhere they want.”

“Scholastic Media is a powerhouse creator and producer of top-quality programming for kids and families and its flagship series like The Magic School Bus, Clifford The Big Red Dog and Goosebumps have been huge hits on Netflix in all our territories,” said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix. “We’re thrilled to expand our relationships and to be the first-run home of The Magic School Bus 360 degrees, introducing a whole new generation to Ms. Frizzle and her hijinks.”

The new iteration of the enduring franchise features a modernized Ms. Frizzle and her class along with an inventive high-tech bus that invites children on high-flying hijinks that introduce the incredible world of science. Each new episode promises thrilling discoveries, heart-pounding explorations and relatable humor, while encouraging kids to think critically and creatively to answer questions and solve problems. The series also features the latest tech innovations such as robotics, wearables and camera technology to captivate children’s imaginations and motivate their interest in the sciences. The all-new episodes also leverage advancements in animation, science and technology in a way that will delight a new generation of young viewers, and like its predecessor, will help kids around the world discover the magic and value of exploration and innovation.

Uniquely aligned with the global emphasis on STEM education, the new Magic School Bus 360 degrees showcases all fields of science, while embracing technology as a creative tool that supports learning and impacts daily life. The series provides an exceptional opportunity for kids to watch, learn and explore science, inspiring them to become active participants in the scientific process through the show’s extraordinary adventures and fantastic discoveries.

In addition to The Magic School Bus, Forte has created and produced some of the most successful and long-running children’s television series, including the Emmy Award-winning Clifford the Big Red Dog® , WordGirl™ , Goosebumps® and the upcoming Astroblast™ . She leads a talented production team for the new The Magic School Bus 360 degrees that includes award-winning director Chris Gilligan who has worked on family films such as Robots, Ice Age the Meltdown, Horton Hears a Who, James and The Giant Peach and Frankenweenie.

Airing for 18 consecutive years and seen in more than 39 countries, The Magic School Bus is the longest-running kids’ science series in history. The standout show has earned more than 100 prestigious awards, including an Emmy Award, Annenberg Award and National Education Association Award. The Magic School Bus has also garnered high praise from parents and educators for making science education fun and appealing to all audiences, with a specific emphasis on those populations historically at risk of “science avoidance,” such as girls and minorities. The series was inspired by the bestselling Scholastic books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, with over 85 million books in print worldwide in nine languages. In August 2013, The Magic School Bus (seasons 1-4; all 52 episodes) became available exclusively for SVOD to Netflix members in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, and Latin America. In 2011, The Magic School Bus celebrated its 25(th) anniversary.


[size=5]DreamWorks Animation’s “Dinotrux” Series Coming to Netflix in 2015[/size]

[quote]DreamWorks Animation and Netflix are bulldozing back to a prehistoric world of epic proportions with the debut of Dinotrux, an all-new action-packed original series featuring hybrid dinosaur-construction characters who are set to build and battle over three seasons, beginning in Spring 2015. Based on Chris Gall‘s award-winning book series, the first of which was named by Publisher’s Weekly as 2009′s Children’s Book of the Year, DreamWorks Animation’s Dinotrux is set in a fantastical world filled with lava-flowing volcanoes, lush forests and a megaton cast of loveable characters who are half-dinosaur, half-mechanical construction vehicle and all fun!

Dinotrux follows the adventures of two unlikely best friends as they navigate the adrenaline-filled mechanical domain ruled by stunning oversize creatures like Tyrannosaurus Trux, Scraptors and Tow-a-constrictors. The show’s heroes are Ty, a massive and fiercely loyal T-Trux with a big vision for a new world, and his best buddy Revvit, a razor-smart Reptool who is the engineering brains of the operation. Together they build an incredible world of epic scope populated by groups of Dinotrux and Reptools, each with their own personality and skill set as they unite to defend their community from the biggest and baddest of them all, D-Strux, as he threatens to destroy everything they’ve built.[/quote]

So in this time of turmoil for Netflix they’re bringing us a rehash of Beast Wars that looks like it was illustrated by a kids’ book illustrator?


[size=6]Netflix Orders ‘Ever After High’ Kids Series From Mattel[/size]

[quote]The streaming service announced Monday that it had ordered a film and accompanying animated series based on the popular Mattel doll franchise Ever After High. The 12-episode children’s series, which will be preceded by a movie titled Ever After High Spring Unsprung, is set to roll out in all Netflix territories in early 2015.

“The engaging and magical storylines of Ever After High make it a great addition to our growing slate of original kids programming. Mattel has a track record of making high-quality animated programs, and we’re excited to extend our relationship, bringing our members the enchanting world of Ever After High,” Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in a statement announcing the news.