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Only Yesterday / Omohide Poro Poro

Only Yesterday / Omohide Poro Poro

Genres: romance, slice of life
Themes: coming of age
Plot Summary: Taeko Okajima is a typical “office lady” in a big company in a big city. When she takes a sabbatical to the countryside in Yamagata Prefecture, the hometown of her brother-in-law, the journey recalled her memory of her 5th grade year. During her stay in Yamagata, she works hard and happily as a farmer and is surrounded by friendly relatives and villagers, bringing up more memories. Their hospitality makes her to reconsider her choice of life.
Running time: 118 minutes
Vintage: 1991-06-27

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Only Yesterday with English Subs

posted on 2002-11-27 18:44 EST

Buried Treasure: Only Yesterday

by Justin Sevakis, May 21st 2009

Kiki, Only Yesterday BDs English-Subbed in Japan

posted on 2012-08-09 14:57 EDT

Ghibli’s Only Yesterday Listed With English Dub

posted on 2015-08-05 15:40 EDT

GKids to Release Ghibli’s Only Yesterday in Theaters in N. America

posted on 2015-08-24 14:24 EDT
1991 film will get English dub with Daisy Ridley, Dev Pate, Ashley Eckstein, Alison Fernandez

Hey Only Yesterday fans! You have questions? We have answers!

Is there an official release date yet: No, but it will be early 2016!
Will the official release date be announced on this page: Yes
Will there be an English dub: Yes
Will it be released in the US with subtitles: Yes
Will it be released in the US on DVD and Blu-ray: Yes
Will the DVD/Blu-ray have the dub and the subtitled version: Yes
Will I love this film: Yes

If you have any other questions leave them in the comments below and we will answer them!

Any VOD plans? Unfortunately there are no VOD plans at this time

Ghibli’s ‘Only Yesterday’ Slated for NYC on January 1, Nationwide on February 26

posted on 2015-12-03 20:00 EST

Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Talks About Ghibli’s Only Yesterday Role

posted on 2015-12-29 02:00 EST
Ridley plays Taeko in English dub of Isao Takahata film premiering in N. America in February

Ghibli’s Only Yesterday Film Trailer Previews English Dub With Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley

posted on 2015-12-30 00:00 EST
N. American theaters listed for Isao Takahata film opening in January-March

Ghibli’s Only Yesterday Earns US$13,000 in 1st Weekend at NYC Theater

posted on 2016-01-04 15:40 EST
Isao Takahata film slated for wider US release on February 26

Only Yesterday Film Date/Theaters


Last updated 1/20 - Check back each week for an updated theater list
(Unless otherwise noted, theaters play the film for a minimum of one week)

Indiewire: Studio Ghibli’s Geoffrey Wexler Talks Dubbing Takahata’s Undubbable ‘Only Yesterday’

February 10, 2016 at 4:49PM

ANN Review: Only Yesterday

by Justin Sevakis, Feb 24th 2016

Only Yesterday Film Reveals More U.S., Canadian Screenings

posted on 2016-02-29 06:45 EST
Film by Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata opened across N. America on Friday

Public Letter from Geoffrey Wexler, Producer for Only Yesterday

Feb 29, 2016

North American Blu-ray Release Of Studio Ghibli’s “Only Yesterday” Listed For July

May 04, 2016 7:40am CDT
GKids brought Isao Takahata’s anime feature to American theaters earlier this year in time for its 25th anniversary

ANN Interview: Isao Takahata: Endless Memories Part IV: Only Yesterday

by Dawn H., Aug 7th 2018