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Prince of Stride: Alternative

[size=16]Prince of Stride: Alternative[/size]

[quote]Genres: tournament
Plot Summary: “Stride” is an extreme sport that involves six people on one team who run relay races through towns. Hōnan Academy and other schools compete to win eastern Japan’s top Stride competition, “End of Summer.” However, Hōnan’s team has shut down. First-year high school students Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai attempt to restart the club, but they must recruit six members for the team. They ask Riku Yagami to join, but he turns them down by saying that Stride is the one thing he doesn’t want to do.
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2016-01-05[/quote]
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[size=16]Prince of Stride Game Gets TV Anime by Madhouse in January[/size]
posted on 2015-09-06 05:30 EDT
Ryohei Kimura, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kana Hanazawa star in high school series about extreme sport

[size=16]Prince of Stride TV Anime Adds 18 More Cast Members[/size]
2015-10-12 00:30 EDT
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Daiki Yamashita, Takahiro Sakurai, Natsuki Hanae, more

[size=16]Prince of Stride Alternative Anime’s Theme Song Artists Revealed[/size]
posted on 2015-11-08 08:00 EST
Masayoshi Ōishi x Tom-H@ck perform opening, voice actor unit “Galaxy Standard” performs ending

[size=16]Prince of Stride Alternative TV Anime Premieres on January 5[/size]
posted on 2015-11-19 05:15 EST

[size=16]Prince of Stride Alternative TV Anime’s Video Introduces Main Characters[/size]
posted on 2015-12-09 03:00 EST
Anime of otome game about extreme sport debuts on January 5

[size=16]Prince of Stride Alternative Anime’s TV Ads Preview OxT’s Opening Theme[/size]
posted on 2015-12-21 02:30 EST
Adaptation of Kadokawa’s otome game premieres on January 5

[size=16]Funimation to Stream Prince of Stride with Dub[/size]
posted on 2015-12-22 00:25 EST

[size=16]The Winter 2016 Anime Preview Guide: Prince of Stride: Alternative[/size]
Jan 6th 2016

Prince of Stride Alternative Promotional Video

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Just the adrenaline rush you need. Running, parkour, the whole works. I’m already hooked so I can’t wait to see where this goes.

[size=16]Prince of Stride Alternative Listed With 12 Episodes[/size]
posted on 2016-01-12 01:00 EST

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[size=16]ANN Anime Spotlight - Prince of Stride Alternative[/size]
by Anthony Foronda, Jan 13th 2016
January 20, 2016 4:30am CST
4th single “STRIDER’S HIGH” will be released on February 3

After watching the 1st 3 episode it really makes me wish they’d have had a Stride club when I was in High School, it looks like it would be a blast.

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Certainly sounds better than “Track.”
February 02, 2016 9:48pm CST
Big relay race coming in next week’s episode 6

Prince of Stride: Alternative - Official Opening (sub) - Strider’s High

Prince of Stride: Alternative- Official Clip - Hardcore Parkour